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100 DOLLAR BAG III (JA) <Sound Trooper makes a statement in this dance alongside the likes of Mobay's champion sound Pieces and IN-X-S!! Hear new hardcore from Trooper as he gears up for the long year ahead!!! He unleashes a ton load of new tunes as well as calls up everybody's name in the business inviting them fi come test the Trooper Sound dis year and get write off!!!!!> (Trooper Side) 2-17-01

A MUSICAL SHOOTOUT camera.gif (1111 bytes) (BKLYN) <First distributed on the Internet by - Given the recent inconsistency of Killamanjaro's clash record and the dubious comeback record of  LP International outta Brooklyn, no one really knew what to make of this mega clash that took place in Club Warehouse in Brooklyn, LP's back yard!! One thing's for sure, both sounds had a lot riding on this clash!  On Jaro's side, if they lost another clash in Brooklyn, Freddy would have sealed a reputation for not living up to the standards of "Jaro under Ricky Troper"!  On the other hand, if LP Intl lost, this could seriously affect their comeback hopes!  Two big sounds almost evenly matched with regards to new tunes and more or less level as far as foundation is concerned went at it Biltmore style that night in a duel to the death!!  The result of the bloodbath had one sound beaten and one sound declaring victory amidst a sea of controversy that had people arguing over the outcome and what it meant, if anything!!!! A Must Have> (Parts 1 & 2) 7-21-01

*A WAR IS GOING ON camera.gif (1111 bytes) (BRONX) <All hell breaks loose in Ebony Lounge in Bronx, New York City when the Fireman Fire Links goes into unchartered territory as he battles it out with Bronx's resident warhead Blunt Possie!!! Despite not being as well known as some other New York sounds, Blount Possie is no pushover, and they proved this (at Links' expence) when they rinced out most of Fire Links early tunes at the start of the clash!!!   Later on they displayed their belly when they came at Links with some hardcore foundation tunes that had fans yearning for more!! Did Links realize too late that he underestimated these Bronx natives in their own hometown??? You decide!!!> (Parts 1 & 2) 6-16-01

ADONAI ANNIVERSARY (JA) <Its a Klass Promotions affair as the 5th element of sound celebrates their fourth anniversary.   Of course its a bashment juggling affair as they unleash tunes in only a way they can, with Dessi and Dread bussing everything from Disco to the latest dancehall tunes.  To add to the festivities Beenie Man and Merciless is in the place live!! Beenie Man selects on Adonai and licks out against Scorpion for leaving the sound. He then introduces Merciless and when Merciless doesn't come up immediately, gets mad and starts licking out on him too!!   When he does come up, they square off in acapella officially for the first time since the war at STING 2000!  A must have!!!!> 2-14-01

+Adonai l/s Exodus Nuclear (JA) <Its a juggling tuyrn war when two heavyweights meet as the fifth element of sound Adonai plays alongside the new and improved Exodus Nuclear! Words starting being thrown from early and by the end of the night both sounds were in full war mode!! Adonai in war gear!!> (Both Sides - 2 Tapes) 4-15-01

*ADONAI SLOW JAMS FLAVOR 2001 Vol 1 (JA) <First distributed on the Internet by  - In 1999 we released the very first one and it was a smash it.  For the Y2K we brought a next volume.. Now for 2001 check it out as we feature the 5th Element Sound of the Future, Adonai, as you have never heard them before - juggling all slow jams for the massive 2001 style.  Punctuated by an occasional intro from the crew, this tape is a mix of all the newest R&B/Soul tunes along with some oldies flavor.  A side of Adonai that many don't expect from  one of the  hardcore juggling leaders!> 1-01

*ALL BRAND camera.gif (1111 bytes) (JA) <Matterhorn is called on to christen the brand new nite club "Little Copa" in Bull Bay, St. Thomas, and of course the place was flattened as the Mental proves to the crowd that he still got what it takes to motivate his fans!! The Mental himself would have been enough, so imagine the crowd's surprise when the Warlord Bounty Killer takes the stage in a rage and unleashes hit after hit!!  No "Mystery"was left unsolved as Killer addressed all that needed to be addressed in the sound business, bigging up fans and kicking up foes lyrically in a way only he can!!! > 11-9-01

*ALL OUT FI DI TROPHY camera.gif (1111 bytes) (JA) <Courtesy of Onny Poon and Jah Llyod, its all hell in Bozrak Lawn, South Manchester, as the Kat goes up against the Fireman!!!! With the line up for WC Y2K1 still up in the air, once thing's for certain: you gotta have a trophy to put on the line in order to be in it!! That's perhaps the reasoning behind the name of this clash as Fire Links and Black Kat go at it in an all out Biltmore-style war!! Panther is pretty much guaranteed a slot in WC Y2K1 and really just wants another trophy for his mantle, but for Fire Links, winning this clash could mean he now has his "entrance fee" - a trophy - should he be called upon to represent for WC Y2K1!! As one would expect when Mr. Hype meets Mr. Mouttamassi, its WARRRR!!!!> (Both Sides - 2 Tapes) 8-25-01

+AMPLEX ANNIVERSARY (JA) <Lenny and Glamma G celebrate yet another anniversary for the Spanish Town heavyweight Amplex.  Invited guest sounds include Uptown Remix Masters Renaissance, Afrique outta New York City, and One Blood.  Plus live on stage: Sizzla Kolunji, Frisco Kid, Alozade, Chico, G-Money, and more!!!> (Also Available on Video) (Parts 1 & 2) 2-24-01

ANTHONY B IN ASYLUM (JA) <Any patron to the hottest Niteclub on the island (Asylum in New Kingston) knows that one of  the hottest night to be there is Sunday nights when the juggling is hardcore!!  Well this particular Sunday got hotter when Anthony B made a guest appearance and performed live!  Prince TuFFiE from the Jamworld and Music FrEaKFamily was there to take in the action and as he reports, between bussing a new dance called the "March" and dropping new lyrics like hotcakes, Anthony B brought the roof down..   Nuff Vibes!!!!!> (Quality Fair) 3-4-01

Bass Odyssey l/s Black Chiney camera.gif (1111 bytes) (TORONTO) <First distributed on the Internet by!!   Picture a WORLD CLASH 2001 Champion and a wicked remix sound system teaming up inna juggling fashion with one goal: to flatten the place!! Well it happened in Toronto, Canada for the first time when Bass Odyssey met up with the CD Killers of Mixology Black Chiney for a niteclub juggling Fiesta!! The dance started out with some early tunes by one rack, represented by Squingy and Mark, playing some familiar favorites.. Then Black Chiney was introduced and Chip Lee and crew commenced to bun a fire.. Things got heated mid-way through the dance and by the time the crowd got into it, Squingy and Chip Lee were working side by side, mixing each other's tunes and making each other's speeches in such sync you would'ave thought they played they same sound!! As if that wasn't enough, when Black Chiney commenced to unleash the remix duibs they are notorious for, the place flatten!! Of course Bass Odyssey came back with the hardcore "Biltmore segment" to flatten the place again.. From start to finish the two sounds both separately and together buss the place non-stop!!  A Must Have!!!> (Parts 1 & 2) 12-1-01

*Bass Odyssey l/s DJ Karim l/s Super Twitch (ATLANTA) <What happens when a country sound buck up on a Remix Master and a New York Juggling Icon juggling?? Atlanta, Georgia found out when the one rack Bass Odyssey was featured in a dance alongside Renaissance's DJ Karim and Super Twitch (of Afrique Fame).. Needless to say they all brought the hosue down, each bringing their unique style to the turntables!!> 5-5-01

+Bass Odyssey l/s Love Symbol (JA) <The Bad Bwoys from St Anns team up with Love Symbol for a juggling dance.. As always, new tunes galore rince as Odyssey enters juggling mode to flatten the place.. Love Symbol - not to be outdone - gives a wicked performance as well.. Nuff vibes !!!!> (Both Sides - 2 Tapes) 3-01

+Bass Odyssey l/s Renaissance l/s Pure Playaz (JA) <Town meets Country when the Bad Bwoys from St. Ann link up with the Uptown Remix Kings Renaissance outta Kingston and Mobay's Top-A-Top sound Pure Playaz!!  Its Bass Odyssey in juggling mode and its wicked!! Of course Reniaissance comes in with the remix flavor of Hip Hop and R&B plus some hardcore juggling!! Pure Playaz has their own unique style of juggling, and not to be outdone by the other two heavyweights, step to the plate with an ambitious juggling segment!> (Parts 1 & 2) 9-22-01

BEENIE MAN'S GRAMMY PARTY @ JAMAICA (JA) <All hail the Doctor as Beenie Man walks home with the Grammy as a "dancehall artist", not a "reggae artist"!!  Of course this is more than enough reason to celebrate and that he does in Asylum Niteclub in New Kingston, Jamaica.  Joining in the festivities are such entertainers as Elephant Man, Mr. Lex, Gringo, Danny English, Shotta, Black Rat, Singer J, Chrisatopher, and more.. In addition to his acceptance speech, the Doctor performs new tunes such as "Can't Tek Dat Boss" and licks out against Hawkeye for his counteraction to the tune!! Historic - A Must Have!!> (Quality Fair - Mic at chips out at start of tape but comes back in) 2-24-01

BEENIE MAN'S GRAMMY PARTY @ NEW YORK (QUEENS) <The doctor brings home the Grammy and in addition to celebrating in Jamaica, it goes without saying that he had to represent for his New York fans as well.  Dancehall Fridays at the Q-Club in Queens, New York City, welcomes the Doctor lives alongside Brooklyn's own Libra Love to celebrate the occassion!  Hear Beenie Man switch hats and he selects the tunes on the big sound as well as buss some new dances for the massive.  He also licks out against Bounty and Merciless, explaining what "really went down" at STING 2000.  Later on he performs live with the help of the vibes master Stereo Fish of Libra Love, going lyrics for lyrics inna fast talking and more.. Nuff Vibes!!!!> (3-16-01)

*BIG CLASH 2001 (JA) <Somebady sey sumting bout war??? That question was answered by Two's Promotion when they brought Killamanjaro, Fire Links, and Jamworld Family Member Turbo Force (Big Up Desmond) from August Town to war it out in Lionheart Lawn, Hill Top, St Elizabeth!! The early outs were managed by the upcoming selectors (Al Pacino on Fire Links and Mop Head/ Crazy D on Jaro), but when the real war started, the seasoned veterans took over!! The surprise of the night came from Turbo Force, who (unexpectadly) unleashed a bag of big tunes on the two sounds, including a plethora of Capleton and Sizzla which sent Links and Jaro (respectively) running to their dub boxes to see if anything was left from the two artsists for them to play!!  Turbo Force put on a galant effort, but they didnt get a chance to prove their worth in the Dub-Fi-Dub as some armshouse led the clash to end prematurely with Jaro and Links walking out just before the Dub-Fi-Dub ensued! Biltmore Style War!!!! A Must Have!!> (3 Sides - 3 Tapes) 11-24-01

BIG INT'L LINK-UP 2001 camera.gif (1111 bytes) (ITALY) < presents an exclusive!!  In our mission to bring to you the most international selection of reggae music, we go to the far reaches of Italy!! Its the biggest international sound system link up Italy has ever seen when Italy's premiere sound system One Love Hi Pawa (Milano) brings Killamanjaro with Freddy from Jamaica to Italy for the first time!!! Also included in the link up is Jah Sound outta Holland!! What ensues is an international exhibition of reggae music as each sound system dazzles the crowd with their flava and version of the latest dancehall and culture reggae tunes and dubs!!!> (Parts 1 & 2) 1-26-01

*BIG UP DI MUSIC (JA) Selah Promotions unites two massive forces in dancehall today!! Freddy and the Killamanjaro crew takes a break from their heavy clash schedule to play at this juggling bash!!   The Warlord Bounty Killa also makes it a point to appear and of course he has a lot to say about recent going on's in the business and nuff new lyrics to spill.> 8-6-01

*BILTMORE REUNION 2001 camera.gif (1111 bytes) (BKLYN) <First distributed on the Internet by - Club Warehouse in Brooklyn, NY was once again the venue for what has become an annual event as Addies entertainment reunites King Addies with Tony Matterhorn for a second time in a "Biltmore Reunion".  Afrique was also on hand to do a wicked juggling segment, as was      the early out by other guest sounds!  No "Biltmore Reunion" would be complete without the warlord himself Bounty Killa, and to the pleasure of New York fans he puts on a wicked (an extended performance), calling in Wayne Marshall to do a set!! Bounty is in war mode as he addresses Beenie Man for "pirating Hawkeye's tune" and disses Mr. Vegas straight out!! Also live are local artists including Plucky Ranks! Nuff Vibes!!> (Parts 1 & 2) 6-30-01

*BLACK KAT MIX 2001 (JA) <A Exclusive!!  First distributed on the Internet by - Now that the "war tanka" Black Kat has an abundance of new tunes, they are once again taking the clash world by storm!!  Check out their exclusive straight mega mix [without the talking] of Black Kat's new tunes as well as some icon Black Kat favorites!!> 6-01

+BLING DAWG SUMMER JAM (JA) <Rising star Bling Dawg keeps a wicked stage show and the Top-A-Top acts of 2001 come through to perform for the talented deejay!! Headliners include Beenie Man and Bounty Killa, who add yet another chapter to the never ending fued between then by exchanging lyrical war vibes on stage once again.. Also on the bill are Bling Dawg himself of course, as well as Elephant Man, Wayne Wonder, Wayne Marshall, Frisco Kid, and the list goes on!   Nuff vibes!!> (Also Available on Video) (Parts 1 & 2) 7-14-01

BORDER CLASH - WAR TIME AGAIN camera.gif (1111 bytes) (WASH DC) <Kaffa House in Washington DC was the scene of an old fashion all out "Biltmore" style war as three of the area's upcoming sounds went all out in a blood bath clash to claim the title of local Top-A-Top sound!!  Fire Fox (representing Virginia), Revolution (representing Was DC), and Outlaw (representing Maryland) went at it in a gruesome showdown of dubs and speech, and at the end of the day one was eliminated and two went forth to claim the victory!  Who won?? Get the tape and see.  Big Up Outlaw sound for forwarding the promo!!!> (All Sounds - 1 Tape) 10-27-01

BOUNTY LIVE & UNPLUGGED - IN CONCERT camera.gif (1111 bytes) (JA) <First distributed on the Internet by!!  This year was a trying year for the warlord as he had to maintain his high standard as a lyricist and hit-maker while fending off constant attacks from his competition!!   At this concert in Club 2000 in May Pen, Clarendon, Bounty Killer dazzles the audience with lyrics after lyrics (many new), but more importantly, he disses EvErYbOdY in his way!! Backed up by the the mobile musical wonder Nitrax, he breaks down each war into segments, explaining why he has beef with the individuals, why he can forgive some, and why he can't forgive others!  Who are the individuals he speaks of??? Well for starters here's a list: Beenie Man, Sizzla, Baby Cham, Merciless, Lexxus, and the list goes on!!   Bounty leaves no stone unturned!! Roundhead from Monsta Shack also steps in witha few lyrics.. A Must Have for all Bounty Fans!!!> 12-1-01

BRAWL INNA HARTFORD camera.gif (1111 bytes) (CONN) <First distributed on the Internet by - Killamanjaro and Bass Odyssey buck heads in Hartford Connecticut and its pure war straight back to Dub Fi Dub!  Squingy (armed with Mark at his side) claims that Freddy can't play any artist still alive that he cant play.   Freddy begs to differ and draws some "live" Super Cat to dun the place!   Dub Fi Dub decides!!> (Parts 1 & 2) 1-20-01

+BRITISH LINK-UP 2001 (JA) <The Bristish Crew are at it again as they come through with their annual link up dance!! The venue is La Roose and Music is provided by Stone Love and Metromeida!   Needless to say it was a wicked juggling affair!!> 4-14-01

*BY HIS DEEDS - SQUINGY B-DAY BASH (JA) <Madhouse Promotions in Association with Squingy presents the big man on St Ann's Bad Bwoy One Rack Sound birthstrong celebration at Alexander Square, St Ann's Bay, Sty. Ann. Squingy calls on the likes of the Immortal Stone Love alongside one of Jamaica's upcoming sounds, Madd Squad to help him with the fdestivities! Of course where ever there is Squingy there is Bass Odyssey and the entire crew comes out to support the head honcho!! The vibes is wicked as Bass Odyssey enters juggling mode for the massive!! Things get really heated when Stone Love's Nico switches lanes and selects on Bass Odyssey for a hot minute!  Not to be outdone, Squingy does a reverse role and selects on Stone Love as well!! A Must Have!!> (Both Sides - 2 Tapes) 8-25-01

CHAMPIONS IN ACTION 2001 camera.gif (1111 bytes) (JA) <The Presidential Clique in association with Guiness and Busta presents Champions In Action 2001!  The annual stage show returns bigger and badder than ever with all the top acts in the business live on stage at Fort Clarence Beach!! This year the vibes was hotter than ever, even though the entertainers were pressured by police to perform swiftly as the show came to a close! The line up this year included the likes of Bounty Killa, Beenie Man, Elephant Man, Bling Dawg, Sizzla Kolunji, Monsta Shack (Ghost, Roundhead, and General B), Anthony B, Lexxus, Frisco Kid, Tanto & Devonte, Alley Kat, Singer J, and the list continues!  Bounty Killer uses this opportunity once again to lash out against Beenie Man in the never-ending war between the two!!! A Must Have!!!> (Also Available on Video) 8-19-01

*CHAMPION IN ACTION VIBES 2001 camera.gif (1111 bytes) (BKLYN) <First distributed on the Internet by!! Its all about the linking up of the top a top New York bashment sounds with Jamaica's juggling best as Baby Wayne outta Baby Wayne Movements (Jamworld Family) brings to Club Large in Brooklyn all the heads of the juggling sound fraternity!!  Picture Stone Love, Renaissance, Steelie Bashment, Natural Vibes, Massive B, LP Intl, Zone One, and Flava Mix under one roof!  All different juggling styles combine for a juggling fiesta not soon forgotten!!! A Must Have for all New York sound fans!!> (Parts 1 & 2) 12-1-01

CLASH OF THE WARRIORS camera.gif (1111 bytes) (QUEENS) <First distributed on the Internet by - "Can Sound Trooper perform up to the rigid sound clash standards set by Ricky Trooper himself during his tenure on Killamanjaro?"  Faced with a crowd capacity well below what we have come to expect from Amazura, Queens, coupled with a "no show" from Amplex, Sound Trooper delved into a  3-way war with Black Kat and Little Rock for his first clash in New York not playing Jaro!!   Expectations were high and tensions were rising from the start!  When a fight breaks out between Trooper and Blinks (owner of Little Rock) over the mic, things get even more hectic!!! With Little Rock refusing to bow out and Black Kat putting on the fire in every round, it was a bitter war trot he end!! People are divided over who the "true" winner was, and reviews of Trooper's performance are mixed, ranging from "unimpressive" to "got potential".  One thing was for certain though.. this is not the same Trooper from Killamanjaro days!!! A Must Have!!!> (Parts 1 & 2) 6-29-01

*DANCEHALL KINGS IN ACTION (JA) <The venue was Pier One, Montego Bay, and the entertainment line up consisted of Fire Links, Jah Creation, and Rodigan!!  This dance should have been called "Dancehall Kings In Clash" because when Fire Links let loose the rampage, nothing could stop him!!  Jah Creation got some stripes for killing Stone Love earlier in the year at MONEY POWER - RESPECT 2001 and figured that they could beat anybody since it was their hometown.. As for Rodigan, he can walk into any clash and be a force to be reckoned with, as he was in this clash.  But in the end only the dancehall King prevailed!!! - War!!!> (Parts 1 & 2) 4-15-01

DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR camera.gif (1111 bytes) (JA) <Irish & Chin's Easter Rampage continued into Monday as Mighty Crown and Matterhorn were brought back again to face the likes of Bass Odyssey (in an attempt to regain their clash momentum) and Rodigan (the dub plate assasin from UK).  The battlefield was Twin City Lawn, Deeside, Trelawny, and the stakes were high!  Everybody knows Trelawny is Bass Odyssey's next hometown (St. Ann being the first) but to win this clash is no easy thing!!! Matterhorn killed them in New York and felt he could do it again on Jamaican soil!  Rodigan defeated Odyssey in Florida last year so this is a rematch!! Crown did a no show on Odyssey in 1999 so now they will finally meet up!!! Did the One Rack prevail???? A Must Have!!!> (Also Available on Video) (Parts 1-3) 4-16-01

*DELANO'S REVENGE VII camera.gif (1111 bytes) (JA) <It's Renaissance's big dawg Delano's annual event and as one would expect, it was a musical extravaganza!  Once again the venue was the Caymanas Polo Club, and the musical vibes were provided by Renaissance (of course), Tony Matterhorn, Metromedia (who bun a short but wicked fire), Kurt Riley, and the Asylum DJs.  Of course no Revenge would be complete without the live artists segment, and this year the stage was graced by the likes of Bounty Killer, Wayne Marshall, Bling Dawg, Spragga Benz, Richie Stevens, and Canadian Rapper Kardinal Offishal! Nuff Vibes!!!> (Also Available on Video) (Parts 1 & 2) 11-9-01

+DOUBLE TROUBLE 2001 (JA) <Its a splashment at the Barrett Lawn in St Ann Bay, St. Ann when Topless Promotions presents two big sounds in one big lawn!!! Stone Love and Mellophonic are called to link up for a juggling showcase and the vibes is right.. The dance then elevates to historic proportions when guest selector Squingy of Bass Odyssey (and native of St Ann) is called to MC on Stone Love for the first time ever!!  Nuff Vibes!!> (Both Sounds - 1 Tape) 5-22-01

EUROPEAN LINK UP (EUROPEAN WORLD CLASH) 2001 camera.gif (1111 bytes) (EUROPE) <A exclusive - In our mission to bring to you the most international selection of reggae music we go to the far reaches of Germany!!  The Small Axe Crew outta Germany keeps this European equivalent of WORLD CLASH with six sounds representing 6 European nations : Small Axe representing Germany, Far West representing Belgium, King Tubbys representing the UK, Soul Stereo representing Paris, Bass Fi Mass, and Runn Sound representing Holland!!  After some elimination rounds, its down to Soul Stereo, Runn Sound, and King Tubbys in a wicked 3-Way Dub-Fi-Dub elimination round.   It then boils down to King Tubbys and Runn Sound who battle it out in a Tune Fi Tune bloodbath for the European World Clash Trophy!! Nuff big tunes and exlcusive foundations!!! The tape features the entire Dub-Fi-Dub!! A Must Have!!> (All Sounds - 1 Tape) 6-9-01

*EUROPEAN SOUND CLASH camera.gif (1111 bytes) (ITALY) < presents an exclusive!!  In our mission to bring to you the most international selection of reggae music, we go to the far reaches of Montepeglia-Perugia, Italy to bring you live from the Natural Mystic Reggae Festival, European Clash 2001!!! This clash features Italy's Top-A-Top clash sound, One Love Hi Pawa versus Stand Tall, a premier sound system outta Paris.  The tape features the 30 Minute Round, 15 Minute Round, and of course the Dub-Fi-Dub!!! The first part from the tapes was recorded from the crowd and you can hear the forwards ringing out as big tunes were dropped!!  The last part was recorded from the mixer!!  Hear sound clash inna European style!!  Big Up Clava and the One Love Hi Pawa Crew who sent us the tape!!> (Both Sounds - 1 Tape) 7-14-01

+EVERTON BLENDER B-DAY BASH (JA) <Blend Dem Promotions brings the action to Hayes Jr. High School in Clarendon as the cultural icon that for decades have blessed us with hit after hit celebrates his birthstrong, and features an impressive line-up of all the tp cultural acts in the business, as well as some veteran singers!! Live on stage: Everton Blender himself, Capleton, Morgan Heritage, Luciano, Mikey General, George Nooks, Barrington Levy, Admiral Tibet, Spanner Banner, Agijah, and more...> (Part 1 & 2) 11-24-01

*FIESTA 2001I (JA) <Billy's Promotion presents a night called Fiesta 2001 at the Counryside Club in Port Maria, Portland!  The Fireman Fire Links meets up once again with the Immortal Stone Love for a night of wicked selection!!! Once again its two different styles of juggling under roof! Stone Love throws down wicked selections as only they can!  Not to be outdone, the ever ready vibe machine Fire Links also drops a wicked juggling segment!!> (Both Sides - 2 Tapes) 8-8-01

*FIRE 2001 camera.gif (1111 bytes) (JA) <Horseman Promotions once again presents their annual stage show featuring some of the hottest cultural artists in the business. The venue this year was Market Place Car Park, Red Hills Road, Kingston, and the This line up included Capleton, Sizzla, Louie Culture, Coco Tea, Everton Blender, Anthony B, Lady Saw, and Richie Spice.> (Also Available on Video) 5-23-01

*FIRE AND STONE (JA) <The Fireman Fire Links is on a rampage in the juggling arena and when he is called to play in a juggling dance alongside the Immortal Stone Love, the vibes was nothing less than wicked!!!  Two different styles of juggling meet under one roof!> (Both Sides - 2 Tapes) 4-14-01

+FIRE LINKS @ AMNESIA (JA) <The Fireman Fire Links seizes another opportunity to prove his juggling worth as he lands a gig in Club Amnesia! Reports are that he ripped the place apart with his crazy antics, screaming voice, and a ton load of tunes!! Also performing live on stage that night were Warrior King (with mega-hits like "Virtuous Woman" and "Never Go Where Pagons Go"), and Frisco Kid (who's making a superb comeback this year with his new emphasis on culture in the dancehall)!!> Nuff Vibes!!!> (Parts 1 & 2) 11-21-01

*FIRE LINKS "LOG ON" GANSTER MIX (JA) <First distributed on the Internet by - Fire Man Links releases the Summer-Fall 2001 version of his popular hardcore mix series and its a hot mix indeed.  Done in Straight Mix [No Talking] fashion, you can expect to hear all the latest Beenie Man, Bounty Killa, Elephant Man, and of course Capleton!!!> (Also Available on CD) 9-01

+FIRE LINKS SOUND LAUNCHING camera.gif (1111 bytes) (JA) <Almost two years since he departed the legendary Bodyguard to venture on his own, the Fireman Fire Links keeps his official sound launching bash at La Roose and the Immortal Stone Love alongside year to year sound Metromedia are on hand to help provide the musical vibes!! Of course no event Fire Links throws would be complete without the presence of his icon deejay - Capleton!!!  The prophet passes through to vibes of the place, accompanied by hot new culture deejay Warrior King and veteran crowd pleaser Frisco Kid!! Nuff Vibes!!> (Also Available on Video) (Parts 1 & 2) 10-13-01

FULLY LOADED 2001 camera.gif (1111 bytes) (JA) <Its the annual "juggling" version of WORLD CLASH at Fort Clarence Beach and and as always its surprises on top of surprises as the best of the best in the juggling arena square off in one venue for one day only!!!  Hosted by Squeeze and Nuffy, of course the annual heavyweights Tony Matterhorn, Renaissance, and Adonai are in the place as well as Fire Links and Mario C!  Live artists were also present including headliner Bounty Killer, Elephant man, and Wayne Marshall!!  As it turned out, Renaissance flattened the place (as usual), Metromedia dun the place (much to everyone's surprise), and Adonai had their fair share of forwards.. But the big story of the day was the continuous feud between Matterhorn and Links, and in this episode Matterhorn dismanted the venue, leaving Links (who also played well) resorting to some unsavory tactics to win back the crowd - and bringing on the wrath (once again) of Bounty Killer!! A Must Have! !> (Parts 1 & 2) 7-29-01

+GENERAL B B-DAY BASH camera.gif (1111 bytes) (JA) <Monsta Shack Crew hype man General B keeps his birthstrong at the Ewaton Center in Portmore and a big tings gwarne!!!  Music was provided by the Mentally ILL Tony Matterhorn alongside Alaska.  It was more like Sunsplash than a birthday bash as all the top entertainers on the island at the time passed through to bless the event, including Monsta Shack mates (Ghost, Roundhead), Bounty Killer, Bling Dawg, Richie Stevens, Hawkeye, Frisco Kid, Gringo, Determine, Singer J, Delly Ranks, Mega Banton, Vibes Cartel, New Kidz, Egg Nog, Monster Twins, Jason Sweetness, and more!!  Nuff Vibes!! A Must Have!!!> (Parts 1 & 2) 11-24-01

GET TO THE POINT camera.gif (1111 bytes) (BKLYN) <Click on the Links For Audio!  Killamanjaro and Fire Links meet up in Brooklyn for a rematch of the Antigua dance last December and all hell breaks lose!  The name of the game is "COUNTERACTION" and while Links and Junior Vibes is playing everyone from Cocoa Tea to Elephant Man calling Jaro name in it, Freddy and Hype are playing intros done by Ricky Trooper (formely of Jaro)dissing Fire Links!! The Dub-Fi-Dub is gruesome and when its cut short to 3 more tunes, both sounds go to the wire for a controversial result!!! A Must Have!!> (Parts 1 & 2) 2-9-01

*GIRLS GRADUATION BASHMENT 2001  (JA) <We call this "Fire And Stone II" because once again the Fireman Fire Links is called to play in a juggling dance alongside the Immortal Stone Love, and the vibes was nothing less than wicked!!!  Its a Girls Graduation celebration at the Water Well Sports Ground in Race Course Vere, Clarendon and the two heavyweights link up again for some mega action!  Fire Links is hot off a series of clashes that has taken him from Antigua to Bronx, New York, and with each appearance, broken stages are the only traces!! The Immortal is just that, Immortal.. hot off a new mixed tape and dances just about every day of the week!! Two different styles of juggling meet under one roof - again!!!!> (Both Sides - 2 Tapes) 7-5-01

GOLDEN CUP 2001 CLASH (WASH DC) <Raw Deal outta Washington DC defends their grounds in King Solomon Hall against the likes of the war tanka Black Kat and Montego Bay's veteran sound killer Pieces in a 3-way death match!!  Everyone knows that Black Kat is fully loaded but no one remembered the 90s when Pieces used hardcore foundation dubs to lock off sounds left and right.. Perhapsa the biggest surprise of the night came from Raw Deal, who held their own big time!! In the end one sound drop out and the two remaining battle it out! A Must Have!!> (All Sounds - 1 Tape) 3-24-01

GLOBAL CUP CLASH 2001 camera.gif (1111 bytes) (BKLYN) <First distributed on the Internet by - Little Rock as the returning champion (after "defeating" Bass Odyssey in last year's Global Cup Clash) must now defend their title against the likes of Mighty Crown (the Far East Rulers), Matterhorn (the Big Man), Black Kat (the War Tanka), and Katarac (attempting a comeback) in Club Warehouse in Brooklyn!  Prince TuFFiE and the Jamworld Music FrEaK Family was on hand to take in the action as the sounds warred it out in front of a capacity crowd!   The name of the game was big tunes as each sound fought to make it to the next round!!  In the end 2 sounds got eliminated, and three sounds battled it out in 10 grueling rounds of Dub-Fi-Dub to determine the surprise winner!!  Also included are some exclusive raw footage behind the scene of the clash, plus Chin speaks about the upcoming World Clash 2001!  A Must Have!> (Also Available on CD) (Parts 1-3) 3-30-01

Golden Bass vs Kalyweed (ITALY) < presents an exclusive!!  In our mission to bring to you the most international selection of reggae music, we go to the far reaches of Italy to bring you this wicked sound clash!! Golden Bass is the premiere clash and juggling sound outta Milano, Italy, and they have called upon Kalyweed to be their first victim in a series on sound clashes staged to enhance the popularity of this artform!  However Kalyweed is no pushover and unleashes a plethora of dubs and 45 that had Golden Bass reaching for thier heavy artillery!! With some of the MCs speaking in both English and Italian, its not hard to follow the action as these two hardcore sounds go at it war style!!!!> (Also Available on CD) (Parts 1 & 2) 5-11-01

Golden Bass vs Villada Sound (ITALY) < presents an exclusive!!  In our mission to bring to you the most international selection of reggae music, we go to the far reaches of Italy once again to bring you this wicked sound clash!! Golden Bass continues there trek to bring sound clash culture to Italy as they go up against Villada Sound - another Italian heavyweight - at Tunnel Via Sammartini 30, Italy!! Its an all out blood bath and again the action is easy to follow as the MCs speak in both English and Italian!!!> (Also Available on CD) (Parts 1 & 2) 5-19-01

HELL OF A WAR camera.gif (1111 bytes) (JA) <The eternal feud between Panther and Ricky Trooper enters yet another chapter as Jerms Dawg Promotions presents an all out match between the war tanka and the long anticipated Sound Trooper. The warfield was the infamous Deeside, Trelawny, and as expected it was straight up explosive combat!!  Black Kat has had a good year, taking RUMORS OF WAR 2001 in Jamaica and GLOBAL CUIP CLASH 2001 in New York, and although Panther failed to seal the trophy at WORLD CLASH 2001, they did pop off some stripes off of several sounds this year!  Trooper on the other hand has been a bit dormant since his last New York clash (SURVIVOR 2001), and in many clash fans' eyes still has a lot to prove where the clashing abilities of Sound Troopers is concerned.  This was Trooper's first clash using his physical sound system, and he seemed to be on top of his game as he unleashed dubs upon dubs (counteractions galore) punctuated by wicked speech (which including dissing Irish & Chin, Internet message boards, etc)!!  Amidst technical difficulties Kat strugged all night to catch back Trooper's performance, but as we all know Panther does not give up. At the end of the night a sound get lock off!! A Must Have!!!> (Also Available on Video) (Parts 1 & 2) 11-9-01

+HISTORY IN THE EAST (JA) <Merciless capitalizes off his warring performance at STING 200 and keeps a stage show for himself.  Entitled "History In The East", the show features the likes of Capleton, Sizzla, Elephant Man, Singer J, and the warhead himself - Merciless!!> 3-14-01

IT WASN'T ME (JA) <Classique Promotions presents a bashment at the Earth - Wind Lawn in Gregory Park, Portmore!  Stone Love alongside Rebel T!  Needless to say tunes get rinced and the juggling is hardcore as Swamp Thing puts it on for the Stone Love fans in the house!!!> (Both Sounds - 1 Tape) 1-12-01

+IT'S A PARTY 2001 (JA) <The warlord Bounty Killa celebrates his birthstrong in the usual bashy fashion.   Music is provided by Tony Matterhorn, Renaissance, DJ Khalid, Fire links, and Soundwave.  Then live on stage: the killler himself Bounty Killa, Beenie Man, Bling Dawg, Ward 21, Lady Saw, Wayne Marshall, Frankie Sly, Vibes Kartel, Barrington Levy, Wayne Wonder, Junior Gong, Richie Stephens, Tony Curtis, Assassin, Kid Kurrupt, and more!!> (Parts 1 & 2) 6-9-01

*JABBA STRIKES BACK camera.gif (1111 bytes) (BRONX) <Jabba from New York's premier Hip Hop/R&B/Reggae radio station HOT 97 presents his annual birthstrong bash at Dubies Palace in Queens, New York City!!  The line-up looks more like FULLY LOADED with musical vibes provided by Massive B (with Bobby Konders & Jabba), Renaissance (the Remix Kings outta Jamaica), DJ Khalid (hot remix selector outta Florida), Funk Master Flex (Hip Hop's premier truntablist), and Pretty Possie.  The event also featured live entertainment from the likes of  T.O.K., Junior Demus, Wayne Wonder, and more!!! A wicked New York dance!!!> (Parts 1 & 2) 9-29-01

JAGGA B BASHMENT (JA) <Its a year to year event as Jagga B from Afrique flies to Jamaica for his much anticipated mega-bash at La Roose!!  This year the likes of Afrique, Stone Love, Rebel T, Matterhorn, Fire Links, Metromedia, Natural Vibes (outta New York), and Black Reaction (outta Canada) are all present to kick it off with a bang!!  All hell break lose when it becomes a Tune Fi Tune clash between Matterhorn, Fire Links, Stone Love, Beenie Man, Spragga Benz, and Bling Dawg!! Live on stage Beenie, Bling Dawg, Assasin, Atom, and more!> (Also Available on Video) (Parts 1 & 2) 1-7-01

*JAGGA B FATHER'S DAY BASH (JA) <The big man on Afrique - Jagga B outta New York - keeps a wicked Father's Day bash at Paradise Cove in Bull Bay, St. Thomas featuring sounds like Renaissance, Jamrock, and Super Twitch (Jagga B's protege' from Afrique who has now went on his his own).  The vibes was wicked as one would expect, and to top it off, Mr. Lex and more perform live!> (All Sounds - 1 Tape) 6-17-01

*JIM BROWN MEMORIAL 2001 (JA) <Jim Brown in Association with Ivity, Sandy, and the Presedential Clique!! Its the ninth annual celebration for the fallen don Jim Brown and as always its a wicked juggling affair as the very best step forward to pay tribute as well as show off their juggling skills.  This year the event was subtitled "Never Wanna Heard of Them" and it was as action packed as ever as Stone Love, Matterhorn, and Fire Links provided the musical vibes.. Reports have it that Fire Links dun the place again, making gunshot fall like rain during his juggling segment.  To add to the action, Bounty Killa performs live and Beenie Man clashes Ninja Man and dismisses him permanently!!  Nuff Vibes!!> (Also Available on Video) (Parts 1 & 2) 2-23-01

+JOHNNY"GUARD" B-DAY BASH (QUEENS) <Legendary selector Johnny of the notorious Bodyguard sound celebrates his birthstrong in New York City and is surrounded by some of the top sounds in New York City as well as Jamaica!  Of course Johnny gave the crowd a dose of his selecting skills (honed over a period of 15+ years) as he played the mighty Bodyguard - a sound we have not heard play in New York since (Bodyguard vs David Rodigan in Amazura).   Johnny is joined by Stone Love, plus New York shotta sounds Massive B and Super Twitch!!> (All Sounds - 1 Tape)  9-22-01

*KEEP THE FIRE BLAZING camera.gif (1111 bytes) (JA) <Nuff fire a bun as the prophet himself Capleton graces the stage in a live concert at the Windsor Lawn, St Ann's Bay.  It's all courtesy of Slew Dem Promotions, andwithout a doubt the fire was hot!!!!  As one would expect, he unleashes hit after hit, plus entices the crowd with some new tunes as well!! Mixed down by a band inna concert style, the prophet delivers hard core for the massive!!> 11-3-01

KILL OR BE KILLED 4-WAY CLASH camera.gif (1111 bytes) (GERMANY) <In our mission to bring to you the most international selection of reggae music, we go to the far reaches of Germany, where a death match ensued among 4 local sound killers!!! Gemany's heavyweight clash king Pow Pow was responsible for putting on a 4 Way Clash between 4 of Germany's upcoming and most promising dancehall sounds.   The venue was Bunker in Cologne, and the atmosphere was all out war!!! Featured sounds included Wadada from Koblenz, Supersonic from Berlin, Sentinel from Stuggart, and Budabud from Munich.  It was a bloodbath from the start, and at the end of the day Sentinel and Supersonic were left at the dock battling it out to take home the trophy!   This was where the "real" big tune clash started, with the two sounds throwing down hardcore specials from the likes of Alton Ellis, Barrington Levy, John Holt, Cocoa Tea, Courtney Melody, Sizzla, Pat Kelly, and Eric Donalsdson just to name a few!!! It was evident then that these are not just upocoming sounds, they are full fledged hardcore dub machines with an appetite for sound killing, and the ability to take on even Jamaica's heavyweights!!!  Listen to "Biltmore" style sound clash inna European fashion!!! Big Up Uli from the Supersonic Crew for the promo!!!!!!> (Parts 1-3) 10-27-01

*KILL OR BE KILLED PT II (2001) (JA) <When it comes to hardcore sound clashes, Irish & Chin have made a name for themselves in New York and Washington DC!! This year Irish and Chin invaded Jamaica, and (for the third time) has brought a mega multi-sound clash to the island!! Picture Bass Odyssey (DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR 2001 Champs), Black Kat (GLOBAL CUP CLASH 2001 Champs), and Mighty Crown (WORLD CLASH 1999 Champs) on one battle ground fighting to settle all previous scores!! Needless to say big tunes and big talk fly left and right as all three warriors fought to kill, or be killed!! A Must Have!!!> (Also Available of Video) (Parts 1-3) 7-22-01

*Killamanjaro vs Black Kat (JA) <Panther and Black Kat are determined to prove that Killamanjaro under Freddy's reign is no match for the war tanka!! Freddy on the other hand is out to prove that Jaro will always be able to manage Black Kat and keep them at bay, even in the absence of their once star selector Ricky Trooper!!  Its a changing of the guards but the age old rivalry still exists!!!> (Both Sounds - 1 Tape) 4-28-01

*Killamanjaro vs Synemax (JA) <Noticeably absent from WORLD CLASH 2001, Killamanjaro has a lot to prove - especially with their inconsistent tract record this year.  On this particular night they aimed to prove their worth at the expence of newcomer to the business Synemax.  But don't let the smooth name fool ya! Synemax is no pushover!!!> (Both Sounds - 1 Tape) 12-27-01

KING TUBBYS FOUNDATION MIX (UK) <A Exclusive!! WORLD CLASH 2001 Contendees King Tubbys presents a Straight Mix [No Talking] of some exclusive foundation Dubs from their extensive library!!  With over 30 years in the business, there is no doubt that King Tubbys can play a lot of dubs no other sound can play!! They didn't get a chance to play their "belly" fully at WORLD CLASH 2001, but now you can see why they won the EUROPEAN LINK UP (EUROPEAN WORLD CLASH) 2001!!  Hand delivered by Father Cecile himself of King Tubbys!> 9-01

KING TUBBYS HARDCORE MIX (UK) <A Exclusive!! WORLD CLASH 2001 Contendees King Tubbys presents a Straight Mix [No Talking] of hardcore 2001 jump up tunes - a mix of both 45s and dubs from their extensive arsenal!! They didn't get a chance to express themselves fully at WORLD CLASH 2001 but now you can hear what the mightyv King Tubbys from the United Kingdon is really about!!  Hand delivered by Father Cecile himself of King Tubbys!!!> 9-01

*LADY SAW IN ACTION (JA) <Slackers Promotion brings the Queen of dancehall slackness Lady Saw to Rockers Lawn, Port Antonio.  The Immortal Stone Love teams up with long time parring partner, veteran Metromedia with Skyjuice and Crew! As always when these two show up together its all about nuff vibes and big tunes!!!  Skyjuice dazzles the crowd with his antics as Stone Love juggles hardcore for the massive!!  The climax arrives as Lady Saw performs live on stage - a rare performance for this year!!!!> (Both Sides - 2 Tapes) 10-1-01

LAST MAN STANDING camera.gif (1111 bytes) (QUEENS) <First distributed on the Internet by - What happens when two wicked Foundation sounds meet the two hottest solo selectors on the planet and one of Brooklyn's icon "Biltmore" sounds??? The result is a 5-way death match that can leave only the "Last Man Standing".  In Amazura, Queens, New York City - a five way clash ensued featuring the Mighty Killamanjaro versus Downbeat the Ruler versus the Mentally ILL Tony Matterhorn versus the Fireman Fire Links versus Brooklyn's Foundation warhead LP Intl.  Big tunes fly left and right as the old battles the new and the seasoned for forwards.  Mc'eed by Steelie Bashment and Crazy Richie of the Afrique stable, this clash was filled with twists and turns.  The audio tapes feature exclusive interviews from all the sounds involved plus some behind the scenes footage done exclusively for by Cassette Face of the Jamworld Music FrEaK Fraternity!!  A Must Have!> (Parts 1-3) 4-7-01

*LOADED ON THE BEACH (JA) <A live stage show at Caribbean Beach Park in Ironshore, Montego Bay.    Musical vibes are provided by the Mentally ILL Tony Matterhorn alongside Mobay's finest, Jah Creation. Live on stage is Bounty Killer, Beenie Man, Lady Saw, Bling Dog, and more!!> (Also Available on Video) 4-14-01

LOVE - LINK - & EXXTACY (JA) <Its an East Coast Promotions in association with Vivain, Ivinston, and Lenky... What happens when the Fireman meets up with the Immortal sound??? Nothing less than a juggling extravaganza as !! Fire Links is known for dropping in, rincing tunes, and leaving for a next venue.  So with that in mind Stone Love forces Fire Links to play the early warm in this dance, and that he does, unloading an arsenal of tunes!! Stone Love then comes in and duns the place in only a way they can!! Nuff Vibes!!!!!> (Links Side Also Available on CD) (Both Sides - 2 Tapes) 2-17-01

*LP INTL HARDCORE SHOWCASE 2001 camera.gif (1111 bytes) (BKLYN) <A exclusive - In the minutes before the start of A Musical Shootout (above), LP Intl displayed their hardcore dubs in a Straight Mix [No Talking] fashion, playing foundation from the 80s plus hardcore tunes cut by them in the 1990s.  Its all about big tunes on big rhythms, featuring veterans in the business as well as icon deejays of the 1990s!!! The mix slowly makes its way back to 2001 style hot tunes on the new rhythms out, and then cuts back to the minutes leading int othe clash!  A Must Have For LP Intl Fans!!> 7-21-01

LP INTL "RETURN TO BURN" MIX 2001 (BKLYN) <A Exclusive!!  First distributed on the Internet by, Bklyn's own warhead LP returns to the stage with a hot mix of their dubplates done 2001 Style!!  All new tunes from the hottest artists are here in a straight mega mix ([without the talking] that will have fans bopping their heads in enjoyment!  With new recruit Boxer of Travellers and Millenium, this mix proves they are back with a statement!!!> 2-01

*LP INTL SOUL SERENADE 2001 (BKLYN) <A Exclusive!!  First distributed on the Internet by, LP does it soul style for 2001.  With a straight mega mix [without the talking] of the hottest soul tunes out, punctuated with some old favorites, this tape is sure to become a classic!  Built for the bedroom but groovy enough to rock in the ride, this mix was done by father Puma himself and is a must have!!!> 2-01

*MAGNET 2001 camera.gif (1111 bytes) (JA) <Its a wicked juggling dance as the Immortal Stone Love is called to provide the musical vibes at Magnet 2001 in the infamous Skateland at Half Way Tree!  Of course anywhere the Stone Love goes the girls follow and the juggling is off da hook, and this dance is no different! But if anyone had their doubts that vibes was in the place, this was all erased when the Warlord Bounty Killer stepped to the plate and performed live on Stone Love to tear down the place!!!> 10-14-01

MATTERHORN'S B-DAY BASH - ANTIGUA camera.gif (1111 bytes) (ANTIGUA) <A Exclusive - Its the Big Man's birthstrong and he celebrates it at Club Ribit in Antigua.  Also lined up for the event are Renaissance outta Jamaica, Poison Dart outta Florida, and Stereo Choice outta GT!!  What can be said with a line up like that, except pure juggling niceness!!  When Renaissance and Matterhorn teams up to buss the Screechie Dance and drop exclusive DJ Karim remixes, the whole place pop down!!! From Hip Hop and R&B to the latest Reggae, to Foundation, to Remixes and Refixes, and back to Oldies, this dance has if all - nuff vibes!! A must Have!!!!> (Parts 1 & 2) 3-3-01

MENTAL MIX 2001 VOL 1 (BKLYN) <First distributed on the Internet by - Guess who came out with his straight Mix for 2001??? Its the hottest selector out right now - the Mentally ILL himself Tony Matterhorn!!!  This is the long awaited straight mega mix [without the talking] of Matterhorn's boom dubs from late 2000 to early 2001 -  This mix of course features all his hot tunes on the wicked "Superstar" rhythm - the same ones he used to lock down Overloaded, Reloaded, and Unloaded last December!!! The mix also includes his exclusive Hip Hop Reggae remixes featuring the likes of Bounty, etc!!!> (Also Available on CD) 2-01

+Mighty Crown vs Poison Dart (FLA) <The Japanese are gearing up for WORLD CLASH 2001 and are taking the clashes as they come without hesitation.  In this clash they war it out with Florida's own top war sound, Poison Dart!!!  Its an encounter filled with nuff surprises and big tunes as the new recruit on Poison Dart puts on an excellent performance (watch out Kirky C).. But was it enough to thwart the Far East Rulers from drawing blood?? All out Warrrr!!!> (Parts 1 & 2) 4-7-01

*Mighty Crown vs Poison Dart vs Eternity (GA) <Its a three way murderation as the Japanese Mighty Crown war it out with Florida's #1 warhead Poison Dart and Eternity!!! When the heat is on, Crown and Poison Dart try to force out Eternity and duel it out!! Then big tunes drop and the war is on!!!> (All Sounds - 1 Tape) 4-6-01

MONEY - POWER - RESPECT 2000 (JA) <Sling Shot Promotions in Association with Natural Mystic Beauty Supplies presents two big bad sounds at Pier One in Mobay!! Kingston's best meets Mobay's upcoming as Stone Love and Jah Creation are booked for this juggling dance.  However when selectors start to get too hype it becomes a rematch of the clash between the two last year, and a war ensues!!!> (Both Sides - 2 Tapes) 1-27-01

MORE LOVE 2001 camera.gif (1111 bytes) (BKLYN) <A Exclusive!!! Cassette Face from the Jamworld Music FrEaK Family presents More Love 2001 in Club Large, Brooklyn, New York City!!  This exquisite juggling affair featured a line up including Stone Love alongside Brooklyn's veteran juggling machine Libra Love!  Also featured are Cassette Face's (of the Jamworld Music FrEaK Family) own sound Silver Sword and  Irish & Chin's King Agony!  Libra starts out with the hardcore foundation and Lovers Rock tunes.   Stone Love takes over with the latest dancehall tunes out!! The nSilver Sword takes it away wit hthe latest Hip Hop and R&B!!  Nice juggling!!!> (All Sounds - 1 Tape) 2-23-01

+NICO BAM BAM B-DAY BASH camera.gif (1111 bytes) (JA) <The warhead on Stone Love - Nico Bam Bam - keeps his annual birthstrong bash at the White River Entertainment Centre, Ochi Rios, St. Ann, and its pure bashment!!!! Of course Stone Love is on hand to provide the musical vibes, alongside special guest WORLD CLASH 2001 CHAMPIONS Bass Odyssey, and premiere juggling sound Natural Vibes outta New York!!  Its Nuff Vibes!!!> (Stone Love/Natural Vibes - 1 Tape) 11-10-01

*NIGHT OF REAL WAR (JA) <Ninja Man's Dance!!! Sound Trooper is on a non-stop mission to kill all in his war so that they will not be overlooked for WORLD CLASH 2002.   When they are booked in a dance with Soundwave featuring live artists, the focus of the night becomes the battleground between them and Soundwave!!> (Both Sounds - 1 Tape) 11-30-01

*ONE LOVE B-DAY BASH w/ STONE LOVE camera.gif (1111 bytes) (ITALY) < presents an exclusive!!  In our mission to bring to you the most international selection of reggae music, we go to the far reaches of Rome, Italy to bring you Italy's heavyweight sound system One Love Hi Pawa's B-day Bash featuring the Immortal Stone Love!!  The venue was C.S.O. Infitada, via Di Casal Brucuiato 15, Rome, and it was all about European reggae flavor meeting Jamaican hardcore dancehall vibes!!  Big Up to One Love Hi Pawa, a Jamworld Affiliate marking eight years strong representing reggae music for Italy!! Wciked juggling vibes Stone Love & European style!!> (Parts 1 & 2) 12-22-01

*ONE LOVE HI PAWA MEETS DAVID RODIGAN (ITALY) < presents an exclusive!!  In our mission to bring to you the most international selection of reggae music, we go to the far reaches of Rome, Italy to bring you Italy's heavyweight sound system One Love Hi Pawa alongside the "gentle rude bwoy" from England, David Rodigan.   Top-a-Top Reggae Club in Brancaleone via KLevanna 11 was alive and well as the incumbant One Love Hi Pawa juggled wicked for their fans!  Then the European heavyweight David Rodigan comes in and adds his own dimension of reggae music to the delight of the audience.  An International Must Have!!!> (Parts 1 & 2) 11-1-01

*ONE SOUND WILL DIE camera.gif (1111 bytes) (FLA) <The day after they clashed Mighty Crown and Eternity in Atlanta, Georgia, Poison Dart returns to their home state (Florida) to rematch Mighty Crown in the Caribbean Sunshine Lounge in Orlando, Florida.  This time its a straight up one on one, no excuses.. The Japanese welcome the war and Sammy T and Simon unleash everything they have on Poison Dart.. But Poison Dart is no push over, and with an ear for cutting new tunes inna foundation style, they unload the artillery on Crown.. Straight up war to the end!!!> (Parts 1 & 2) 4-7-01

ORIGINAL 45 SHOOTOUT camera.gif (1111 bytes) (QUEENS) <First distributed on the Internet by!! Remember the 45 Round in WORLD CLASH 2001?? Many say it was the wickedest round of the entire clash - and with good cause!!! Well promoters Irish and Chin decided it was intriguing enough to start a new trend in the sound clash arena, so they organized an entire clash built around the theory of NO DUBS, JUST 45s!!!  Planet Q (formerly Q-Club) in Queens will never be the same...   Imagine Tony Matterhorn, Skyjuice from Metromedia, Dread from Adonai, Stereo Fish from Libra Love, Pee Wee from Pretty Possie (NYC), and Killa-Bo from King Agony (NYC) all under one roof with nothing but 45s to kill a sound with... Need we say more?? The winner will surprise you!!! A Must Have!!> (Parts 1-3) 12-15-01

*ORIGINAL $60 BASH (JA) <Its three bad sounds under one roof inna juggling style when the world immortal Stone Love teams up once again with the one rack bad bwoys from St. Ann - Bass Odyssey.. plus Synemax!!  Wicked Juggling vibes to the max!!!> (3 Sides - 3 Tapes) 3-17-01

+OUTRAGE 2001 (JA) <Uptown Remix Kings Renaissance from Uptown Kingston plays alongside their remix counterparts Coppershot and Code Red, a wicked new sound inna the business!! Its nuff vibes as the reggae flava is mixed in with Hip Hop and R&B flava as only the remix soudns can do it!!  Plus check out how the new sound Code Red performs with the big bwoys!!> 9-14-01

+OVERLOADED 2001 (JA) <Its the Annual December affair and as always its the best of reggae sounds and reggae artists all on one stage.  This year the music is provided by Stone Love, Renaissance, and Matterhorn.   Then live on stage: Elephant Man, Ward 21, Kiprich, Wayne Marshall, and more...> (All Sounds - 1 Tape) 12-23-01

+PEPE'S TRIBUTE DANCE (JA) <Pepe Goodison of The Reggae Boyz (Jamaica's National Soccer Team) keeps a mega bash in tribute to his brother who was killed during the recent politically charged violence in Western Kingston!! On hand to provide the musical vibes are Stone Love and Fire Links, and Rebel T!! Then live on stage is Beenie Man, Bounty Killa, Wayne Marshal, L.U.S.T., Nitty Kutchie, and more!!> (Parts 1 & 2) 6-23-01

PIER ONE MADNESS camera.gif (1111 bytes) (JA) <Pop Corn and Triple Loaded Promotions presents 3 wicked forces in dancehall under inna one lawn!!   Everyone knows that when the Mentally ILL Tony Matterhorn links up with the Uptown Remix Kings Renaissance, its all Hell up Inna Harlem!! Well this dance is no different as the two heavyweights meet up again for Triple Loaded 2001!! Renaissance busses some wicked new tunes (both cultural and hardcore juggling tunes) as well as some hardcore Hip Hop & R&B, while Matterhorn comes in and takes the crowd back to the past with a juggling frenzy featuring some wicked old tunes!! To add fuel to the event, the thrid force - the Warlord Bounty Killer - shows up live on stage and wrecks havoc in the place!!> (Parts 1 & 2) 10-13-01

POISON DART VICTORY CELEBRATION camera.gif (1111 bytes) (ANTIGUA) <A exclusive - The upset victory of upset victories occurred at WORLD CLASH @ ANTIGUA 2001 when local heavyweight Poison Dart returned the trophy to home soil by defeating the likes of Tony Matterhorn, Fire Links, Mighty Corwn, and Stereo Choice!  Call it bias, lucky win, or whatever but the fact remains they are the 2001 champions, and that fact was celebrated well during their victory celebration at Ffyers Beach, Antigua!! Also on the agenda was High Grade and Three Sevens.. Nuff vibes Antiguan style!!> 6-24-01

*PREVUE  2001 (JA) <The new year is here and its off with a blast as Stone Love, Renaissance, and Rebel T meet up at the Countryside Club at Eastwood Park Raod for a bashment splashment event!!!!>  (Parts 1 & 2) 1-1-01

RAS BEER VIBES 2001 camera.gif (1111 bytes) (JA) <Hosted by the Warlord Bounty Killer, the annual juggling/war showcase returns early this year and features the top sound systems in the juggling arena including the Mentally ILL Tony Matterhorn, Mr. Fireman Fire Links, the Mighty ReMiX & ReFiX Kings Renaissance, upcoming ReFiX experts Black Chiney, upcoming sound Code Red, Master Lee, and the return of the Mighty Travellers!!  Of course needless to say the competition is stiff as all the sounds attempt to buss the crowd while simultaneously dunning their colleagues!!  A war erupts between Matterhorn and Fire Links, adding more fuel to the feud between the two!   In addition, live on stage is Bounty Killer (warring against Lexxus, Mr. Vegas, Beenie Man, Merciless, Sizzla, and Buju) and Wayne Marshall, plus upcoming deejays Assasssin and Kip Kurrupt!! A Must Have!!> (Parts 1 & 2) 7-8-01

+REBEL SALUTE camera.gif (1111 bytes) (JA) <The Annual Cultural Stage Show produced by Rebel T is back in action with Capleton, Luciano, Anthony B, and more!> (Also Available on Video) 1-13-01

+REGGAE MAS CAMP 2001 (JA) <In the spirit of carnival the Doctor presents Reggae Mas Camp - a live stage show featuring the likes of Beenie Man, Bounty Killa, Bling Dawg, Elephant Man, Mr. Lex, Singer J, and more!! Nuff Vibes!!!> 3-9-01

RELIVE HISTORY -TOGETHER AGAIN camera.gif (1111 bytes) (QUEENS) <First distributed on the Internet by!! Its all about foundation tunes from foundation sounds and foundation artists as NYC mega-promoter Junior Jamrock (who brought us Killamanjaro vs Rodigan in 1997, Bodyguard vs Rodigan in 1998, and Stone Love vs Saxon vs Coxsone in 2000) returns for 2001 with a mega bash entitled "Re-Live History - Together Again".  Picture a mega reunion featuring 4 hardcore foundation sounds: Stur Gav (U-Roy/Mix Master Steve), Downbeat (Tony Screw), Afrique, and King Addies - rincing out tunes not heard for decades!!!  Then imagine live on stage the likes of  U-Roy, Shabba Ranks, Super Cat, Josey Wales, Brigadier Jerry, Major Mackerel, Admiral Bailey, Junior Demus, Johnny Osbourne, Sammy Dread, Willow Wilson, Sluggy Ranks, Plucky Ranks, Pad Anthony, Don Angelo, Chuck Turner, Conrad Smith, Lady Ann, Sister Carol, Tuffest, Terrorist, Teeny Jerry, and more... The wickedest Foundation Dance of 2001 (and perhaps 2002)!!  A Must Have!!!!!> (Also Available on CD) (Parts 1-4) 12-21-01

RELOADED 2001 camera.gif (1111 bytes) (JA) <The annual stage show returns this year with a host of artists...  The lineup is so impressive that even STING 2001 couldn't have boasted a better agenda.. Live music was provided by a host of sounds including Tony Matterhorn, Renaissance, and Raz & Biggy.  Artists include Elephant Man, Buju Banton, Spragga Benz, Bling Dawg, Wayne Marshall, Kiprich, Hip Hop star Ludacris, Assassin, Sugar Slick, Frankie Sly, Johnny P, Galaxy P, Blacka Ranks, Danny English, Vibes Cartel, Reagan, Monsta Twins, Spice, etc!  Highlights include Elephant Man and Kiprich going tune for tune plus Elephant Man teaches Ludacris how to deejay Jamaican Style!! In the juggling Matterhorn gets the last lap and with Jazzy T (from Renaissance) help, demolishes the place!!!> (Also Available on Video) (Parts 1 & 2) 12-30-01

RENAISSANCE 12TH ANNIVERSARY (JA) <The premier ReMix & ReFiX reggae sound system, Renaissance - celebrates its 12th anniversary at the Caymanas Polo Club and of course the event was off the hook!!! Delano, Jazzy T, Dre Dre, DJ Karim, Mix Master Marvin, Oxtail, and the whole entire Renaissance Crew were on hand to cleebrate their big day and of course they made it a point to showcase why they are the longest reigning ReMix & ReFiX sound system with hardcore juggling!!> 6-30-01

*Renaissance l/s One Blood (JA) <One Blood, an upcoming sound in the juggling arena - is booked to play alongside the Remix Kings, Renaissance!! Of course its all about bussing new tunes and remixes as the two juggle hardcore for the massive!! A wicked juggling Tape!!> (Both Sounds - 1 Tape) 4-14-01

*RENAISSANCE MIX 2001 Vol 1 (JA) <First distributed on the Internet by, listen as the remix masters presents their first reggae release for 2001: a hardcore straight mega-mix [without the talking] of all the hot Spring 2001 tunes done Renaissance style.  As usual all the wicked tunes (including Shaggy and Rik Rok's "It Wasn't Me") are here on all the latest rhythms plus some remix styles to jazzy it up!! For the car, jeep, or pad, this is the one to have!!! A must have!> 1-01

*RENAISSANCE "VICTORY" MIX 2001 Vol 2 (JA) <First distributed on the Internet by, listen as the remix masters presents their Summer-Fall 2001 hardcore straight mega-mix [without the talking] of all the hot tunes out done Renaissance style.  As usual all the wicked tunes are here on all the latest rhythms plus some remix styles to jazzy it up!! For the car, jeep, or pad, this is the one to have!!! A Must Have!> (Also Available on CD) 9-01

*RICHIE D B-DAY BASH (JA) <Richie D celebrates his birthstrong in a bashment, splashment, stage show fiasco!! Music is provided by Stone Love, Millemium, and Changez outta Atlanta.. After Stone Love acts as referee for a clash between Millenium and Changez, they host a stage show featuring the likes of Buju Banton, Baby Cham, Bling Dawg, Alozade, Mr. Easy, Wayne Wonder, Mr. Vegas, Frisco Kid, Hawkeye, Paul Elliot, Delly Ranks, Captain Barkey, Kiprich, and more!!!> (Parts 1 & 2) 4-01

RODIGAN IN ANTIGUA (ANTIGUA) <In a dance called "Forecast:Storm Rodigan Touching Down in Antigua", the "gentle rudebwoy" from England makes his way to Antigua for the first time ever, and the venue of choice is the Redcliffe Key Parking Lot in St. John, Antigua!  Also featured in the lineup are local heavyweights Excosis and High Grade featuring Zugoo!! The vibes is alive as Rodigan mads the Antiguan massive wih old and new dubs that only he can play!! When the two local sounds decide to get wicked, a three-way friendly Dub-Fi-Dub exhibition begins as Rodigan tests the sounds to see if they can hold their weight!!!  Nuff vibes!> (Also Available on Video) 1-27-01

*Rodigan vs King Eternity (VIRGINIA) <First distributed on the Internet by - Rodigan is invited to Virginia to clash Virginia's top warhead - King Eternty!  Needless to say its an all out battle as the young bloods go up against a veteran in the business!! Did Rodigan take them to school or did the shottas make head way in their hometown?> (Both Sounds - 1 Tape) 4-01

RUMOURS OF WARS camera.gif (1111 bytes) (JA) <Part one of Irish & Chin Promotions (producers of WORLD CLASH) Easter Rampage took place at the Yamhouse in Wait-A-Bit, Trelawny and it was all out warfare... The line up included Killamanjaro (WORLD CLASH 2000 and LAST MAN STANDING 2001 Champion), Black Kat (off a fresh win from GLOBAL CUP CLASH 2001), Mighty Crown (attemping to bolster their resume' this year with more clashes), and Matterhorn (with a lot to prove after disappointing finishes back to back in New York).. Needless to say things got raw and dirty, and in the end only one sound came out alive!! A Must Have!> (Also Available on Video) (Parts 1-3) 4-15-01

*SIZZLA B-DAY STAGE SHOW (JA) <Sizzla keeps his annual birthstrong stage show in August Town, and as usual the top cultural acts in the business are on hand to entertain and help the star celebrate!  Live on stage is a mixture of new artists as well as seasoned verterans, including of course is Sizzla, the Prophet Capleton, the "Energy God" Elephant Man, new chart topper Warrior King, and Natural Black, as well as veterans Junior Reid, Frisco Kid, and Risto Benji!!! A nice cultural stage show!!> 9-29-01

*SLAUGHTER B-DAY BASH camera.gif (1111 bytes) (JA) <Big dawg Billy Slaughter from Stone Love keeps his annual bashment splashment for his birthstrong at the Red Hills Basic School and as with last year, this year it was a road block affair.  In addition to Stone Love, online to keep the vibes alive were Fire Links and Pure Playas!!  The biggest news of the night was Baby Cham who shocked the crowd when he took the stage (the first high profile war performance for the year!) and began dissing the warlord Bounty Killer!  He held no words back as he got fans up to date on where he's been, what he's up to, and why he's going after Bounty wid blood inna him eyes!!! A Must Have!> (Also Available on Video) (Parts 1 & 2) 11-17-01

*SOUND TROOPER ANNIVERSARY camera.gif (1111 bytes) (BKLYN) <First distributed on the Internet by - Ricky Trooper returns to Brooklyn for the first time as Sound Trooper in his One Year Anniversary Dance.  The venue is Club Warehouse in Brooklyn, where he last performed at WORLD CLASH 1999 when he led Killamanjaro against the Japanese!!! This time he now leads his own sound and the fans are out in hundreds to hear what Trooper has to say and disect his performance to see if he can indeed survive on his own.. Trooper does what he does best, unleashing a ton load of heavyweight tunes cut Trooper style.  A Historice Dance!> 5-19-01

+Sound Trooper l/s King Eternity l/s Pretty Possie (VIRGINIA) <Sound Trooper gears up for the upcoming clash with Black Kat in New York!! In this wicked juggling dance Trooper juggled alongside Virginia's best, King Eternity and Pretty Possie outta New York!  Hear tunes buss!!! > (All Sounds - 1 Tape) 5-01

+SOUND TROOPER IN MOBAY  (JA) <Like it or hate it, Ricky Trooper continues to get dates and this time he takes the sound to Mobay to play at a mega bash!! Hear Sound Trooper in juggling mode as he unleashes the artillery of tunes and dubs that he is quickly becoming famous for possessing!!> (Parts 1 & 2) 7-7-01

SOUND WAR 2001 (JA) <Killamanjaro with new top dog Freddy has a lot to prove coming off a loss to Fire Links in Brooklyn, New York, and what better way to do it than to draw some new blood in the clash arena!  Thats exactly what they attempted to do when they went up against Jah Creation in Skateland, Half Way Tree, Kingston.   As you may already know, no sound has clashed Killamanjaro in Skateland and come out alive.. But Montego Bay's #1 warlord is no push over, so the war Jaro was looking for is exactly what they got!!!   New recruits play the early out for Jaro, then Freddy comes in and dusts off some old foundation and new Bounties!!!> (Both Sides - 2 Tapes) 2-28-01

*SOUND WAR (3 WAY CLASH) 2001 (JA) <Its a clash of the titans as the WORLD CLASH 2000 Champs Killamanjaro go head to head in a three way war with WORLD CLASH 1999 Champs Mighty Crown and Mobay bad bwoys Jah Creation!  The stakes are high as everyone has something to gain, and something to lose: Killamanjaro struggles with their inconsistency and tries once again to prove that they are still the number one sound in the world - even without Ricky Trooper!  Mighty Crown - also ridden with an inconsistent clash record - is determined to prove that they have earned their spot in previous WORLD CLASHES, and are not simply there because their managers (Irish & Chin) are also the promoters of the annual event!   Jah Creation has blood in their eyes as they strive to solidify their reputation as a heavyweight sound killer, having allegedly killed Stone Love and Bodyguard to name a few but gone unnoticed! An all out war!!!! A Must Have!! (Also Available on Video) (Parts 1 & 2) 7-27-01

*SPECTRUM 2001 (JA) <Its a wicked stage show at the UWI Student Union with musical vibes by Stone Love the Immortal.  Live on stage is Beenie Man, Elephant Man, Sizzla, Baby Cham, Lexxus, Kiprich, Alozade, Tanto Metro & Devonte, Bling Dawg, Danny English, Singer J, and more...> (Parts 1 & 2) 1-26-01

*ST. MARY MI COME FROM camera.gif (1111 bytes) (JA) <The Fire Man Capleton celebrates his birthstrong at Port Maria with a host of cultural entertainers including Capleton himself, Coco Tea, Louie Culture, Sizzla, Jah Cure, Merciless, Elephant Man, Bling Dawg, Pinchers, Edi Fitzroy, George Nooks, Admiral Tibet, Richie Spice, Junior Reid, Nicki Silk, Utan Green, Determine, Kulcha Knox, Uplifter, Jah Lando, Jah Malo, Natural Black, and more!!> (Also Available on Video) (Parts 1 & 2) 6-16-01

+STAINLESS 2001 (JA) <Its a straight up bashment affair at Mas camp Village as some top-a-top sounds link up with some hot artists for a bashment extravaganza!! Musical vibes were provided by Matterhorn, Renaissance, DJ Karim, and Code Red!!  Then Live on stage: Elephant Man, Wayne Marshall, Assassin, and Kid Kurrupt!!> (All Sounds - 1 Tape) 12-21-01

*STEELIE BASHMENT "RICE & PEAS/BUN BUN" FALL MIX 2001 (BKLYN) <First distributed on the Internet by  - ex Afrique selector now gone solo Steelie Bashment has released the long anticipated Summer-Fall Mix!! Entitled "Rice & Peas & Bun Bun", this mix takes up where the popular "Rice & Peas" Rhythm of Summer 2001 left off and features Bounty Killa's answer to Beenie Man's retaliation to "Mystery".   From there the mix delves into all the newest rhythms out!! As always it's a straight mega-mix [no talking] mixed New York shotta style!> (Also Available on CD) 9-01

+STEELIE B-DAY BASH (FLA) <First distributed on the Internet by - New York juggling big man Steelie Bashment celebrates his birthstrong and the venue is Miami, Florida.. To help him celebrate his day are the likes of the Far East Rulers Mighty Crown, the remix masters Renaissance, and the Arabian Attack , DJ Khalid !  A Juggling Fiesta!!!!!> (All Sounds - 1 Tape) 3-01

STING 2001 camera.gif (1111 bytes) (JA) <Dubbed "The Greatest One Night Reggae Show on Earth" (and with good reason), STING returns to the Jamworld Entertainment Center in Portmore and its all about rivalry and revenge!! The talk of the show  was of course the return of Ninja Man and Bounty Killer (this time in collaboration) to avenge the attack of Merciless from last year's Sting!! Ninja single-handedly took on Merciless and almost wrote him off even before the Killer took stage!! Of course when the Warlord got a piece of Merciless it was all out war!!  The Killer also took time (and lyrics) to address his seemingly never-ending rivalry with arch nemesis Beenie Man with a plethora of lyrics dissing the deejay!!!! Also live on stage was the "energy god" Elephant Man and Sizzla Kolunji. A Must Have!!!> (Also Available on CD) (Also Available on Video) 12-26-01

STONE LOVE 29th ANNIVERSARY camera.gif (1111 bytes) (JA) <Like them love them, the Immortal is here to stay as they celebrate yet another anniversary and as always its a bashment affair!  Twentynine years (plus or minus a few years) is a hell of a lot of years to be in the music business, and Stone Love demonstrates why they are here to stay!!   The new generation of Stone Love: Swamp Thing (Platinum), Duane Pow, and Jet Li control the juggling as they pay tribute to the elders: Wee Pow, Rory, Slaughter, Nico, and Geefus.. Then its live on stage: Buju Banton, Wayne Wonder, Vibes Cartel, Galaxy P, Spice, Idiot, and more!> 12-15-01

STONE LOVE IN ASYLUM (JA) <First distributed on the Internet by - Asylum on a Thursday night is like going to Q-Club or Warehouse in New York on a nite of a mega clash - nuff gal, nuff rude bwoys, and nuff niceness!! This is because on this night Stone Love is featured as the juggling sound.  Prince TuFFiE of the Jamworld Music FrEaK Family was there to witness the historic event as Stone Love's newest recruits - Diamond and Gary Ice - were properly introduced by Swamp King to the Massive.  Hear these new bloods tear up the place, and then decide if they are of the caliber to join the likes of Rory, Billy Slaughter, Nico, and the rest of the Immortal Squad!!  Historic dance!!> 3-8-01

+Stone Love l/s Millenium (WASH DC) <Stone Love plays alongside Millenium outta DC and the vibes is that of a juggling Fiesta!  Then live on stage is the Doctor, Beenie Man!!!!> (Both Sounds -1 Tape) 2-24-01

*Stone Love l/s Pow Pow camera.gif (1111 bytes) (GERMANY) <In our mission to bring to you the most international selection of reggae music we go to the far reaches of Germany!! Two nations meet in a musical exhibition as Jamaica's Top-A-Top meets Germany's Top-A-Top!! The Immortal Stone Love continues to tour the world and ends up in Petit Prince, Hubenzollernring 90, Koln, Germany to play alongside Germany's heavyweight and WORLD CLASH 2000 Contenders Pow Pow!! Its a musical experience to be remembered as West Indian flavor and European flavor unite in the name of reggae music!!!!!!!> (Both Sounds - 1 Tape) 9-7-01

+Stone Love l/s Renaissance @ UWI (JA) <Everyone knows that when the uptown Remix Masters Renaissance heads to UMI, chances are they're gonna wreck the place!! Add Stone Love to the equation and you get a mega bash of the two top juggling sounds in the business.  Stone Love armed with Nico and Bill Cosby unleash the madness with new tunes.  Renaissance of course does what they do best - a ton load of new tune juggling with a Hip Hop/Remix flava!!!!> (Both Sides - 2 Tapes) 5-1-01

STONE LOVE MIX (JA) <First distributed on the Internet by - Stone Love releases their first (and long anticipated) mix tape for Summer 2001.  For all those that appreciate the innovative trendsetting sounds of Stone Love in a Straight Mix [No Talking] fashion, this is it!  Hear all the new rhythms mashing up the place, plus exclusive Stone Love Dubs!  Hardcore Juggling!!!> 7-01

STUR GAV RETURNS 2001 (JA) <The mighty foundation sound that has withstood the test of time - Stur Gav - returns to the sound arena with this recent dance featuring the original crew of Brigadier Jerry, Josey Wales, and Charlie Chaplin.. Plus live on Stur Gav is the Don Gorgon Ninja Man from Killamanjaro!! Also i nthe mix is Little Twitch and Papa Biggie! What entails is a wicked session of live deejaying and nuff vibes old fashion style!! A Must Have for Foundation Enthusiasts!! Our First Stur Gav of the Year!!!!> 6-29-01

SUMFEST 2001 camera.gif (1111 bytes) (JA) <*SUMFEST (JA) <Its not Sunsplash but it just may have well have been!!!!  The annual stage show returns with a wicked line up of artists, and this year it was loaded with controversy as the war within the deejay fraternity broke loose on stage!!! Live on Stage is Bounty Killer, Beenie Man, Wayne Marshall, Sizzla, Warrior King, Merciless, Frisco Kid, Kitty Paw, Lexxus, Gringo, and more!!!  Beenie takes the stage demanding that the Warlord Bounty Killer join him to battle out their differences - of course dropping some hardcore clash lyrics directed towards the warlord!! Lexxus flies up on stage to defend his war with Bounty Killer as well!!  Even Kitty Paw tries to take a stripe off the Warlord!   However when Bounty Killer takes the stage he single-handedly takes on Beenie Man, Lexxus, Merciless, and all of their followers.  When Beenie - hyped up by Bounty's lyrics - decides to rush the stage, nuff armshouse takes place!!! A Must Have!!> (Also Available on Video) 7-31-01

SUMMER FIESTA FEAT. MATTERHORN  (JA) <The Pyranna crew sends for the Mentally ILL to wreck the place and so said, so done at Summer Fiesta 2001 in Mobay!! Taking a hiatus from the clash scene (and gearing up for RAS 2001, Matterhorn is in juggling mode as he mashes up the second capitol of Jamaica, playing hardcore tunes fi the rude bwoys, jump up gal tunes for the sexy ladies, and even oldies for the older folks in the dance!! Hear some new Matterhorn remix exclusives plus icon Matterhorn dubs!! Wicked Matterhorn Juggling!! A Must Have for Tony Matterhorn Fans!!!!!> 7-6-01

*SUPERSONIC "Dancehall 2001 I" (GERMANY) < presents an exclusive!!  In our mission to bring to you the most international selection of reggae music, we go to the far reaches of Berlin, Germany and bring back to you a wicked dancehall mix from one of Germany's top sound systems, Supersonic!  This tape features a hardcore straight mega-mix [without the talking] by selector Panza of  Fall 2001 dancehall tunes as well as some wicked dubs!!> 8-01

*SUPERSONIC "Conscious Ragga 2001 I" (GERMANY) < presents an exclusive!!  In our mission to bring to you the most international selection of reggae music, we go to the far reaches of Berlin, Germany and bring back to you a wicked CULTURE mix from one of Germany's top sound systems, Supersonic!  This tape features a hardcore straight mega-mix [without the talking] by selector Panza of  Fall 2001 tunes as well as some wicked dubs!!!!  A Must Have!> 8-01

*SUPERSONIC "DANCEHALL ANTHEME" MIX 2001" (GERMANY) < presents an exclusive!!  In our mission to bring to you the most international selection of reggae music, we go to the far reaches of Berlin, Germany and bring back to you a wicked retrospective culture and dancehall mix from one of Germany's top sound systems, Supersonic!  This tape was given to us personally by Panza himself (the selector on Supersponic) and is a hardcore straight mega-mix [without the talking] tribute to culture and dancehall reggae music over the years.  Form dancehall classics like Beenie Man's "Old Dog" and Tanto/Devonte's "Everyone Falls in Love" to Garnet Silk's "Love is The Answer" and Morgan Heritage's "Don't Haffi Dread", this tape is one of the best retro mixes we've seen!! A Must Have!!!!> 4-01

*SUPER TWITCH MIX 2001 (BKLYN) <A Exclusive!!  First distributed on the Internet by - Afrique is known as a breeding ground for wicked selectors (Jagga B, Steelie Bashment, etc)!  Now Super Twicth, the newest superstar on Afrique, decides to embark on his own solo career!! Check out his exclusive straight mega mix [without the talking] of the hottest 2001 tunes out, plus dubplates!> 4-01

SURVIVOR 2001 camera.gif (1111 bytes) (QUEENS) <First distributed on the Internet by - It was an all out war in Club Amazura in Queens, New York as clash cassette freak Don Lou presented a 3 way war between Tony Mentally ILL Matterhorn (trying to make a comeback after disappointing performances recently i.e. GLOBAL CUP CLASH 2001 in New York City); Bass Odyssey (trying to seal their hold on the clash arena after winning DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR 2001 but performing inconsistently thereafter); and Ricky Trooper (holding on to his last chance to gain the respect of New York clash fans after a lack luster performance at CLASH OF THE WARRIORS in New York)!!  In the absence of Matterhorn (who was allegedly "stuck" overseas), the clash turned into an old fashion straight up one on one Biltmore style war between Bass Odyssey and Sound Trooper!! The war was gruesome, the kill was swift and furious, and at the end of the night there was one Survivor left standing, undistputed and unchallenged!!! A Must Have!!!> (Parts 1 & 2) 8-11-01

*SYNEMAX MIX 2001 (BKLYN) <A Exclusive!!  First distributed on the Internet by - Everyone is warming up to Synemax, the new sound that is ripping up Jamaica's juggling dances right now!  These guys have played with the big boys (Stone Love, Bass Odyssey, and Black Kat) and their performance have been impressive.  Check out their exclusive straight mega mix [without the talking] of the hottest 2001 tunes out!> 3-01

*TANTO METRO B-DAY BASH (JA) <Shocking Vibes superstar Tanto Metro celebrates his birthstrong at Paradise Cove in Bull Bay, St. Thomas and its more like a stage show.. On hand to provide the musical entertainent are sounds like Stone Love, Metromedia, Renaissance, Fire Links, and Beenie Man's own sound system selected by the Doctor himself!! Then live on stage to help the star celebrate: Beenie Man, Elephant Man, Baby Cham, Bling Dawg, his partner Devonte, Nitty Kutchie, and more.  Beenie Man goes up against Frisco Kid!!!> (Also Available on Video) (Parts 1 & 2) 6-3-01

+TEEN SPLASH 2001 (JA) <Another year to year event draws crowds as the Teen Splash Stage Show 2001 takes place, featuring live on stage Beenie Man and the Shocking Vibes Crew, Mr. Vegas, Alozade, Bling Dawg, Danny English, shejay sensation Cecile, Gringo, Hawkeye, Kiprich, and more!>  (Parts 1 & 2) 1-1-01

THE GOOD, THE BAD, & THE MERCILESS camera.gif (1111 bytes) (QUEENS) <First distributed on the Internet by - The clash masters Irish & Chin Promotions brings together for the first time: Stone Love, David Rodigan, and Mighty Crown under one roof for a wicked juggling extravaganza.. It was all about big tunes in Q-Club, Queens, New York City as the Immortal, England's gentle rudebwoy, and the Japanese went into a friendly musical standoff.. From the wickedest dancehall hits this year to some hardcore exclusive foundation of yesteryear, the big tunes were flying left and right!! A wicked musical exhibition! Must Have!!> (Parts 1 & 2) 4-13-01

THE REAL WAR 2001 camera.gif (1111 bytes) (BKLYN) <First distributed on the Internet by - All hell broke loose in Club Warehouse in Brooklyn New York and many people got the surprise of their life when Worm of Bass Odyssey was sent to battle BlacK Kat with Panther for the title in the Real War Champion!! Although Bass Odyssey (winner of Death Before Dishonor) was in top form as they went up against Black Kat (winner of Rumours of War and Global Cup Clash 2001), many were dubious that the bad bwoys could go down to the wire without head honcho Squingy on the mic!!  Those doubts were quickly quieted as Worm (Squingy's Protege') used a combination of skills taught by Squingy along with his own style to keep the war tanka at bay war, driving Brooklyn fans into a frenzy!! Panther, realizing he had underestimated his challenger, retatlliated by putting on the heat!  A sound get lock off before Tune Fi Tune. Can you say Biltmore Days!!!!! Tape 2 ends with excerpt of Black Kat Mix 2001! A Must Have!!!> (Parts 1 & 2) 6-8-01

*THE WICKED WARRIORS camera.gif (1111 bytes) (JA) <A champion's job is never done!! WORLD CLASH 2001 Champions Bass Odyssey (now referred to as "Bulletproof") is called on by Real Damage Promotions to show what they've got against the infamous Mr. Hype himself, Fire Links.  The war took place in Chimney Lawn, Cave Valley, St Ann, and as expected it was an all out battle between the first-time Jamaica-America World Champions, and the Fireman who is always capable of inflicting damage on the most formidable of foes!!!  However, it's Bass Odyssey's backyard, and when Squingy commences to flatten the place, Fire Links resorted to playing 45s and Hip Hop in the middle of the clash to get his forwards!! When Squingy turned up the fire again and had the place inna heat, Links interrupterd Bass Odyssey's round, to which Squingy responded by threatening to walk out with the patrons.  Things escalated and an altercation ensued, prematurely ending the clash amidst controversy!! A Must Have!!!> (Also Available on Video) (Both Sides - 2 Tapes) 10-20-01

*THE WRATH OF WAR (JA) <When Mighty Crown won WORLD CLASH 1999, many refused to give them ratings because they didn't "clash enough" after the event.  Well no one can say that about the St. Ann Bad Bwoys because since their capture of the coveted trophy, all they have been doing is clashing!!!  In a rematch of WAR INNA DI VALLEY earlier this month, WORLD CLASH 2001 Champions Bass Odyssey is once again faced with one of their immortal nemesis, Black Kat - this time at Don Don Lawn in Nevell, St. Elizabeth!!  If there was any controversy surrounding the outcome last time, this clash should put it to rest!!> (Both Sides - 2 Tapes) 12-29-01

TIME TO SETTLE THE SCORE camera.gif (1111 bytes) (JA) <The most anticipated "rematch" of the year!! Bass Odyssey was absent at WORLD CLASH 1999!!  Mighty Crown was absent at the clash set up between the two that December!!  Finally, Bass Odyssey and Mighty Crown meet up One on One at the Bojay's Entertainment Complex in Anchovy, St. James!! The brainchild of Irish & Chin Entertainment, this clash was an all out blood match between the two - down to the very last tunes.. The clash ended in a bit of a controversy as feelings and emotions erupted that transcended the music being played!! A Must Have!!!> (Also Available on Video) (Parts 1 & 2) 7-29-01

*Tony Matterhorn l/s Asha World (UK) <The Mental invades England and people are still picking up the bits and pieces from the destruction he brought forth!! If you forgot why Mental is the "Big Man in the Business", then this dance will remind you!  Club Lex, Hackney, London UK!!!> 4-28-01

TRILLENIUM CLASH 2001 camera.gif (1111 bytes) (BALTIMORE) <Tarzan Promotions brings Fire Links and Bass Odyssey to war it out in the Sports Hall Center in Baltimore, Maryland.  Squingy makes sure he comes to this one in person and with DJ Mark at his side, shows no mercy against the Fireman, who's been ripping up clashes and bashments alike, most recently walking over Killamanjaro in New York!  Of course its an all out war in the rematch of last year's clash, and as reports have it, Odyssey took their revenge!!> (Also Available on Video) (Both Sounds -1 Tape) 2-24-01

UNCENSORED 2001 (JA) <Renaissance is booked to play alongside refix partners Left Side & Esco at Mass Camp Village and of course the musical vibes are right on target as the world's premiere ReMix & ReFiX juggles for the massive!!  Jazzy T and Dre go into a frenzy of the latest Hip Hop & R&B, plus reminds the audience why Renaissance is well knownby unleashing a few exclusive ReFixes.  They also delve into some hardcore reggae and timeless oldies!! Left Side & Esco, not to be outdone, come in with a wicked Hip Hop segment as well!! Warning: This Tape Ids Hip Hop/R&B Intensive!! All the latest Hip Hop!!!!!> 6-29-01

*UNLOADED 2001 (JA) <The final major dance of the year has become an annual end-of-year extravagannza for many, and this year it's no different!! Picture the sounds of Tony Matterhorn, Adonai, and Madd Squad among others all cramped down at Pier One, Montego Bay!!!  Then picture live on stage Beenie Man, rising star Warrior King ("Virtuous Woman", "Never Go Where Pagons Go"), Wayne Marshall, Singer J, Gringo, Kitty Paw, Shot, and more!!> (Parts 1 & 2) 12-31-01

*UPRISING - A MUSICAL SHOWDOWN camera.gif (1111 bytes) (JA) <What happens when three veterans in the business link up for a clash/showcase of big tunes??? Total armshouse!!! And thats exactly what took place at the Knowxwood Community Center in Knoxwood, St. Elizabeth when Baby Face formerly of King Addies makes his debut in a 3-Way WAR between himself, David Rodigan (the "Gentle Rudebowy" from England, and Killamanjaro ( the highest mountain with Freddy at the controls)!  It's thew US versus England versus Jamaica in a clash of historical appeal!! A Must Have!!!> (Parts 1 & 2) 8-25-01

UPTOWN SOUND CLASH 2001 (JA) <What would happen if two of Uptown's hottest juggling sounds meet up under one roof and decide to battle it out inna sound clash style?? A Juggling Warfare!! And that was exactly the case when Heavy Man Promotions brought DJ Karim (of Renaissance fame) and Coppershot (another popular Uptown Remix sound owned by Sean Paul's brother) to Peppers Nite Club to war it out for the First Annual Uptown Sound Clash!! So what can be expected?  Remix and Refix to the max, played inna sound clash style!! The war escalates until the grand finale Dub Fi Dub featuring wicked intros, hardcore foundation and dancehall dubs, and of nuff remixes and refixes!! Only one sound can get the trophy!! A Must Have!> (Both Sounds - 1 Tape) 4-12-01

*WAIT-A-BIT COUNTER ATTACK (JA) <The new era of Trooper versus Panther continues as they went to war again in a rematch of HELL OF A WAR 2001 (less than a month earlier) - this time in Wait-A-Bit, Trelawny!! After locking Panther off in Deeside, Trooper is confident that he can do it again in Trelawny! But after that sour taste the Deeside clash left in Panther's mouth, Panther is not willing to give Trooper a second opportunity to do it, especially not within the same month!!  Needless to say it was an all out massacre!! A Must Have!!! > (Both Sides - 2 Tapes) 11-25-01

*WAR 2001 - JA (JA) <Multi-sound clashes (featuring 3 or more sounds) seems to be the hot things for promoters these days becuase it brings a certain excitement with it, and this dance was no difference!!  The Bad Bwoys from St. Ann, Bass Odyssey wars it out with the current "big man" Fire Links and Global Cup Clash 2001 champion Black Kat in an all out war!!  As one would expect, big tunes are harsh arguments exchange left and right as the three warriors are determined to come out on top!! Old Fashion War we know and love!!!!!!> (Parts 1 & 2) 3-31-01

*WAR DEM WANT  (JA) <Soul Supreme travels to Jamaica for some clash action and wars it out with the war tanka Black Kat!! Soul Supreme's looking for a comeback and a win against Black Kat might mean a foot through the door for them.. Panther on the other hand is just looking for a foreign sound to kick up on yard soil!!> (Both Sides -1 Tape) 7-7-01

WAR DUEL TO THE DEATH (JA) <Playaz Club Promotions presents a an all out war when the Fireman Fire Links goes up against the war tanka Panther and Black Kat in the Yam House at Wait-A-Bit, Trelawny!!  Fire Links may be on top right now but no one walks over a veteran link Panther in any clash.. period!!  Death match!!!> (Also Available on Video) (Fire Links Side) 3-11-01

*WAR IN THE EAST camera.gif (1111 bytes) (NJ) <First distributed on the Internet by!! Four sounds meet in New Jersey for an all out Biltmore style battle!! Twin Towers attempts to defend their hometown against the likes of Killamanjaro, Black Kat, and ANTIGUAN WORLD CLASH Champs Poison Dart!!!!! Nuff unexpected twists and turns as the 4 sounds went at it in full war mode, but when the dust cleared only one sound was left standing!  You wouldn't guess who got eliminated first!!!> (Also Available on Video) (Parts 1 & 2) 12-7-01

*WAR IN THE GULF (JA) <Bodyguard has dusted off their Temptations dubplates and hit the warring path once again in their first major clash of the year and first notable one since King Addies vs Bodyguard in Antigua last year!  But their adversary is no push over, as mobay's Jah Creation has already killed Stone Love since the year started and is bound to kill more!! Both sounds have big tunes.. Bodyguard has the experience, Jah Creation has the appetite for war!! Who prevailed??> (Both Sides - 2 Tapes) 4-7-01

+WAR INNA DI VALLEY (JA) <The never-ending fued between Squingy and Pink Panther continues as Bass Odyssey and Black Kat have it out once again!! Odyssey has proved their worth, beating out Black Kat among others to become the WORLD CLASH 2001 Champions.  However that fact doesn't stop the Kat from attempting to pop off a stripe for the next clash season from early out!> (Odyssey Side) 12-15-01

WHAD UP - BAD MAN NUH TEK BAD UP (NEW YORK) <First distributed on the Internet by - Its a juggling affair turn sour when Fire Links and World Clash 2000 contender Little Rock meet up with New York's own ladies sounds Lady Love and 360.  Reports from Cassette Face of the Jamworld Music FrEaK camp are that Little Rock (the "flip-up kings") started the armshouse as expected but Fire Links ignored them for the most part and used pure hardcore juggling to address them!  In the end it went to a Dub Fi Dub duel and some big tunes drop.  Meanwhile 360 with Lady Treasure and crew played an extra wicked round andf got attacked by Lady Love who came to war.. Total armshouse!!!!> (All Sounds - 1 Tape) 3-10-01

WHEN THE MUSIC LINKS THE PEOPLE camera.gif (1111 bytes) (ITALY) < presents an exclusive!!  In our mission to bring to you the most international selection of reggae music, we go to the far reaches of Brancaleone, Rome, Italy - where the gentle rude bwoy David Rodigan plays alongside one of Rome's number one sounds, One Love Hi Pawa!!  Sent to us by Clava from the One Love Hi Pawa crew, this dance was a showcase of big tunes as England meets Italy in an impressive showcase of vibes!! Featuring MC'ing in both English and Italian, the crowds can be heard giving forwards as boom tunes were played!  Of course Rodigan unleashed his hardcore dubs for the massive, and One Love, not to be outdone, did the same!!!> (Also Available on 2 CDs) (Parts 1 & 2) 5-3-01

WHEN THE SMOKE CLEARS camera.gif (1111 bytes) (GERMANY) <Jamaica Meets Germany.. A pivitol event in German sound system history came to past in Club Maria in Berlin when Sound Trooper featuring Ricky Trooper himself (previously of Killamanjaro) was invited to play for the first time in Germany alongside Germany's own World Clash 2000 contenders, Pow Pow.  Early warm was done by Supersonic, a premiere juggling sound in Germany.  Then Ricky Trooper and Pow Pow came with the heavy artillery and set the stage for a juggling clash of big tunes.  Two half hour and one 15 minute round later the two embarked on a Germany vs Jamaica Dub Fi Dub segment that had the German fans in a frenzy!! To add fuel to the fire, Harry Toddler (formely of Scare Dem) performs on stage live!> (Parts 1-3) 6-9-01

*WHO'S DI REAL BIG MAN camera.gif (1111 bytes) (CONN) <Killamanjaro and Mighty Crown return to the US to Battle New Jersey's war engine Little Rock and new kid on the clash block Reddi 2 Roc.   Its a sour meeting for all involved as Jaro and Crown have blood in their eyes after what went down at Irish & Chins 2 Easter Rampage clashes in Jamaica!!   Little Rock always seems to be up for a good fight, no matter how insurmountable the challenge - as as you know when Rock's in a clash, anything can happen.. As for Reddi 2 Roc.. well.. they did their thing.. Needless to say, war!!!> (Parts 1 & 2) 4-20-01

WORLD CLASH 2001 camera.gif (1111 bytes) (QUEENS) <In a decision that took approximately half hour to decide, the WORLD CLASH 2001 TROPHY was awarded amidst controversy in one of the most grueling WORLD CLASHES ever witnessed!!!  With unconventional rules such as "One No Cursing Round", and "One 45 ONLY Round", it seemed more like a stage show than a WORLD CLASH!!!   Every sound was called upon to defend their Trophy won in recent major clashes year, and though defending WORLD CLASH 2000 Champion Killamanjaro was a "no show", the line up was still enough to make for a death-match with sounds like: Bass Odyssey outta St. Ann (DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR 2001 Champs), Black Kat outta St. Elizabeth (RUMOURS OF WAR 2001 and GLOBAL CUP CLASH 2001 Champs), Poison Dart representing Antigua (ANTIGUAN WORLD CLASH Champs), King Tubbys from the UK (EUROPEAN WORLD CLASH 2001 Champs), and Mighty Crown (WORLD CLASH 1999 Champs).  Prince TuFFiE, Cassette Face, and the Jamworld Music FrEaK Family was on hand to take in the action as the sounds warred it out for the coveted WORLD CLASH TROPHY!!  Punctuated between rounds by wicked performances from the Warlord himself Bounty Killer (Big Up!!), at no point in time did any sound clearly have the lead!! When the clash boiled down to the nitty gritty, all was eliminated except two, and an extra Dud Fi Dub Round had to be added - which itself lent to the controversy surrounding the winner!!  Nuff excitement, nuff counteractions, nuff exclusives, nuff drama, and nuff controversy!!!  A Must Have!!!> (Also Available on 4 CDs) (Also Available on Video) (Parts 1-3) 10-6-01

*WORLD CLASH @ ANTIGUA 2001 camera.gif (1111 bytes) (ANTIGUA) <Its only in its second year and Antigua's annual World Clash boasted a line up as impressive as any big name clash.   This year the bill was truly international, featuring Mighty Crown (Japan) vs Fire Links (Jamaica) vs Tony Matterhorn (USA) vs Poison Dart (local sound outta Antigua) vs Stereo Choice (Guyana)!  The clash was filled with suprises and controversy!! Amidst Stereo Choice being clapped out in the second round, a luck lustre performance from Fire Links, and a strong effort by Matterhorn and Mighty Crown, sources say that local heavyweight Poison Dart was awarded the trophy!! Was this a bias dance, a mistake, or did they truly defeat this impressive lineup??? Decide for yourself!! Part 3 contains end of clash and is filled with a Black Majesty Intl Live Foundation Reggae Mix that is also available on CD! !!A Must Have!!> (Also Available on Video) (Parts 1 -3) 6-15-01

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