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*INVASION OF THE JEDI camera.gif (1111 bytes) (JA) <Nico Bam Bam's Sound Jedi Mashup Antigua> (Parts 1 & 2) 12-28-02

*THE FIRST GIFT camera.gif (1111 bytes) (Chip Lee from Black Chiney l/s Stone Wall & Conquerer in Antigua (Also Available on CD) (Parts 1 & 2) 12-24-02

GLOBAL CUP CLASH 2K2 camera.gif (1111 bytes) (QUEENS) <We promised to deliver it and after months of waiting we are finally the first online to have it!!!  Andrew Digital in association with Future Vibes brings to Club Amazura in Queens, New York City a "one of a kind" clash that promised to bring the sound clash business back to the basics!!   Imagine this setup: "Eight tickets are placed in a bag (2 labelled "1", 2 labelled "2", 2 labelled "3", and 2 labelled "4").  Eight warhead sounds choose from the bag and the pairs that come up with the same number will battle it out (thus 4 "mini clashes") in Round 1 - a 15 minute "sudden-death" round.  The four winners will advance to Round 2 and the 4 losers will immediately be eliminated from the clash!!  In Round 2 the remaining 4 sounds will again be divided into 2 groups (thus 2 "mini clashes"), and will war again in another 15 minute "sudden-death" round.  The two winners from this round will then advance to the Final Round, with NO RULES, NO REFEREES, AND NO TIMEKEEPING - setting the stage for a Biltmore-type one on one death match!!   The official line-up of this mega clash included Black Kat (the GLOBAL CUP CLASH 2001 Champs), Bass Odyssey (the seasoned one rack warheads and WORLD CLASH 2001 Champs), Mighty Crown (WORLD CLASH 1999 Champs), King Agony (NYC's "new" war representatives),  Earthruler (the BILTMORE CUP CLASH 2002 Champs), Poison Dart (the Antiguan assassins), Madd Squad (Mobay's finest formely of Pieces), and Desert Storm (a Canadian heavyweight sound looking to make a statement in the international clash arena)!!  Bass Odyssey and Madd Squad didn't make it which led to some modifications to the clash, but at the end of the night it all boiled down to WAR, WAR, WAR!!!!  Many say Earthruler (who only recently returned to the clash arena) gave the best performance of the clash.  Dessert Storm also got props as the "sound to watch".  Mighty Crown and Black Kat, on the other hand, was said to have given a sub-standard performance.  And what of King Agony and Antigua's Poison Dart???  We can't tell you everythjing!  Listen to the clash and see how the unexpected occurred and an unlikely winner surfaced!!  A NMust Have!>  (Also Available on DVD & VHS Video) (Also Available on CD) (Parts 1-3) 12-20-02

*STONE LOVE 30TH ANNIV camera.gif (1111 bytes) (JA) <The Immortal Flattens Antigua for their Anniversary!!> (Also Available on CD) (Parts 1 & 2) 12-20-02

*MATTERHORN IN NEVIS camera.gif (1111 bytes) (NEVIS) <He Flattens Strictly The Best 29/30's Release Party!> (Parts 1 & 2) 12-6-02

BANGARANG LIVE @ GOLDEN PUDEL CLUB camera.gif (1111 bytes) (Female Sound Outta Germany juggles Culture and Dancehall) (Also Available on CD) 11-16-02

*REBEL TONE VICTORY BASH camera.gif (1111 bytes) (CANADA) <Newby and Rebel Tone defeated the best in the business to become the WORLD CLASH 2002 Champions and Canada wastes not time to celebrate as Glamorous Entertainment presents a Victory Bash for Rebel Tone.  Helpod at Club Paradise in Toronto, Canda, tghis event featured of course the geyst of honor, plus some of Canada's hottest soudns including Glamorous Movements, Rebel Tone, andFire Kid Steenie, Mystic Disoco, and Soul II Soul.   to NewLive: Steelie Bashment, Adonai, and Natural Vibes in Club Aquarium!> (Also Available on Video) (Also Available on CD) (Parts 1 & 2) 12-6-02

WORLD CLASH 2002 camera.gif (1111 bytes) (QUEENS) <The most anticipated clash event of the year returns with a vengence, and this year the moto is all about "The Search For New Blood"!!  Perhaps one of the most diverse WORLD CLASHES ever, this year's event was truly representative of the global clash scene!! Picture Bass Odyssey (WORLD CLASH 2001 Champs), Ricky Trooper (WORLD CLASH 1998 Champ while on Jaro), Tony Matterhorn (DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR PT II 2002 Champ), King Agony (45 SHOOTOUT 2002 Champs), Red Spider (JAPAN OSAKA CUP Champs), Rebel Tone (ROAD TO WORLD CLASH 2002 Champs), and Matsimela (Trinidad Champion Sound) - all under one roof, all with one purpose in mind - the trophy and bragging rights as the top clash sound of the year!!  Every sound has their own agenda, which includes to kill off everbody else: Bass Odyssey wants a "threepeat", Trooper wants to prove that he is still wicked without Killamanjaro, Matterhorn wants to win "one for New York", King Agony wants to buss whey as the new blood and replace Matterhorn as "New York's Finest", Red Spider wants to uphold Mighty Crown's tradition as another wicked Japanese sound, Newby and Rebel Tone wants to represent for Canada's first appearance and buss Canada through the global sound clash door, amd Matsimela wants to make their mark as the wickedest Trinidad sensation since Baby Face (formelry of King Addies)!!  Add to that already volatile mixture the energy god himself Elephant Man as your host, and you have the biggest sound clash event in the world!  Punctuated by various honorable awards given out by Irish & Chin, this year's WORLD CLASH was unforgettable! A Must Have!!!> (Also Available on CD) (Parts 1-3) [QUALITY: Please note that due to some recording limitations of the sound system in Amazura, some rounds (i.e. by Rebel Tone) were recorded low.  This exists in ALL recordings of World CLASH 2002 and was fixed later on in the clash at the expence of some editing.] 10-12-02

BUS WHEY 2002 camera.gif (1111 bytes) (WASH DC) <While the rest of the world was contemplating WORLD CLASH 2002, the Washington DC area had their own little war in the DC Dragon Center to worry about!! As a matter of fact it was a BiG WaR!!!  Billed as "Welcome to Juggle Mania", BUS WHEY 2002 (DC's annual FULLY LOADED-like juggling war has become one of the most anticipated events in the region!!  Picture the likes of Mighty Crown outta Japan, Metromedia outta Jamaica, Libra Love outta Brooklyn, Half Krazy outta Baltimore, Baby Wayne Movements outta Brooklyn, King Sound outta Maryland, Emperor outta Jamaica/Wash DC, and Destiny Sound outta Jamaica - all under one roof with two trophies to fight for (last year's trophy was also up for grabs since it was a stalemate)!!  This year a winner a winner had to be determined no matter what, and thus the elimination process was even more grueling than before!!! In the end it didn't matter how big of a name your sound had, how long your pocket was, or which exclusive artist who you can play on dub!!! It all came down to vibes!!! With a free-for-all Dub Fi Dub where anything goes, this clash was anything but a stalemate!!!  The winner WILL surprise you!> (Also Available on CD) (Parts 1 & 2) 10-5-02

DOUBLE TROUBLE - Stone Love vs Rodigan camera.gif (1111 bytes) (CONNECTICUT) <J & C Promotion presents their third installment in the annual Labor Day Weekend juggling showdown!!  After dismantling Skyjuice of Metromedia last year, two time winner of the event David Rodigan (England's "Gentle Rude Bwoy) returns this year to face the Immortal Stone Love with none other than the master himself, Rory at the controls!!  Rory starts the night out with some mellow Foundation and Lovers Rock tunes and slowly merges into the dancehall hot tunes!   But when Rodigan comes in with a Capelton dub on the Diwali Rhythm to commence a Diwali assault on Stone Love (and in the process disses G. T. Talylor about their previous clash with a T.O.K. special) Rory soon finds out that this is no juggling affair!!  Rory comes back in with a vengence and starts to unleash the anthems that have made Stone Love who they are!!  The 15-15 Minute Round gets sticky, and when the Dub Fi Dub finally arrives, both selectors dig deep in their box to play some exclusives that no one can play!   Rory dusts off Stone Love's vintage Nitty Grittys, Tenor Saws, and yes, Jimmy Cliff Dubs that when unleashed, had the Gentle Rude Bwoy digging long and hard for counteractions!! Will Rodigan make this event a "threepeat"" victory, or will Rory take the teacher to school?  This is the very definition of a Foudnation Clash!!  A Must Have!!!> (Also Available on CD) (Parts 1 & 2) 8-31-02

*TALL UP TALL UP camera.gif (1111 bytes) (ATLANTA) <Live: Steelie Bashment, Adonai, and Natural Vibes in Club Aquarium!> (Also Available on CD) (All Sounds-1 Tape) 8-23-02

BLACK CHINEY IN ANTIGUA camera.gif (1111 bytes) (ANTIGUA) <From their humble beginnings as a Mixed CD, Black Chiney has risen through the juggling ranks to become one of the most respected and requested juggling sounds in the business!  When it comes on to the lines of Remixes and ReFiXeS (aka Mixology), these Blacka Chinos are easily of the top 5.  Even with these accomplishments under their belt, no one knew they would have dun Fort Clarence (Matterhorn's Beach) the way they did at FULLY LOADED 2002!!  But it wasn't enough that the Remix CD Killers have been unleashing on the island of Jamaica!! Courtesy of Small Fry Promotions, Bobby Chin and Supa Dups took their vengence to Antigua recently to team up alongside the island's own top shotta juggling sound, Renegade, for a juggling fiesta!!  Needless to say the place flattened in a repeat of FULLY LOADED 2002, but this time the extended version!!  ReMix after Refix was the order of the day as Black Chiney turned on the heat with the latest Hip Hop and Reggae Tunes!  When the Chinos decided to go old school and went into the oldies for the mature people in the audience, the place dun!!!  To add to the fire, Renegade unleashed Antigua's own Remix Master on the massive!! A Must Have!!!> (Also Available on CD) (Parts 1 & 2) 8-10-02

INDEPENDENCE FIESTA -   Stone Love vs Baby Wayne camera.gif (1111 bytes) (JA) <Slaughter faces Baby Wayne in Dub Fi Dub! A Must Have!> (Also Available on CD) (Parts 1 & 2) 8-14-02

BILTMORE CUP CLASH camera.gif (1111 bytes) (BKLYN) <First distributed on the Internet by!! Club Warehouse patrons got the surprise of their life when Earthruler - led by Scorpion and Bertie Kill Quick - got past Bass Odyssey and gave it to LP Intl in the Dub Fi Dub to take the first ever BILTMORE CUP CLASH.  It was all about Biltmore tunes after the first round, and nuff old favorites get beat out before the Dub Fi Dub!!  But the talk of the night was not so much much the wicked tunes being played, how Bass Odyssey got eliminated, or even how Earthruler won - but rather how LP Intl lost a clash that many heralded them as the favorite to win. Did Stereo Fish's "one night return" to LP adversely affect the outcome of the clash?? Hosted "humurously" by none other than Steve Austion of Dancehall World!! A Must Have!!!> (Also Available on CD) (Parts 1 & 2) 8-10-02

*BORN AS A SUFFERER (JA) <Killamanjaro controls the musical vibes as the Warlord Bounty Killer unleashes new lyrics and old favorites while addressing his fans and foes!> (Also Available on CD) 8-6-02

*EAST vs WEST 2002 (JA) <Sound Trooper teams up with Killamanjaro against Electro Force and Tick-A-Muzik! A Must Have!!!> (Also Available on CD) (Parts 1-4) 8-3-02

*LAST MAN STANDING - Rodigan vs GT Taylor camera.gif (1111 bytes) (CANADA) <Two veterans meet for a foundation clash!> (Parts 1 & 2) (Also Available on CD & Video) 8-02

*WORLD LINK UP VIBE 2002 (CANADA) <Bodyguard from Jamaica clashes Xcaliber from Trinidad and King Turbo from Canada!!> (All Sounds - 1 Tape) 8-02

FULLY LOADED 2002 camera.gif (1111 bytes) (JA) <Its the annual "juggling" version of WORLD CLASH at Fort Clarence Beach and and as always its surprises on top of surprises as the best of the best in the juggling arena square off in one venue for one day only!!!  Music was provided by Tony Matterhorn, Renaissance, One Love Hi Pawa outta Italy, Metromedia, Black Chiney, DJ Khalid, Left Side & Esco, Vendetta, and outta the US Ecstacy from New Jersey and Concord from the Bronx!   Hosted by ace deejay Spragga Benz and radio personalities Barry G and Nuffy, live entertainers that were there to represent included Hip Hop and R&B acts Jah Rule and Ashant outta Murder Inc, Bounty Killer, Wayne Marshall, Beenie Man, Elephant Man, Bling Dawg, Roundhead, Lady Saw, Zumjay, Wickerman & Captain Barkey, Real Ediat, Bentley Kid & Essence, Mickey Pelpa, Serial Killer, and more!!  Fan violence erupted, preventing annual heavyweights Tony Matterhorn and Renaissance from flattening the beach as they usually would!!  But that was not a problem since Black Chiney and Skyjuice of Metromedia more than flatten their share oif the event, with Chiney playing dubplates calling Sharon Burke (the promoter of Fully Loaded ) name in it! Matterhorn may own the beach at Fully Loaded, but as Bobby Chin of Black Chiney aptly put it, they pay rent!!!!!! A Must Have!!!> (Also Available on Video) (Also Available on CD) (Parts 1 & 2) 7-28-02

REGGAE SUMMER - KILLAMANJARO vs POW POW camera.gif (1111 bytes) (GERMANY) <In our mission to bring to you the most international selection of reggae music, we go to the far reaches of Stuttgart, Germany, to bring you back a historic clash!! For the first time in the history of international sound clashes, a yard sound warred it out with a European sound on German soil!!!!  The event was REGGAE SUMMER 2002, where Killamanjaro faced Pow Pow Movements in Stuttgart, Germany!!  Killamanjaro has for years been a top rated clash sound, and even with the departure of Ricky Trooper, managed to capture the most coveted clash title in North America at WORLD CLASH 2000.   Pow Pow, who was also a contender at WORLD CLASH 2000, is respected as one of Europe's wickedest clash sounds, a title they defended (though with some difficulty) recently at EURO-CLASH 2002 when they went up against Italy's all-star heavyweight, One Love Hi Pawa.  Pow Pow started out the clash wicked but soon simmered down when Freddy began to pour on the heat!! The two sounds, both aptly equipped with foundation dubs, then warred in out in the Dub Fi Dub!!  History Dance and A Must Have!!!> (Also Available on CD) (Parts 1 & 2) 7-27-02

*STAINLESS 2002 (JA) <Its becoming one of the most anticipated annual events and when you see the line up for this year, you'll understand why!! STAINLESS this year brings under one roof the likes of Tony Matterhorn, Renaissance, DJ Karim, Black Chiney, and Code Red!!! Plus live on stage all the top acts of 2002!!   Nuff Vibes!!! A Must Have!!!> (Parts 1 & 2) 7-19-02

*ANYTHING AH ANYTHING (FLA) <Sound Trooper is on the prowl and looking for blood, and when it meets up with Black Kat and Blunt Posse, thats exactly what it draws for in Fort Lauderdale, Florida!  Since going on his own Ricky Trooper has yet to "buss whey" in a big way like Matterhorn or even Fire Links!! But that doesn't mean he's lost his touch as a sound killer.  Panther on the other hand, is always a force to be reckoned with, and will give any sound- veteran or newbie - a run for their money!  Blunt Posse is an upcoming clash sound looking a hype off of a quick kill.   Throw all three in the mix and you get a war full of vibes - the outcome of which might surprise you!!! A Must Have!!!> (Parts 1 & 2) 7-13-02

*ROAD TO WORLD CLASH 2002 camera.gif (1111 bytes) (CANADA) <The war that sent Rebel Tone to WORLD CLASH 2002! A Must Have!> (Also Available on CD) (Parts 1-3) 7-12-02

*RETURN OF THE BIG BAD INTERCEPTOR (JA) <The Big Bad Interceptor - a wicked sound from the North Coast - makes a comeback after some years of dormancy and invites to their celebration three of the wickedest forces in the business: the one rack Bass Odyssey with Squingy and Mark, Mentally ILL Tony Matterhorn, and the war tanka himself Pather and Black Kat!! Now everyone knows that where ever these three meet up, clash or no clash the place ago done, and needless to say thats exactly what happened in St Ann, with each sound bringing their unique style to the event!!  Nuff Vibes!!!> (Parts 1 & 2) 7-12-02

*RAS BEER VIBES 2002 (JA) <Hosted by the Warlord Bounty Killer, the annual juggling/war showcase returns this year and features the top sound systems in the juggling arena including the Fireman Fire Links, the Mighty ReMiX & ReFiX King Jazzy T of Renaissance, DJ Karim, Metromedia, Black Chiney, Code Red, and Bad Influence.  Of course needless to say the competition is stiff as all the sounds attempt to buss the crowd while simultaneously dunning their colleagues!!  In addition, live on stage is Bounty Killer, Wayne Marshall, Bling Dawg, Vibez Cartel, Assassin, and more!!  Bounty gets into a feud with Fire Links and refuses to call him up on stage.  Fire Links takes the stage and addresses Bounty, flattening the place in the process.  Nuff vibes!!  A Must Have!!!> (Parts 1 & 2) 7-6-02

*ROCK AWAY (JA) <Bass Odyssey calls Jah Creation to juggle alongside them in their homtown of Alexandria, St. Ann.  The vibes is right as the one rack mash up the place wid some country juggling as only they can.  To add to the festivities Ninja Man appears and does what he does best, namely bringing the crowd to a frenzy with his off the wall original lyrics!  All who tink sey di Don Gordon dun, need fi listen this one!!!  Nuff Vibes!> (Also Available on Video) 7-6-02

DENNIS BROWN MEMORIAL (BRONX) <First distributed on the Internet by!!  To celebrate the death of the Crowned Prince of Reggae, Dennis Emmanuel Brown - New York's premiere foundation sound Downbeat teams up with one of the godfathers of sound systems in Jamaica - Black Scorpio - for a showcase of big tunes at the Elegant Palance in the Bronx, New York City!!  Needless to say foundation is the order of the day as Downbeat's Tony Screw drops exclusive after exclusive that nuff sounds today will acknowledge is hard to find!!  Black Scorpio steps in and shows the people why he was one of the top 10 sounds of the 80s era!!  Veteran selector Danny Dread also selects on Downbeat!    AMust Have for all Foundation sound lovers!> 6-30-02

KING OF KINGS 2 - BASS ODYSSEY IN ANTIGUA camera.gif (1111 bytes) (ANTIGUA) <First distributed on the Internet by!!  In our mission to bring to you the most international selection of reggae music, we go to the far reaches of Antigua to bring you back a juggling fiesta!!  Chozen Sounds & More Muzic promotions outta Canada brings to the Pepper Pot Lawn (Independence Drive) in Antigua, the Mighty One Rack Bass Odyssey featuring Squingy!!  The event marks the launching of the "Well Red Rhythm" and Squingy buns a juggling fire alongside local sounds Merciless (Antigua's #1 juggling sound), Black Heart (the return of...), Conquerer (Antigua's newest sound sensation), and X-Caliber (wicked sound outta Trinidad).  If you're still not convinced that Bass Odyssey can juggle as well as clash, then you need to hear this dance!! Squingy flattens the lawn with new music, including the Diwalli Rhythm thats running summer 2000, but the real hype time comes when he goes into Bass Odyssey's Biltmore and foundation favorites!!!  The dance also features some local talents (deejays) performing live for the Antiguan massive!> (Also Available on CD) (Parts 1 & 2) 6-30-02

REAL DEAL REUNION camera.gif (1111 bytes) (BKLYN) <First distributed on the Internet by!!  Reggae fans witnessed history in more than one ways when Matterhorn and Lion Face (both formerly of the Mighty King Addies) reunited in Club Large in Brooklyn for a Biltmore flashback and clashed a whole lineup of former Biltmore opponents!! Face and Matterhorn were considered the Dream Team of their day (the early to mid 1990s) when together they wrecked havoc on the international clash scene as the force behind Brooklyn's Mighty King Addies, making it Brooklyn (and the USA's) #1 clash sound!  Their monopoly on the USA (and to some extent international) clash scene came to an abrupt end in 1997 when Matterhorn left the King Addies amidst rumors of differences between him and Face.  At the REAL DEAL REUNION, the two combined their efforts again to play as King addies and dun Club Large!! Add Bodyguard, LP Intl, Earthruler, and Natural Vibes to the mix and you get an awesome multi-sound Dub Fi Dub that brings back Biltmore memories!!! A Must Have!!!> (Also Available on CD) (Parts 1 & 2) 6-28-02

*JUGGLING TO KILL 2 camera.gif (1111 bytes) (JA) <Ricky Trooper continues on his mission to kill sounds in an effort to elevate Sound Trooper to the status he once enjoyed on Killamanjaro.  In his search for a willing victim he encounters the Mighty Amplex outta Spanish Town with Lenny and Glama G (fomerly of Bass Odyssey fame)!!  Amplex hasn't clashed hardcore in a while but they are by no means pushovers, as Trooper soon finds out when he gets a taste of Glama G's MC'ing skills.  Some say Glama G out-MC'ed Trooper, but as we know, its the tunes that do the talking, and in that regard, Trooper handled his business!!!> (Also Available on CD) (Parts 1 & 2) 6-28-02

+GREAT ADVENTURE (JA) <Code Red, Renaissance, Stone Love> (All Sounds-1 Tape) 6-23-02

*BERMUDA SHOWDOWN (BERMUDA) <First distributed on the Internet by!!  What do you get when you take two veterans in the sound clash business and leave them stranded on an island in the Bermuda Triangle?? You get a showdown of big tunes!!!!  And thats exactly what happened when England's Gentle Rude Bwoy - David Rodigan - is invited to play with none other than the sound slaughterer himself Lion Face (formerly of king Addies) - unveiling his new sound Lion King!!!   Rodigan has for 30 plus years maintained his reputation as a formidable opponent when it comes to big foundation tunes!!  Lion Face, on the other hand, has a lot to prove as people anxiously await his first kill under the "face" of Lion King - his brand new sound that promises to take his experiences on King Addies to the next level!! The two meet in Bermuda for a showdown, and that's exactly what the fans got!!> (Parts 1 & 2) 6-21-02

BUN OUT A CHI CHI MAN - CAPLETON LIVE ON JARO camera.gif (1111 bytes) (JA) <The parish of Hanover will never be the same, not after the Fireman Capleton headed West and wrecked havoc on the community of Green Island!!! The prophet wasted no time unleashing his current hits as well as new tunes upon new tunes on the massive, who could not stop bawling forwards for each and every tune he performed!! When he gave them a marathon of his old hits, the place melt down!!  From 2002 hits like "Never Stop" and "Can't Tan Ya", straight back to "Special Guest", "Buggarin", and "Dem Nuh Like We"  - the prophet delivers without apology!!! Musical backing was provided by Killamanjaro with Freddy at the helm, who came in place of a band and mixed down the prophet inna style and fashion.  A Must Have for all Capleton Fans!!> (Also Available on CD) 6-16-02

SADDLE TO THE WEST camera.gif (1111 bytes) (CANADA)  <Its an all out musical extravaganza as Glamomous Entertainment brings two top warhead sounds to Canada under one roof to "mingle" with the local heavyweights!!  Club Continental in Hamilton, Canada will never be the same as arch nemesis Bass Odyssey and Mighty Crown show the Canadian fans why they are the most talked about sound killers in the business.   To add fuel to the fire, local sounds Military, Ron Nelson, Fire Kid Steenie, and Glamorous Movements also complete the line up!  What ensues is pure vibes inna di place wid tunes raining like water.  When Mighty Crown reaches the dance with only their 45 box, they seemed to be one down on the Oydssey.. but were they able to hold the vibes???? Big Up di Glamarous family for bringing a positive violence-free event up North!! A Must Have!!> (Also Available on CD) 6-14-02

MIGHTY CROWN IN ANTIGUA camera.gif (1111 bytes) (ANTIGUA) <First distributed on the Internet by!! In our mission to bring to you the most international selection of reggae music, we go to the far reaches of Antigua to bring you a juggling clash featuring some wicked sounds!!  Red Cliff Quay Parking Lot in Antigua will never be the same as Poison Dart in association with Irish & Chin Promotions presents Mighty Crown (WORLD CLASH 1999 Champions) inna juggling style alongside Poison Dart (ANTIGUA WORLD CLASH 2001 Champions)!  As if that wasn't enough, the dance also dubbed "Woman Invasion", because it featured direct from Brooklyn, New York, one of the wickedest female sounds in the business, the notorious 360 Degrees Ladies!!  Needless to say the dance was wicked, and Mighty Crown made sure that big tunes and new tunes were the order of the day - unleashing their massive dubs on the Diwalli Rhythm, plus untouchable specials from Wycleff, NAS, etc!! The 360 Ladies then came in a gave Antiguans the surprise of their lives when they juggled a full segment of Badman, Gunman, and   Ganjaman tunes, wheeling up big tunes like there was no tomorrow!!! Local heavyweights Poison Dart then came in and juggled some wicked tunes, plus they brought the dance to a climax when they went tune for tune with Mighty Crown on the Showtime Rhythm!!   But when Mighty Crown got tired of the "likkle bwoy ting", they invite Poison Dart for a real Dub Fi Dub of big caliber tunes!  Crown may have spoken too soon though, because when Poison Dart turn on the heat, they almost run Mighty Crown out of tunes, leaving the Far East Rulers begging for a rematch!!!  Oh did we forget to mention that Mighty Crown was played (selected and mc'ed) that night by none other than manager Chin himself of Irish & Chin Promotions!!  A Must Have!!!> (Also Available on CD) (Parts 1 & 2) 5-24-02

*SKY JUICE B-DAY BASH camera.gif (1111 bytes) (JA) <Its the Big Belly Man's birthstrong and everybody come out to celebrate as one of the veterans in the business makes it through yet another year both on earth and in the music business.  The venue is La Roose on Port Henderson Raod, and the musical vibes are provided by Metromedia (of course), Afrique, Stone Love, and Rebel T!  As one would expect its bashment style juggling wid nuff vibes!!!> (Parts 1 & 2) 5-4-02

+BOMBRUSH 2k2 (NJ) <It's a hostile musical expedition as DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR 2002 Champion Tony Matterhorn buck up on Freddy and Killamanjaro along with local heavyweight Twin Tower in New Jersey!! Matterhorn didn't get a chance to topple the mountain at Jamaica's version of WORLD CLASH since Jaro wasn't invited, so he chose this event to unleash, but inna juggling style.  Of course the mountain answers back!  Nuff Vibes!!!> 4-20-02

*WILLIE HAGGART MEMORIAL (JA) <Blacka Duge and Big Bunny presents a memorial for slain don Willie haggart at Skateland, Half Way Tree, featuring sounds like Jedi (Nico Bam Bam of Stone Love's new sound) alongside Rebel T.  Also features special guest appearance by Elephant Man.> (Also Available on Video) (Both Sounds - 1 Tape) 4-20-02

SHOWDOWN DOWNTOWN camera.gif (1111 bytes) (BKLYN)   <The year's biggest foundation clash thus far takes place in Club Warehouse in Brooklyn, New York!!!!  Downbeat, Saxon, Killamanjaro, and Bodyguard meet up for a musical showcase of big tunes!! Each sound seems evenly matched.  Downbeat with Tony Screw at the control is New York City's ruling foundation sound, a title they have never given up.  Screw has one of the most exclusive dub box in the business - a combination of hardcore dubs as well as exclusive 45s you can't find anywhere - and always seems to keep up to date on the big tunes of the day (Beres, etc).  Saxon has long been England's forerunner when it comes to the line of foundation tunes.  Their box is easily one of the deepest in the business, and they are no stranger to Nitty Gritty or Tenor Saw, which they have a habit of unleashing when you least expect it!  Killamanjaro has been killing sounds for years with foundation dubs cut by Jeremy Lee, Mr. Harper, etc, and their Tenor Saws and Nitty Grittys world renown!  Bodyguard has long been a force to be reckoned with, and has boasted some of the biggest tunes in the business, including the Jimmy Cliff exclusive, "Many Rivers to Cross".  Imagine these four foundation power houses going at it in a gruelsome 3 hour clash that culminates in a 4-way Dub Fi Dub!!! Some sound bwoys get taken to shool inna dis one!! A History Dance and A Must Have!!!> (Also Available on Video) (Also Available on CD) (Parts 1 & 2) 4-19-02

+THE BOMBING () <The clash world still awaits the "real" return of Ricky Trooper, and they may have gotten a taste of it at this event.  The infamous Ricky Trooper of Killamanjaro fame brings his sound Sound Trooper to a 3-way event with Jah Creation and Snow White!  After a lack lustre career thus far in the clash/juggling arena, many people are still waiting for Trooper to unleash his well bragged about artillery.  Did he get a chance to do this with Mobay's Jah Creation and New Jersey's Snow White??? What else can be said except nuff tunes a beat out!!> (Parts 1-3) 4-6-02

*UK CUP CLASH 2002 camera.gif (1111 bytes) (JA) <David Rodigan vs Mighty Crown vs Will Power vs Luv Injection!!> (Parts 1 & 2) 4-6-02

DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR PT II camera.gif (1111 bytes) (JA) <Irish & Chin's Jamaican version of WORLD CLASH goes into it's second year at Pier One in Montego Bay, but not without it's share of controversy!  On the roster this year were Bass Odyssey representing Jamaica, Matterhorn representing the US, Mighty Crown representing Japan, and David Rodigan representing the UK.  This clash was interesting to say the least, because it seemed to combine so many elements: WORLD CLASH 2001 Champions Bass Odyssey and second seed Mighty Crown were caught up in a rematch of their meeting in New York at FACE OFF 2K2 - THE SETTLEMENT; simultaneously, Matterhorn was caught up in himself, trying to gain some ground after cooling off the clash scene for a couple of months; meanwhile, David Rodigan just seemed to be playing his heart out to prove that he is still a force to be reckoned with!!   As it turned out, while Odyssey and Crown had their backs turned busy dealing with one another, Matterhorn stepped up and changed the course of the clash, alas a controversial result!!!! Like it, love it, or dismiss it.. don't make your decision as to the outcome until you've heard the tapes!!! A Must Have!!!> (Also Available on Video) (Also Available on CD) (Parts 1-3) 4-1-02

*Killamanjaro l/s Rodigan () <Its a veteran's affair as two wicked foundation sounds buck up inna one lawn for a musical exhibition only they can do.  Rodigan, the Gentle Rude Bwoy from England continues to amaze audiences with his resiliency and still has a knack for cutting big tunes.  Of course his 30+ year old dub box is always a formidable force to be reckoned with.  Freddy continues to carry the Jaro legacy in the Millenium and is well aware of the weight of classic dubs in his possession.   So what you have is two evenly matched classic sounds under one roof beating out tunes galore!!!!> (Both Sounds - 1 Tape) 3-31-02

MIAMI STING camera.gif (1111 bytes) (FLORIDA) <The Greatest One Night Show On Earth comes to Miami and brings with it the rivalry between Bounty Killer and Merciless. Ever since his return to the clash scene, Merciless has sought the crown of none other than the Warlord Bounty Killer.  At STING 2001 in Jamaica the Killer, with some help from (Ninja Man) was able to quiet Merciless.  However, when the promoters of STING 2001 brought their one night show to the AT&T Amphitheater at Bay Front in Downtown Miami, Merciless got an opportunity to exact his revenge in front of an anxious crowd of fans!!  Was he successful?  The answer will surprise you.  Also on stage: Elephant Man, Morgan's Heritage, Anthony B, and more!! A Must Have!!> (Also Available on CD) 3-24-02

EURO-CLASH camera.gif (1111 bytes) (GERMANY) <In our mission to bring to you the most international selection of reggae music, we go to the far reaches of Hamberg, Germany, to bring you back a straight up war between two of Europe's wickedest sounds!!! If you thought sound clash was a sport reserved only for Jamaica, the Caribbean, the US, and the UK, think again!!!! For years Pow Pow Movements of Germany has been considered in European sound clash circles as the sound to beat!!  Armed with a massive (and deep) dub box, they have in many ways pioneered the art of sound clash in that region!!  Thery rose to international recognition when they represented Europe at WORLD CLASH 2000 in New York City, and though they did not win, they were at least partly responsible for changing many sound clash fans' views of European sound systems.  One Love Hi Pawa from Italy has enjoyed the status of being one of Italy's best (if not the best) clash sounds!! Armed with a dub box comparable to some of the US and Jamaica's most respected sounds, they also have a fast paced and hardcore vibes that have won them many fans!!  They have made it a habit to clash on a regular basis (which is very rare and very difficult in Europe), and in so doing have amassed an impressive clash record!!  So when it was time to crown Europe's #1 clash sound, it was no surprise that Pow Pow and One Love would meet to decide this fate!! In a gruelsome clash from start straight back till dub fi dub, these two heavyweights battled it out with everything they had, and at the end of the night, one was barely able to snatch the title!!  This clash will change the way you view sound clash on a global scale!!  Europe's equivalent to WORLD CLASH! A Must Have!!> (Also Available on CD) (Parts1-3) 3-16-02

FACE OFF 2K2 - THE SETTLEMENT camera.gif (1111 bytes) (BKLYN) <Since WORLD CLASH 2001, the whole clash world has been split 50-50, some saying Bass Odyssey won fair and square in the impromptu Dub-FiDub, others saying Mighty Crown got cheated!!!  But the drama goes way beyond this as it seems that every clash ever slated between these two rivals has been laced with controversy!!!  In WORLD CLASH 1999 they were to meet but Bass Odyssey never showed up to the disappointment of the entire clash world!!   In a clash slated for later that year they were to meet again and this time the Japanese did a no-show!!  At TIME TO SETTLE THE SCORE in Anchovy last year, they went up against each other one on one but again the clash ended in controversy!!  In DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR last year Odyssey was crowned the 2001 JAMAICA WORLD CHAMPIONS   but disgruntled Mighty Crown fans said this wasn't a one on one clash, so it didn't actually prove who was the wickeder sound!! Well at FACE OFF 2K2 - THE SETTLEMENT in Club Warehouse in Brooklyn Mighty Crown fans got their wish when Bass Odyssey and Mighty Crown went up against each other in a one on one Biltmore-style duel to the death!! The doors were sealed shut and now one could (or would) leave till a sound dead and bury!!!  No referees, no bias ting, and both sounds performing in front of the most critical clash fans in the world - the Brooklyn clash fans - this clash truly determined once and for all who was the badder sound!! Prince TuFFiE, Cassette Face, and the Jamworld Music FreaK was there with the rest of Brooklyn to take in the action at this Historic event!!! A Must Have!!!> (Also Available on CD) (Parts 1 & 2) 3-15-02

RELIVE HISTORY - TOGETHER AGAIN IN HARLEM camera.gif (1111 bytes) (NYC) <If you were present or heard the Tapes/CDs of the mega bashment RELIVE HISTORY -TOGETHER AGAIN held in December 2002, then you shouldn't be surprised that the event was replicated - this time in Harlem!!!  Nice & Spicy in association with Downbeat Promotions brought the veterans together once again to the National Black Theater in Harlem, Manhattan, New York City, and needless to say it was a wicked foundation affair!!!  With Downbeat the Ruler headed by veteran Rub-A-Dub master Tony Screw throwing down some wicked Studio One and foundation tunes for the massive, that would have been enough, but they didn't stop there!! Instead they unleashed on stage the likes of Brigadier Jerry, Josey Wales, Rankin Joe, Junior Demus, Johnny Osbourne, Sammy Dread, Don Angelo, Pad Anthony, plus Colonel Jolly Joseph, Mitchelous, Ronnie Ruff, and more... !! A Must Have!> 3-9-02

+JUGGLERS SHOOTOUT (JA) <R&R Promotions brings too heavyweight sounds to Bay Farm Lawn, Prospect, Trelawny, and its pure vibes!!!! Once again the mega-juggling team of Bass Odyssey and Stone Love are joined under one roof and it's total niceness.  Nuff people don't know that the WORLD CLASH 2001 clash champions are also masters of the art of juggling!!! And everyone knows that when it comes to juggling, Stone love invented the game... So what more can you expect except nuff vibes as Stone love and Bass Odyssey mash up the place, each with their unique style!> (Both Sides - 2 Tapes) 3-8-02

BASHY 2002 - DADDY AL B-DAY BASH (JA) <Its a wicked birthday bash for big timer Daddy AL and the venue is Washington Gardens.  Musical vibes is provided by the Immortal Stone Love alongside the Mighty Travellers, plus Jazzy T of Renaissance Disco fame.  Travellers unleashes on the crowd with the hot new rhythm Diwalli, while Stone Love mashes up the place with Hip Hop and R&B!!  The musical line up alone would have been suffice, however Daddy AL decided to go one step further when he invited the Warlord Bounty Killer to perform at a venue which everyone knows is Baby Cham's backyard.  As fate would have it, Baby Cham walks up on stage in the middle of Bounty Killer's set and starts to unleash lyrics, driving the crowd goes in a frenzy.  A clash ensues, the outcome to which was surprising!!! Baby Cham gets a chance to answer Bounty Killer!!! A Must Have!!!> (Also Available on CD) 3-2-02

*REGGAE DANCEHALL PARTY-CLASH (NETHERLANDS) < presents an exclusive!!  In our mission to bring to you the most international selection of reggae music, we go to the far reaches of Rotterdam, The Netherlands and bring back a wicked juggling dance turn clash!! Winnie Man Sound, Black Stone, Survival Hi-Power, Cool Rock & Far West Crew gather inna one lawn for a unity bashment to celebrate dancehall music!! Eventually a clash erupts and everybody has something to say about the other sounds!!  Dub plates start to sling left and right, including the likes of Gregory Isaacs, Jimmy London, local artists, plus 45's!!!  Expand your mind and listen sound clash inna different fashion - in a different part of the world!!! A Must Have for all European Clash Fans!!> (Parts 1 & 2) 3-1-02

DOWNBEAT - TONY SCREW B-DAY BASH camera.gif (1111 bytes) (BRONX) <When a king is born it must be celebrated, and such was the consensus as Tony Screw from Downbeat The Ruler celebratesd his birth strong bash at Cris' Place in Bronx,   New York.  Music was provided by an array of both veteran and new sounds, including Downbeat, Stone Love, Steelie Bashment, and Bronx's own Blunt Posse!  Of course no event featuring The Ruler would be complete without a few foundation artists passing through and showing their respects, including Brigadier Jerry, Josey Wales, Rankin Joe, Junior Demus, Daddy Blue, Reverend Madoo, Sammy Dread, Neville Valentine, Captain Devon, and more!! Tape ends w/ Stur Gav dance.  A Must Have!> 2-28-02

WEBBA'S B-DAY BASH (GA) camera.gif (1111 bytes) <It's Webba's Annual B-day Bash and Atlanta's Mighty Samson plays alongside the Immortal Stone Love with Spragga Benz performing Live on stage! Samson is one of Atlanta's wickedest selectors and he displays why in full force as he unleashes everything on the massive, from Dancehall and Classic Reghgae, To Disco and Motown Oldies, to the latest Hiop Hop and R&B, and rght back to reggae!!! Of course the Immortal Stone love with Billy Slaughter at teh helm is nop strangert to vibes, and unleashes on trhwe audience.  Then veteran Dancehall Ace deejay Spragga Benz drives the audince in a frenzy with hit after hit, from old to new.   As if thaT WEREN'T ENBPOUGH, Spragga is forced to back up his ytalk when Samson coerces him into a 45 cl;ash. Hear Spragga draw for tunes to save his life!!! Nuff vibes and nuff tunes, ofl and new!!> Big Up Mighty Samson for a job well done!! A Must Have!! (Also Available on CD) (Parts 1 & 2) 2-24-02

*JIM BROWN MEMORIAL 2002 (JA) <Its the tenth annual celebration for the fallen don Jim Brown and as always its a wicked juggling affair as the very best step forward to pay tribute as well as show off their juggling skills.  This year the event was dubbed "We Nuh Inna Dem Lou La Lay" and it was action packed as ever in Tivoli Gardens Square as Stone Love, Matterhorn, Fire Links, and Swatch provided the musical vibes.. To add to the action, Bounty Killer, Sizzla, and a myriad of other entertainers pass through to pay tribute!!!!  Nuff Vibes!!  A must Have!> (Parts 1-3) 2-23-02

FOLLOW THE ARROW camera.gif (1111 bytes) (JA) <Bounty and Beenie get into a physical altercation!!!  Its a wicked stage-show held by Becky's Promotions in Clembhard's Park Sport Complex in Port Maria, St. Mary, and nuff entertainers bless the stage including Ninja Man, Monsta Shack (Ghost, General B, and Roundhead), Anthony B, Nitty Kutchie, Lady Saw, Baby Wayne, and more!!! Controversy hits the stage when Beenie Man walks on the stage in the middle of Bounty Killer's performance and demands a tune fi tune clash!! Then in a sudden turn of events Bounty lashes after Beenie Man, people come to part them, and the stage for war is once gain set... A Must Have!!!> (Also Available on Video) 2-22-02

+MORE PON MORE (JA) <Worm from Bass Odyssey promotes a wicked bashment called "More Pon More" at the Bore Rock Lawn in Beltline, Manchester.  Music is provdied by the WORLD CLASH 2001 champions Bass Odyssey, alongside Nico Bam Bam's (formely of Stone Love) new sound system - Jedi, plus Madd Squad outta Mobay and the hot new Synemax!!! Needless to its nuff vibes as the one rack goes into juggling mode once again, this time with nuff help from the rest of the juggling sounds!!!> (Parts 1 & 2) 2-22-02

*REVENGE OF WORLD CLASH camera.gif (1111 bytes) (JA) <They met up at WORLD CLASH 2001 but It seems the stage was too small to settle their differences.  And even in the months following the event, their rematches were not enough to satisfy either party.. So once again Kolours Promotions outta Brooklyn pits WORLD CLASH 2001 Champions Bass Odyssey to war it out with the war tanka Panther and Black Kat!! The word out is that the clash was evenly matched staright through!!  Neither sound led the clash at any point!!! Finally the New Year brings some war to Jamaica!!!  A must Have!> (Both Sides - 2 Tapes) 2-16-02

*RICKY TROOPER IN ANTIGUA (ANTIGUA) < presents an exclusive!!  In our mission to bring to you the most international selection of reggae music, we go to the far reaches of Antigua and bring back another exclusive mega-juggling dance!! Ricky Trooper (formely of Killamanjaro fame), has been touring the world with his new sound - Sound Troopers - and his travels have taken him to Antigua where he juggles alongside local heavyweight Stonewall and Travellers at Swallow's Pepperpot!!!   Promoted by Stonewall, as one can expect Trooper mashes up the crowd with his unconventional style of juggling (we all know he's a clash selector!!) as he introduces the mighty Sound Trooper to the Antiguan reggae massive!!!  A Must Have for Trooper Fans!!> (Parts 1 & 2) 2-15-02

*RODIGAN IN ANTIGUA (ANTIGUA) < presents an exclusive!!  In our mission to bring to you the most international selection of reggae music, we go to the far reaches of Antigua and bring back an exclusive juggling dance!! The "Gentle Rude Bwoy" David Rodigan returns to Antigua to wreck havoc on the island once gain, this time inna juggling style inside Swallow's Pepperpot..  You will remember Rodigan's last major appearance on the island around this time in 2001 when he took local heavyweights Excosis and High Grade to school in a three-way friendly Dub-Fi-Dub.  Well this year Irish and Chin Promotions teams him up with locals Poison Dart and Nuclear Exodus for a wicked display of juggling!!  A Must Have for Rodigan Fans!!> (Parts 1 & 2) 1-28-02

+YANKEE GOD BLESS BUSRIDE 2002 (JA) <The wickedest busride on Jamaican soil is Yankee and trhe God Bless Crew's annual ting, and this year is no exception!!!  The destination was Mahogany Beach, Main Street, Ocho Rios, and music was provided by an impressive list of Jamaica's top juggling machines: Stone Love, Renaissance, Rebel T, Fire Links, Afrique outta New York, and Metromedia.. Of course live artists were also there including Bounty Killer and a host of friends... But what makes this event wicked is the juggling from all these machines inna one lawn!! A juggling extravaganza!! A Must Have - Juggling-wise!!> (Also Available on Video) (Parts 1-3) 1-02

+SPECTRUM 2002 (JA) <The annual stagehow returns with an impressive line up just like last year!!!  This stageshow at Mas Camp - 10 Oxford Road - features just about all the dancheall artists thats ripping up the place right now, including Beenie Man, Elephant Man, Wayne Marshall, Sizzla, Baby Cham, Assassin, Frisco Kid, Baby Wayne, Spice, Vibez Cartel, new "sheejay" sensation Spice, and more!!> (Also Available on Video) 1-26-02

RUMBLE IN THE JUNGLE camera.gif (1111 bytes) (NEW JERSEY) <All hell breaks loose at the N.J. Prince Hall in Newark, New Jersey as the likes of the Mental Tony Matterhorn, Fire Links, Skyjuice of Metromedia, Twin Tower, and Matrix are booked to play under one roof!!  Skyjuice was a no show but there was more than enough talent billed so that he wasn't missed... Fire Links comes in and makes it clear from early out that this should be a FULLY LOADED type juggling, rather than a clash, but after he plays some Soul unes for the ladies, he unleashes a plethora of dubs to buss the crowd continuosly.   Matterhorn - not to be outdone -  juggles Disco for the ladiues, but soon after unleashes bad man tunes on rhythms like the "Engine" and "Martial Arts" - including some wicked Elephant Man and Bounty's!  Twin Towers and Matrix gets their play but it was all about Matterhorn and Links as they competed (friendly of course) round after round for the crowd's approval!!  Nuf Vibes.. Tape ends with DJ Bagle Mix!> (Also Available on CD) (All Sounds - 1 Tape) 1-26-02

ALL STAR 45 SHOOTOUT!! camera.gif (1111 bytes) (BKLYN) <First distributed on the Internet by!!  Irish & Chin continue their "45 Clash" Saga as they pit Killa-Bo from King Agony to defend his ORIGINAL 45 SHOOTOUT Trophy against the likes of Matterhorn (once again), Rodigan, Squingy, Panther, and Steelie.. Steelie was a no-show so it became an all out war between the 5!!! As one might expect, Rodigan put up a good fight but dismissed himself when it got hectic... Squingy, although a great juggling selector, just never found his nitch so he was out.. And Panther, well he just seemed to be there as comic relief (for the selectors)... Thus for all intensive purposes, the ALL-STAR 45 SHOOTOUT was basically a rematch of the ORIGINAL 45 SHOOTOUT last December, namely an all out war between Matterhorn and the defending champ Killa-Bo!! A Must Have!!!!!> (Also Available on CD) (Parts 1 & 2) 1-25-02

+VIBEZ CARTEL BASH (JA) <Upcoming deejay Vibez Cartel keeps a bashment/stagehow featuring music by Stone Love, Renaissance, and Cash Money!!  Then live on stage is Vibez Cartel himself, plus Bounty Killer, Elephant Man, Wayne Wonder, Spragga Benz, Bling Dawg, and more!!!!  Nuff Vibes!!!>  (Also Available on Video) (Parts 1 & 2) 1-20-02

*REBEL SALUTE 2002 (JA) <The annual stage show that sets the standard for cultural performances returns again.  Put on by veteran cultural icon Tony Rebel, this year was blessed with memorable performances by Capleton, Sizzla, Luciano, Tony Rebel himself, Ras Shiloh, Junior Gong, Barrington Levy, Admiral Tibet, Everton Blender, and much much more!  A Must Have!!>  (Also Available on Video) (Parts 1 & 2) 1-12-02

CAPRICORN CHAMPAIGN SPLASH 2002 camera.gif (1111 bytes) (BKLYN) <First distributed on the Internet by!! Big up to Al Famous and Chippy cause dem Annual Champagne Bash was a road block sinting!!!  The Jamworld Music FreaK Family was on location to check out the vibes, and there was nuff vibes indeed!!! Music was provided by New York's best: Exquisite, Steelie Bashment, Baby Wayne Movements (with Jamworld Family Member Red Face at the Controls), Natural Vibes, Kolours, and GMC!!  Nuff Gal and Rude Bwoys was representing Brooklyn style doing the Log On and ting!!  After 2 pm di line outside still long like wah!! Nice fi know a Brooklyn juggling dance can still pull dem croud deh!!I  Talk about x-amount of sexy body ladies and rude bwoys in a jam-packed venue the size of a city block!!!>  (Also Available on Video) (All Sounds - 1 Tape) 1-12-02

+JAGGA B BASHMENT 2002 (JA) <Its a year to year event as Jagga B from Afrique flies to Jamaica for his much anticipated mega-bash at La Roose!!  This year the likes of Afrique, Stone Love, Matterhorn, Fire Links, Jamroc, and Super Twitch (formerly of Afrique) all present to kick it off with a bang!!  As usual its all about Nuff Vibes!!!!> (All Sounds - 1 Tape) 1-5-02

*BEST OF THE BEST (JA) <Five of the hottest sounds in the business are called on flatten the place under one roof!! The bashment featured the likes of Stone Love, Fire Links, Metromedia, Tony Matterhorn, and Jamroc.  Each came in with their unique style of juggling and needless to say the competition was on for who could hype up the place up the most... Nuff Vibes!!!> (Parts 1 & 2) 1-2-02

LOG ON 2002 (JA) <The New Year starts off with BiG TiNgS as the "energy god" himself Elephant Man keeps a big bashment at the Cooreville Football Field at Cooreville Gardens, Kingston 20!!  Music is provided by Renaissance (Jazzy t), Jamroc (on a comeback this year), and the hot new Code Red!! The juggling is wicked but the talk of the night is when the Warlord Bounty Killer takes the stage and goes into a rampage, dissing Beenie Man ("Betweenie Man"), Merciless ("Mercimore"), Sizzla Kolunji ("Little Dred Bwoy"), and Baby Cham ("Red Bwoy")!!   The killer then commences to speak of the rising murder-rate in Jamaica, the arresting of entertainers for "cursing", and the general polictical climate of the island - encouraging the people and the police not to be puppets to the government's agenda.  From there its unto more new lyrics, some inspirational, some warring.. The Warlord works until his clothes is drenched from sweat, calling up Danny English and Cooreville's own rising star Bogle to the stage in the process.. After that Jamroc takes over but they are interrupted by non-other than Baby Cham - who wastes no time addressing Bounty Killer's disses and going into his new hit tune - "The Return" which chronicles his return to the dancehall scene after a brief hiatus... This dance captures the essence of all of Bounty's wars and tells Baby Cham's side of the story as well!!  A Must Have!!!> (Parts 1 & 2) 1-1-02

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