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War inna Antigua!!

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*Adonai l/s Echo Stone l/s Climax (JA)  <Its a bashment affair at Boverock Entertainment Center on Beltline Road, Mandeville when  juggling sensation Adonai is booked to juggle alongside Echo Stone and Climax!> (Adonai Side, Echo Stone Side -2 Tapes) 8-11-00

*ADONAI MIX VOL 4 (JA) <This is third in the series of exclusive straight mega-mix [No Talking] from the 4th Element of Sound - Adonai!! With futuristic special effects, boom tunes, and wicked mixing styles, all the tunes for Summer and Fall 2000 are here including hits on the newest rhythms out including the "Bounce" and "Stormy Weather"!!!!> 8-00

ADONAI MIX VOL 3 (JA) <First distributed on the Internet by  - This is third in the series of exclusive straight mega-mix [No Talking] from the 5th Element of Sound - Adonai!! With futuristic special effects, boom tunes, and wicked mixing styles, all the tunes for summer 2000 are here!!!!> 6-00

ADONAI SLOW JAMS FLAVOR VOL 2  (JA) <First distributed on the Internet by  - Last year we released Vol 1 and it was a smash it.  For the Y2K check it out as we feature the 5th Element Sound of the Future, Adonai, as you have never heard them before - juggling all slow jams for the massive 2000 style.  Punctuated by an occasional intro from the crew, this tape is a mix of all the newest R&B/Soul tunes along with some oldies flavor.  A side of Adonai that many don't expect from  one of the  hardcore juggling leaders!> 5-00

ADONAI MIX 2000 (JA) <First distributed on the Internet by, its the sound of the future and as always they start the year with a review and preview of things to come!  This exclusive is strictly a straight juggling [no-talking] mastermix of the hottest tunes starting out the Y2K!  A Must Have for all Adonai fans! Nice juggling tape!> (Also Available on CD) 1-00

*ADRENALIN 2000 (JA) <Shoah G and Clock World Promotions presents Adonai & Renaissance in the same venue, namely the infamous Cinema 2 in New Kingston!!  Remember RELOADED when they teamed up, well expect the same vibes with brand new flava!!!!!> 3-4-00

*ALRICK & BOYD PHAT BLOCK JUGGLING 2000 (JA)  <Its another Phat Mix from the uptowners as Alrick & Boyd debut another wicked mixed tape, featuring the Reggae-Hip Hop remix styles made popular by sounds like Renaissance!  Hear the latest jump up tunes, plus dub plates all inna remix style!!> 10-00

*Amplex vs Warlord (JA) <Amplex with Lenny and Glamma G decides to take their shot at the new bad bwoy in the business thats causing all the rawkus, Warlord!> (Both Sides-2 Tapes) 8-6-00

AMPLEX ANNIVERSARY (JA) <Its Amplex's Anniversary at SDC behind Jago Mall in Spanish Town and Lenny & Glamma G call for two of the hottest juggling sounds in the business to help them celebrate: Renaissance the remix masters and Mr. Hype himself Fire Links!  Of course Renaissance mash up the Hip Hop as well as buss Jazzy T's new rhythm on the Gravity Label called "Jet Lag"!! Fire Links starts out with some oldies style but by the time you turn around its Capleton's "Hands Up" and other big tunes mashing up the place!!! !!> (Also Availble on Video) 2-19-00

ANOTHER LEVEL STAGE SHOW (JA) <Its Mr. Wow's stage show in Duhaney Park and he sends for Fire Links, Alaska, and Swatch to bun a fire!!  Of course its nuff vibes as the Fire Man mash up the place wid his hype up fire segment!! Alaska also holds their own, proving they have tunes to take them into the millenium!!! But as if that wasnt enough, of course Baby Cham reaches for his parring P, Bounty Killa, and the two mash up the place live on stage! Also performing live: Goofy, Chico, Monster Shack, Fargo, Gabriel, Blacka, Chuck Fender, Lady Saw, Frankie Sly, Frisco Kid, Wayne Wonder, Vibes Cartel, Cutlass, Nimrod, Zumjay, New Kid, Sproutty Don, etc!!!> (Parts 1 & 2)  4-23-00

*ANOTHER LEVEL (JA) <Wicked Stage Show with Bounty, Tony Curtis, Most Wanted Squad, Nitchie Kutchie, Ward 21!> 2-26-00

ART OF WAR (JA) <Squingy wasnt there so Skinny alongside DJ Mark had to take his place as Bass Odyssey went up against Mr. Hype himself Fire Links in St. Elizabeth.  Many said that Skinny could not handle Fire Links, and that Squingy should have been sent in his place.  Regardless of what was said, war broke loose and the winner may surprise you!  Dub Fi Dub was ridden was controversy over bias!>  (Both Sides-2 Tapes) 11-26-00

*BAD MAN 2000 (JA) <The solo career of Ricky Trooper continues to flourish as Heartless Promotions books Sound Trooper to play alongside one of the veterans of juggling sounds in Jamaica - City Rock! The venue is Claire's Lawn, Kitson Town, Spanish Town, and there's nuff musical vivbes and wicked juggling!!> (Both Sides-2 Tapes) 9-9-00

Bass Odyssey vs Black Kat (JA) <After a close match in New Jersey, Bass Odyssey and Black Kat return to war it out on familiar grounds - Grange Hill, Westmoreland to be exact!!!  This one was a bitter war to the very end and with Skinny on Bass Odyssey in the absence on Squingy, Panther and Black Kat were determined to have a field day!  After 45 minutes or more of Dub Fi Dub the people finally made a decision!!>  (Both Sides & Dub Fi Dub - 3 Tapes) 11-24-00

*Bass Odyssey vs Warlord (JA) <> Both Sides-2 Tapes) 6-00

Bass Odyssey vs Jah Creation (JA) <Its a war as Bass Odyssey buck up on the sound rumored to have clash and killed Stone Love in Mobay - Jah Creation!! Squingy, Worm, and Skinny go all out St. Anns style in Club Amnesia but Jah Creation doesnt back down, drawing fro Whitney Housten dubs and the likes.  In the end, a sound is put to rest and a hype goes to rest with it!! All out war!!!> (Both Sounds-1 Tape) 4-3-00

Bass Odyssey l/s Fire Force (JA) <This is Bass Odyssey in a juggling mode as they are invited to play alongside Millenium and S & S (Squingy & Skinny) comes through to do damage!  With Squingy taking a break to man the turntables, Skinny controls the mic and has the crowd inna frenzy!!! Who sey Squingy can't mix?  This is the juggling side of Bass Odyssey that people are just beginning to find out about.  A wicked tape with nuff vibes!!!> (Bass Odyssey Side) 1-8-00

*Bass Odyssey l/s Millenium (JA) <Bass Odyssey had one of their best years last year and this year they are back with a new type of flava for Y2K.  Watch out for them as they infiltrate the juggling arena in 2000!! If this dance is a preview, then its a fact that they will be a force to be reckoned with juggling-wise as well!!> (Bass Odyssey Side) 2-12-00

BATTLE OF THE GIANTS (JA) <When the two warheads buck up it frig up and so when Panther and Yunzie of Black Kat come Trelawny to clash the Bad Bwoys from St Anns, Bass Odyssey,  you can expect nothing but war!!! Oliver's lawn in Wait-A-Bit, Trelawny is alive as the two top MC's in the business going face to face! Some say Black Kat win dis war, others are not so quick to judge!! You decide!!!!!!> (Quality Fair) (Also Available on Video) (Parts 1 & 2) 4-26-00

BIKINI FEST 2000 (BRONX) <Club Mantra is the scene for this bashment extravaganza featuring the Remix & Refix Kings, [Renaissance] alongside Mr. Mentally Ill himself, Tony Matterhorn!  But wait, add the 5th Element of Sound - the Mighty Adonai and the place turn loose!!!   Also in the mix is Concord and Prestige Ladies (the premier female sound of Bronx).  Nuff Vibes and niceness!!!> (All Sounds-1 Tape) 5-26-00

*BILLY SLAUGHTER B-DAY BASH (JA) <Dubbed the "All Platinum Scorpio Bash' amd held at the Hamilton Plaza in Red Hills, St. Andrews, the 2nd in command on the immortal sound celebrates his annual birthday bash.  It features Stone Love, Matterhorn, Fire Links, Renaissance, and Bass Oydssey!! Live on stage are the likes of Bounty Killa, Nitty Kutchie, Power Man, Danny English, Ghost, General B, Elephant Man, Alozade, Lady Saw, Mr. Vegas, Murdock and Senator, and more!!!>  (Parts 1 & 2) 11-18-00

BILTMORE REUNION 2000 (BKLYN) <In a nite called "Biltmore Reunion", the Warlord Bounty Killa returns to Brooklyn (Club Warehouse) with Sean Paul for the first time since his historic appearance in the early 90s!! The flava was just like old times, and to make the coccassion more memorable, Matterhorn returns to King Addies for that one nite and juggles alongside Baby Face!!!! Bounty addresses Fire Links for dissing matterhorn as Winter Fresh sits back and watches the dream team in action!! A classic! Edited to two tapes featuring the best parts!!!> (Pts 1 & 2) 3-3-00

BILTMORE REUNION BASHMENT (BKLYN) <Billed as the reunion of the sounds that use to run Biltmore Ballroom during the clash era of the early to mid 90s, look who flew in to join Massive B of Hot 97 FM in a Thanksgiving throwdown of tunes: Killamanjaro, Metromedia, and Bodyguard!>  (All Sounds -1 Tape) 11-23-00

+Black Kat vs Pieces (JA) <The war-tanker himself Panther and Black Kat goes up against Mobay's clash masters, Pieces.  Pieces is working hard to re-enter the clash scene, having clashed Killamanjaro just months ago!  But they picked on the wrong sound for a comeback!!> (Both Sounds-1 Tape) 10-15-00

BLACK POWER (JA) <Its Silver Cat's dance at Club 2000 in Clarendon and Alaska is called to create the musical vibes!!! All seven selectors are in the house, including Rizzla, Quarter Dollar, and Kiki, and they all take turn building the vibes!  Then live on stage is  the Shocking Vibes Crew featuring Special Guest Beenie Man, Harry Toddler, Tanto & Devonte, Goofy, Hawkeye, Shadoo,  Bling Dog, and of course Silver Cat comes in and mash up the place!!> 4-1-00

BLAZE THE FIRE (JA) <Consider this also to be one of the wickedest cultural concerts of the year because Sizzla brings with him the likes of Capleton, Luciano, Anthony B, Elephant Man, Determine, & David House to an all out cultural celebration!! In light of his new album, after a brief "holiday" Sizzla does this show to re-acquaint his fans and let them know he is still burning the fire hard!! If you haven't heard the new tunes from his new album then consider this a preview, and a wicked one at that!!!!> 4-22-00

BLING BLING (JA) <Its a wicked juggling affair at Donmair Park, Beverly Dale as Adonai, Exodus Nuclear, and Ricky Trooper of Killamanjaro meet up.  But everyone knows that Killamanjaro and especially Ricky Trooper is a warhead, and thats exactly what he tries to bring to the dance!!  Adonia might not be any match for Trooper clashwise, but Scorpion and the Crew didnt back from anything and mash up the place the only way they know how: with wicked juggling!!! Exodus Nuclear had a bit more to lose, having lost to Jaro the week before at Panther's (Black Kat) Bash!  They came in warring!!!  Could Trooper keep up?> (Also on Video) (All Sounds-1 Tape) 2-18-00

*BOB MARLEY 55th B-DAY ANNIV (JA) <Tribute to the late great featuring Capleton, David House Crew, Bobby Zaro, Shalom!> 2-5-00

BOOM SHOT 2000 - SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST (WASH DC) <J & G Promotions presents a battle of three of the wickedest selectors in the biz as Trooper of Killamanjaro (Kingston) go up against Panther of Black Kat (St. Elizabeth) and Lenny from Amplex (Spanish Town)!!! Its a controversy ridden war in A & B Executive Hall as one sound gets the trophy and even the sound that came last disputed who was chosen the winner!! Hard core clash full of new tunes!!!> (Parts 1 & 2) 4-15-00

CAPLETON B-DAY BASH (JA) <Its a Fire affair as Capleton celebrates his birth strong in August Town with Stone Love, Downbeat, Caveman, Adonai, King Tafari, Fire Links, and Prince Tuffie's crew Turbo Force!!  Of course its a bashment affair wid some hardcore cultural and hype style juggling!! Since Capleton is the star of the celebration, no celebration would be proper if he doesnt mash up the place with a live performance, and he does!!! In addition to lighting the fire, Capleton also brings on Sizzla, Merciless, the David House Crew, Monster Shack, and Gabriel to join in!!!> (Parts 1 & 2) 4-14-00

CARNIVAL OF CULTURES (GERMANY) <First distributed on the Internet by, this dance features Germany's top notch sounds Pow Pow and Soundquake alongside the mighty Supersonic juggling at a Carnival of Germany's best reggae sound systems which took place at Club Maria in Berlin, Germany!! Big up Uli, our Music FrEaK in Germany! From the first website to make you aware of the true international appeal of reggae, we continue to bring you exclusive mixes and dances from around the world that you won't find anywhere else!!> (Parts 1 & 2) 6-11-00

CELEBRITY SPRING BREAK (JA) <Matterhorn, Fire Links, DJ Leff, & Coppershot provide the vibes at this high profile fashions show/bashment!! Matterhorn and Fire Links put aside their differences to mash up the place! When Elephant rushes the stage and delves into his tunes, Boom Dandimite rushes to join him and gets dissed by Elephant Man.  Fellow Scare Dem Colleague Nitty Kutchie is not pleased and enters the stage, slapping Elephant Man from behind the neck.. War ensues, Matterhorn gets blamed, and the juggling still get wickider!  DJ Leff Side from uptown also passes through!!> (All Sounds - 1 Tape) 3-7-00

CHAMPIONS IN ACTION CLASH (QUEENS) <The long awaited match between Killamanjaro and Mighty Crown made its way to Club Amazura in Queens NYC as Irish & Chin Promotions hosted a three day tour of the two warheads.  Killamanjaro, armed with Freddy and Hype in the absence of Ricky Trooper had a lot to prove as many saw Trooper's departure as the last of Jaro!! Add to that the fact that they needed to avenge Jaro's loss in WORLD CLASH 99, plus this was the first time Jaro played in NYC under the leadership of Freddy and you have a clash that dreams are made of!  Of course the reigning WORLD CLASH 99 champs Simon and Sammy T also had their work cut out!  What ensued was an all out war and was live in the house to witness the armshouse!!! Historic clash! A Must Have!!!!> (1 Hour Promo Available on Video) (Parts 1 & 2) 7-21-00

CHRISTMAS PRE-STING BASH (JA) <When Stone Love and Metromedia link up for this Christmas day dance in St. Anns put on  by Gadaffi, it turns into a preview of STING 2000 as Ninja Man starts the murderation of Merciless live on Stone Love!!  Merciless retaliates in usual fashion!!  Also live on stage is Nitty Kutchie, Monster Shack (Ghost, General B, and Roundhead), veteran singer Ronny Thwaited, newcomers New Born Thugs, and more.  Hosted by Captain Barkey.> (Both Sounds-1 Tape)  12-25-00

CLASH 2000 (FLA) <The long awaited rematch between Bass Odyssey and England's best David Rodigan took place Thanksgiving Day at the Metro Skating rink in Orlando, Florida!!  If you remember, Bass Odyssey killed Rodigan in the Warehouse in Brooklyn in 1999.  This time around Rodigan promised that a victory for Odyssey wouldn't be so easy!! What ensued was all out war!!!>  (Parts 1 & 2) 11-23-00

*CLASH OF THE MILLENIUM (ITALY)  <First distributed on the Internet by  Its a fight for the spot of Top Reggae Sound System of Italy, and two heavyweights from that region are at it:One Love Hi Pawa ("The Sound of Rome") versus Bass Fi Mass ("The Juggling Machine").  The Venue: Intifada Via Di Casal Bruciato!  Sound Clash Italian Style!!> (Parts 1 & 2) 4-29-00

CLASH OF TWO GIANTS (BRONX) <In a preview to Antigua's upcoming World Clash,  Bass Odyssey and Antigua's top warhead Stonewall have it out in Bronx New York!!  Stonewall has a lot to prove to New York people since they are not well known or well liked in this arena.  Bass Odyssey sends Worm to handle this one, but to everyone's suprise Stonewall puts up a wicked fight!!!!> (Also Available on Video) (Parts 1& 2) 6-10-00

*CLOCK STRIKES (JA) <Renaissance in association with the Solid Gold Promotions presents an extravanganza featuring remix masters Renaissance alongside the First Lady ofthe Hip Hop clicque Ruff Ryders!!  The event is hosted by Baby Cham and the juggling also features Nemesis, Coppershot, and Alrick & Boyd!!> 7-22-00

COLD SWEAT 2000 (JA) <This dance could have been titled Masters of Remixes because thats exactly what occurred!! The remix masters Renaissance dun the place with 2000 style remixes as well as the hardcore tunes played in only a way they can! Master Lee then came in with some tough remix reggae that had the place inna heat!  D.J. Rush, not to be outdone, came through with the popular hip hop tunes that had the place jumping!  Some wicked juggling for those with remix on the brtain... T!!> 1-29-00

*COLOURS 2000 (TRINIDAD) <First distributed on the Internet by  - Its Chinese Laundry's big dance in Trinidad, and though they are not featured, they bring to the juggling table: Stone Love, Mighty Crown, Massive B, and Rebel T.  Representing Trinidad in the line up is Maximelia and Radioactive! Perhaps the wickedest dance inna Trinidad fi di year!!!!> (Parts 1 & 2) 7-8-00

*COPPERSHOT MIX 2001 (JA) <First distributed on the Internet by,  we present the second installment of the Coppershot Mix series for 2000 - a wicked mega mix [no talking] of the hottest jump up tunes out !  Coppershot is from the uptown fraternity (Renaissance-style juggling) and it shows!!!>12-00

COPPERSHOT MILLENIUM PROJECT 2000 (JA) <Check out this wicked Uptown sound from the Renaissance Stable as they display their own brand of juggling and mixing! This is a hardcore straight mega-mix [without the talking]  designed to introduce the world to them!!> 3-00

*CULTURAL LOVERS ROCK MIX - FALL 2000 (NYC) <First distributed on the Internet by,  we present a wicked mega mix [no talking] of the hottest culture tunes out!!>  9-00

*CULTURE 2000 (JA) <Stone Love with Swamp Thiong and Geefus provide the musical inspiration for this cultural  at Skateland, Half Way Tree featuring the likes of Capleton, Sizzla, Ninja Man, Cocoa Tea, Louie Culture, Jr. Kelly, and more!!> (Also Available on Video) 10-16-00

*DA BUSINESS (JA) <Its General B's bashment splashment  called "The Business" as Stone Love, Alaska, Travellers, and Exodus Nuclear team up inna one place fi fling dung vibes!! Live on stage: General B, Ghost, Bounty Killa, Ninja Man, Bling Dawg, Tony Curtis, Singing Melody, Galaxy, Firsco Kid, Delly Ranks, and more! Nuff vibes!!!!>  (3 Sides - 3 Tapes) 11-25-00

*DANCEHALL KRAZE 2000 (JA) <In the tradition of the famous Beach Bash Reggae Stage Show series at Fort Clarence  somes Spring Swing 2000 with an array of both Cultural  and Hardcore artists.  The lineup includes: Beenie Man, Spragga Benz, Merciless, Luciano, Anthony B, Sizzla, Junior Reid, Louie Culture, Beres Hammond, Ronnie Thwaites, Thriller U, Lukie D, Josey Wales, Charlie Chaplin, Lexxus, Kiprich, Wickerman, Captain Barkey, Danny English, Terror Fabulous, Hawkeye, Alozade,  Zumjay, Little Wicked, Terror Blacks, and more!!!!!!>  (Also Available on Video) (Parts 1& 2) 6-4-00

DANCEHALL WARFARE (FLA) <Its a war zone at Reggae HQ in Fort Lauderdale as the four warheads in the business: Bass Odyssey, Tony Matterhorn, Sound Trooper, and Fire Links are scheduled to war it out!! Trooper is missing in action so the three had to meet under one roof to settle the score and see who the bad man in the business is!  One drop out leaving two to battle it out, with one sound clearly grabbing the trophy!!!!!>  (Also Available on Video) All Sounds- 1 Tape) 9-3-00

DEATH IN DI ARENA (QUEENS) <David Rodigan and Mighty Crown battle it out in Amazura for  the allegance of New York fans.  The World Clash champions have been busy going all over to clash and juggle!  Mr Roddie has been building his arsenal quietly, awaiting his next victim!!  They met earlier in Connecticut and the outcome was a murder.. Now they meet at Club Amazura in Queens, New York City to settle the score once and for all in front of the most fanatic clash fans in the world> (Also Available on Video) (Parts 1 & 2) 4-21-00

*DELANO'S REVENGE VI (JA) <At the Caymanas Polo Cub, Delano from Renaissance keeps his annual bashment and of course its wicked!  This year its all about Renaissance, Tony Matterhorn, and the Arabian Attack DJ Khalid!  Plius Live artists! Nuff vibes, nuff new tunes, and nuff remixes!!>  (Parts 1 & 2) 11-4-00

DJ KARIM B-DAY BASH (JA) <The remix maestro on Renaissance (next to Delano) celebrates his birthday in Asylum and its off the hook to say the least!! Hosted by Matterhorn, sounds in attendance included Matterhorn himself, Renaissance, Megamuss, Rebel T, and DJ Khalid outta Miami!  Baby Cham also passes through to show his respects!!! Needless to say it was a wicked dance!> (All Sounds-1 Tape) 6-11-00

*DJ RONDEVU'S FEELING IRIE Pt. 1 (BKLYN) <Respected Brooklyn DJ/Sound System DJ Rondevu comes out with a straight mega-mix [no talking] of cultural and ganja tunes of yesteryear!  This oldies mix is for culture heads  and dancehall fans alike, featuring tunes from veterans like The Late Bob Marley, John Holt, Dennis Brown, Yellow Man, Gregory Issacs, Barrington Levy, and more!! Check his site out at!> 11-00

DJ RONDEVU'S XTRA WICKED Pt. 2 (BKLYN) <DJ Rondevu strikes back with the answer for all dancehall fan!  This straight mega-mix [no talking] features ove 70 dancehall hits from past and present.  The "Blunt" Side gives you a mix of 1999 and year 2000 tunes with flavas like  Bounty Baby Cham's "Another Level" and Spragga Benz's "Pokemon"!  The "Spliff" Side goes farther back for tunes like Jigsy King's "Gimmie Di Weed" and garnet Silk's "Lionheart." Check his site out at!> 11-00

DO YOU BELIEVE IN LIFE AFTER LOVE (JA) <Metromedia with Skyjuice juggles alongside Mr. Hype himself to mashup up a wicked danceat the Sports Complex on Hyde park Road!!! This is one of the best performances that Skyjuice has given, drawing some wicked tunes that makes one reflect on why he has been able to stay on top in the business for so long!  Of course Fire Links does damage as well with his off the wall approach to juggling!> (Both Sounds-1 Tape) 2-11-00

*EAST FEST 2000 (JA) <End of year  featuring Bounty Killer, Beres Hammond, Morgan Heritage, Freddie McGregor, Denroy Morgan, The Marley Brothers, Saba, and more!> 12-30-00

+ELEPHANT MAN B-DAY BASH (JA) <The mad man himself Elephant Man  (and the Vietnam Niggers) celebrates his birthstrong in a dance called School Uniform).  Stone Love and Rebel T are called in to provide the musical vibes.  Of course some of the biggest artists in the biz come out to perform live in honor of him, including Beenie Man, Mr. Lex, Hawkeye, Bling Dog, baby Wayne, Ward 21, Danny English, Kiprich, Singer J, Tony Curtis, Wicker Man, Captain Barkey, Vibes Cartel, T.O.K., Nitty Kutchie, Boom Dynamite, Innopcent Crew, and more!!!!> (Also Available on Video) 9-15-00

*EWARTON BASHMENT (JA) <Its a wicked event at The Community Center in Ewarton as Stone Love is invited to provide the musical vibes for a wicked .  Live on stage included the likes of Capleton, Bounty Killa, Elephant Man, Merciless, Tony Curtis, Madd Anju, Tony Curtis, Jigsy King, Zebra, Cutty Ranks, and more!!!!!> (Parts 1 & 2) 9-9-00

FIGHT FOR NEW YORK (BKLYN) <On a cold night at the Warehouse in Brooklyn, New York, the Bad Bwoys from St. Ann war it out with the Mentally ILL for the first time one on one!! Refereed by Steelie Bashment! Mentally ILL Tony Matterhorn took the Antigua World Clash and War 2000 trophies, and Odyssey walked away with the trophy in Florida.  They both lost out to Killamanjaro in WORLD CLASH 2000 which means this rematch ago decide who a di big man!!  Squingy buss Dwayne (DJ Mark was in Jamaica) to the New York massive!!>  (Both Sides - 2 Tapes) 12-1-00

*FIRE 2000 (JA) <Wicked stage show at Skateland, Half Way Tree!!! Live on stage Capleton, Bounty Killa, Lady Saw, Roundhead, Madd Anju, Nittie Kutchie, Red Rat, Goofy, Baby Wayne, Determine, and more!!!!> (Also Available on Video) 3-5-00

*FIRE LINKS GANSTER MIX (JA) <First distributed on the Internet by, the Fire Man Links releases a years-end hardcore mix.  Done in Straight Mix [No Talking] fashion, you can expect to hear the international hit tune by Shaggy and Rik Rok entitled "It Wasn't Me" plus Capleton, Capleton, and more Capleton!! Of course Bounty, Beenie, Cham, and Lexxus to name a few are also in abundance!!!> 12-00

*FIRE LINKS BASHMENT (JA) <Fire Links keeps a massive dance called "Wet T-Shirt, Blue Jeans"  at Seaview's Outdoor Asylum at Vietnam Corner, Phase 1 featuring Renaissance, Tony Matterhorn, Adonai, DJ Khalid, Metromedia, and of course himself!!!  With all the top shotta juggling sounds under one roof, of course the juggling was out of this world!  Add  live on stage: Bounty Killa, the reunion of Scare Dem Crew, Kiprich, Singer J, Bling Dog, and the place is on fire!!> (Parts 1 & 2) 10-15-00

*Fire Links vs Jah Creation (JA)  <Mr. Fire meets the thunderous Jah Creation from Mobay and its an all out war as you would expect - one man against a world of tunes!!!!> (Both Sides - 2 Tapes) 8-18-00

FIRE LINKS GANSTER MIX VOL 2 (JA) <First distributed on the Internet by - Fire Man Links releases the second hardcore mix in his series and its a hot mix indeed.  Done in Straight Mix [No Talking] fashion, you can expect to hear Capleton, Capleton, and more Capleton!! Of course Bounty, Beenie, Cham, and Lexxus to name a few are also in abundance!!!> 5-00

FIRE LINKS MIX 2000 (JA) <This year looks like it will be the year of the Fireman - Fire Links!!  After dunning the X-Mas season and then flipping up on Matterhorn in January at JUGGLING TO KILL Links has become a force to be reckoned with the the juggling arena!  This  tape is a straight mix [no-talking]  of Fire links boom tunes, so you know it has all the wicked Capletons and Bounty Killa's that he used to dun the place over and over again!! Here his exclusive Capleton!> 2-00

FIRE PON THE BEACH (JA) <Its a wicked  at Fort Clarence Beach with Bounty Killa and Capleton live on the same stage.   When Special Guest Baby Cham takes center stage with Bounty, the place mashup!!  Add Tony Matterhorn (bussing the "Saber Tooth" Rhythm and a new style of dubs where he interviews the artists as the dub plays), Fire Links (unleashing brand new Capletons), Renaissance (wid the wicked hip Hop remixes), and Millenium from Wash DC and you get a wicked juggling bashment affair as well!!!> (Also Available on Video) (Parts 1 & 2) 1-16-00

*FIYAH BUN A WEAK HEART (GERMANY) <First distributed on the Internet by, Judgement Sound Station from outta Japan teams up with Germany's own #1 sound, Concrete Jungle Muzik for a wicked bashment at Icon in Prenzlauer Berg, Germany!!! Nuff vibes Germany style! Big Up Uli!!!!! From the first website to make you aware of the true international appeal of reggae, we continue to bring you exclusive mixes and dances from around the world that you will find no where else!! > (Both Sounds-1 Tape) 4-21-00

*FULL HUNDRED 2000 (JA) <Wolmers Girls presents a Wolmers Girls Fete called Full Hundred at the Countryside Club!! Renaissance and Adonai mash it up in a wicked juggling fiasco!!>  (Both Sounds-1 Tape) 10-27-00

FULLY LOADED 2000 (JA) <With a line-up featuring the likes of Tony Matterhorn, King Addies, DJ Khalid, Alaska, Renaissance,  Refugee All Stars with Wyclef, and more - the biggest multi-sound bashment/ on the beach gets bigger and better!  Although flooded out by rain, the excitement was still at its peak when Tony Matterhorn and Hip Hop producer/recording artist Wyclef Jean clashed sound system style with Wyclef brandishing the likes of Whitney Housten alongside Ghost on dub!!  Live artists include everybody from Cham to Cobra!! (Also Available on Video) (Parts 1-3) 7-30-00

*GADAFFI'S B-DAY BASH (JA) <Metromedia, Synemax, and Little Rock (outta New Jersey) come out to celebrate the big man Gadaffi's Birth strong! Nuff vibes inna di juggling!! Plus Live on stage Ninja Man, Nitty Kutchie, Merciless, Kiprich, etc!>  (Also Available on Video) (Parts 1 & 2) 11-11-00

GIRLS TIME 2000 (JA) <What happens when the two wickedest juggling remix sounds in the business go Dub-Fi-Dub???? All out clashment!! Thats what happened when Brambles Promotions brought the mighty Renaissance alongside sound of the future Adonai to Kine's Lawn, Ramble District, St. Thomas.  Not only did the two sounds mash up the place but they also went Dub-Fi-Dub!!!!! Hear Renaissance draw Lexxus fi Lexxus wid Adonai, while Adonai requests Bounty Fi Bounty!! A Must Have!!> 9-9-00

*GLOBAL CUP CLASH USA  (BKLYN) <Bass Odyssey vs Little Rock vs Lord Gellys vs Super Fresh!  The clash that didnt happen in Jamaica happened in Club Large in Brooklyn as the heavy favorite Bass Odyssey clashes against New Jersey's warhead, Little Rock, Lord Gellys from England, and Super Fresh outta Canada!  Nuff drama as one sound left their dub box, one sound had visa problems, and three sounds dead!!! (Also Available on Video) (Parts 1 & 2) 5-27-00

GREAT ADVENTURE 2000 (JA) <Last year Renaissance and Stone Love teamed up for Great Adventrue 99 and mash up the place.  This year Nitro (the CD sound) joins in and the place gets dismantled!! Renaissance takes a Rock N' Roll tune from the Big band Era and remixes it with Harry Toddler's "Dance The Angel" and turn the place upside down!! Stone Love manned with Billy Slaughter  fresh off tour comes in and duns the place Stone Love style!!  A must have!!!> (3 Sounds-3 Tapes) 6-23-00

*HARDCORE JUGGLING 2000 (JA) <Its nuff niceness at the Ocean Palace in Negril as Rampage Promotions keeps a wicked dance!!! Picture Stone Love, Fire Links, Alaska, and Venom under one roof!>  (Stone Love Side, Fire Linsk/Alaska Side - Parts 1 & 2) 11-12-00

*HOTTA FIRE 2000 (JA) <Sizzla celebrates his birthday bash in the form of a Cultural stage show  at Pier-1 in mobay, featuring Sizzla Kolunji himself, Cocoa Tea, and more!  Sounds passing through include Tafari, Caveman, and Jah Creation!!!> (Also Available on Video) 9-23-00

*HOUSE PARTY (JA)  <Its a wicked bashment featuring 3 hardcore juggling sounds - Renaissance, Pure Playaz, and Adonai!!  If you want a wicked new tune hype up dance this is it!> (Renaissance Side) 8-18-00

HYPE 2000 (JA) <Last year at UPTOWN OUTRAGE, all the uptown sounds got together for a juggling war and Alrich & Boyd flipped up on Renaissance!!  Now the same dance makes its way into the millenium at Countryside in the form of HYPE 200 as Rennaisance, Alrich & Boyd , Virus, and Jerry D returns to nasty up Uptown!!! Alricch and Boyd juggle wicked.  Renaissance with Dr. Dre and Mix Master Marvin  dun the place with remixes playing Hip Hop, Lover's Rock, and new tunes.. Jerry D not to be outdone adds his own off the wall flavor.  Wicked juggling!!!!  This year Renaissance takes no prisoners!!!> (All Sounds-One Tape) 4-15-00

*HYPE TIME 2000 (JA) <Fire Links and Adoinai mash up yard before coming to New York! Live on Stage is Bounty Killa, Beenie Man, Merciless, & Nitchie Kutchie!!!> (Parts 1 & 2) 3-24-00

IF A WAR DEN A WAH (JA) <Freddy and Hype fresh off a win at WORLD CLASH 2000 waste no time as they return to the clash arena.  At this clash in Montego Bay Killamanjaro wars it out with Luddy Element and Charlie Blacks of Warlord!!   Warlord - Montego Bay's representative - is not impressed by the WORLD CLASH 2000 victory and swears to destroy Freddy and Mophead (new recruit outta Trelawny on Jaro 3 months now)!!! Death Match with almost 2 hours of Dub Fi Dub!!!!>  (Both Sides  & Dub Fi Dub - 3 Tapes) 11-25-00

INFERNO 2000 (JA)  <Renaissance, Adonai, and Fire Links in Waterhouse! Need we say more!  Renaissance buss the place with Hip Hop Remixes as the Fireman Fire Links mash up the place wid foundation as well as new tunes!!1 Adonai had to play catch up, and did just that by juggling the Stormy Weather!!  Live on stage included: Mr. Easy, Ward 21, Frisco Kid, Wayne Marshal, Zumjay, Chico, Cutlass, Matti, Texas, and more!! Nuff vibes!!> (Part 1 & 2) 8-29-00

*ICEBERG 2000 (JA) <Renaissance l/s Coppershot & Nemesis.. Nuff vibes and nuff tunes - juggling Uptown style!!!> 3-11-00

IT'S A PARTY 2000 (JA) <It's Bounty Killa's Birthday Bash and Stage Show at the Caymanas Polo Club  in Spanish Town with Renaissance, Tony Matterhorn (the Master of Ceremonies - bussing the new Baby Cham tune!), Adonai (with Dred, Scorpion, & Prior), and DJ Khalid (the DeeJay Sound Bwoy  outta Miami- bussing wicked Capleton and Bounty Killa Remixes!)!! Hosted by Jerry D, live on stage is Bounty Killa and Beenie Man  (in combination), Baby Cham (with his new hit tune), Hip Hop recording artists J.T. Money and Pharoah Monch, Merciless, Junior Reid, Monster Shack, Wickerman, Captain Barkey, Malibu (veteran singer), Ward 21, Lady Saw (who brings on a new shejay named Zena), Spice, Vibes Cartel, Bling Dog, Dramatix (Jamaican rapper fron Rock Fort), and more!!>  (Also Available on Video) (Parts 1 & 2) 6-10-00

JAGGA B DANCE (JA) <Its one of the biggest juggling dance of January as Afrique top notch Jagga B throws his annual New York-Jamaica link up dance!! All the big names are here including Stone Love, Adonia, Afrique, Fire Links, and more!  Rory and Slaughter works out on Stone Love as Matterhorn and Afrique mash up the place with girl tunes!! Then Fire links comes in and makes a speech that last year was Matterhorn's year but this year everyone a talk bout Fire Links too!!! Even Beenie Man comes through  to mash up the place and complains how the sounds dem not cutting enough Beenie dubs! There all so many highlights,m but oine of the best is when Fire Links dun the dance with the new bounty & Cham tune on DUB (already)!!!!> (All Sounds - 1 Tape) 1-8-00

*JAMAICA vs ENGLAND (CONN) <Two veterans meet for a juggling-clash-exhibition on neutral ground!!  Veteran sound system Metromedia led by Skyjuice comes to North America to meet up with the wickedest foundation selector outta England: David Rodigan.  Needless to say fire gashes everywhere as a display of tunes not seen often is witnessed!!! A Must Have!!>(Part 1 & Part 2 [Part 2 is 25 mins long]) 9-2-00

JIM BROWN MEMORIAL (JA) <Its a memorable celebration for the fallen area don Jim Brown and this year's memorial wickeder than ever!  Nuff Drama!! First off Stone Love, Matterhorn, Fire Links, and Swatch provided excellent musical vibes!  Stone Love played one of their best dances for the year so far with disco, new tunes, etc!! Swatch was in top form showing they could roll with the big boys! Matterhorn dun di place with his "Interview Style" of dub cutting and brings on Bounty, who is joined by Baby Cham, Harry Toddler, Vibe Cartel, Ronnie Thwaits, Egg Nog, and more!!  Then Fire Links comes in and buss up the place (pere gunshots) while throwing war words to Matterhorn!!> (Also Available on Video) (Pts 1-3) 2-24-00

+JOHN HOLT IN CACTUS (JA) <A treat for all fans of Studio One Vintage tunes!  This tape features the legendary John Holt live in concert at  the Cactus Niteclub in Portmore!!!> 5-14-00

*JUGGLING GETS RAW (BKLYN) <Its an all out war in BEC as Killamanjaro with Ricky Trooper goes up against Poison Dart, Steelie Bashment, and Exodus Nuclear!  This is a historic dance as it is the last time Ricky Trooper plays Killamanjaro in New York City!!!> (All Sounds-1 Tape) 5-12-00

JUGGLING TO KILL (QUEENS) <Irish & Chin Promotions go all out again in Q-Club, Queens - putting juggling king Matterhorn up against Mr. Hype himself Fire Links, who has been doing well since he announced his embarkment on a solo career.  Cassette Face was there on stage to represent  and according to him, what started out as a friendly juggling competition turned into all out war as Fire Links unleashed on Matterhorn in such a way you thought Links was playing on Bodyguard that night!!!  Matterhorn of course takes crap from no-one and when it was time to war, he defended it!  To make  matters worse, Ricky Trooper of Killamanjaro leaves his own Birthday Bash the same night to walk in on them during the Dub-F-Dub - making it a 3-Way War!!!> (Also Available on Video) (Parts 1-3) 1-29-00

+JUMP UP & FREE UP (JA) <The fire keeps burning with a cultureal stage show featuring the likes of Capleton, Sizzla, Military Man, Moses I, Military Man, Jah Mason, Jah Thunder, Up Lifter, etc!> 6-9-00

*Katarac vs Warlord (JA) <War ensues at Jakes Lawn, Cave Valley, St. Ann!! The Warlord sound is on a mission to make themselves known in the business, but Katarac with new recruit Jugsy Killa is aimed at stopping them in their tracks!!! (Both Sides-2 Tapes) 7-30-00

KATARAC MIX 2000 (VOL 3) (JA) <Katarac is determined to hit the year 2000 with a vengence and with new recruits Jugsy Killa (formerly of Travellers and spent a hot minute on Killamanjaro) and Tyrical, we are destined to see a new and improved Katarac!!! Well  catch a sneak preview of what they will have to offer for the Y2K with this Straight Mix (No talking) of exclusive dubs from Katarac!! This tape features year 2000 tunes as well as some old favorites that bussed the sound!> 2-00

*KILL OR BE KILLED (JA) <Its the long anticipated rematch as Jah Creation takes another shot at the Bad Bwoys from St. Anns - Bass Odyssey!  Creation suffered a defeat to them in club Amnesia.  But Bass Odyssey fresh off a huge victory over King Addies in New York just a week earlier isn't going to be an easy target!  With the smartest selector in the business and the dynamic teamwork of Squingy and DJ Mark, Jah Creation has their work cut out!!!!> (Parts 1 & 2) 5-15-00

KILLER-MAN MEETS NINJA MAN - THE REUNION (JA) <Now that the mighty Ninja Man is out of jail, it was inevitable that he would find his way back to the sound on which he buss!! Anytime Ninja Man and Killamanjaro buck tings always ago mash up, and this time was no different.  At this dance Freddy throws down wicked selections as Ninja Man interrupts every now and them wid pure arguments for the massive!!!> 11-00

*Killamanjaro l/s Jah Creation (JA) <This time its friendly and nuff singing tunes and foundation tunes get rinced!!!> (Both Sides-2 Tapes) 12-23-00

Killamanjaro vs Fire Links (ANTIGUA) <Cherry's Jeanery Promotion presents "Cherry and Jaro's Birthday Bash" in Antigua.  What it really ended up being was an all out war between Killamanjaro and Fire Links at the Multi-Purpose Lawn.  After Stonewall and Exorcist did the early out, Fire Links comes in as the favorite, challenging Freddy that he can't go through the clash without playing the staple tunes (Tenor Saws and Nitty Grittys)!  Freddy answers by challenging Links not to play any Capletons.  The dub fi dub featured Fire Links' new Bountys and Chams against Jaro's Garnet Silks and Tenor Saws.  Then Jaro played an Antigan artist (Soldier Man) to dun di place! War to the end!!!!!!>  (Parts 1-3) 12-16-00

*Killamanjaro l/s Metromedia l/s Strike Force (JA) <The WORLD CLASH 2000 champs meet up wid veteran sound Metromedia and Strike Force for a juggling affair!!!> (Killamanjaro Side) 11-17-00

*Killamanjaro @ Dumfries (JA) <Killamanjaro bucks up an English sound at Dumfries and blazes a fire on dem!! Freddy is fresh off WORLD CLASH 2000 and takes the opportunity to play all the tunes he was forced not to play in New York b/s "... the people wanted to hear foundation tunes!"  Listen to the plethora of tunes Freddy cut on the Don Bon rhythm, nuff of them calling up Matterhorn, Bass Odyssey, and Mighty Crown name in it!!!!> 10-14-00

+Killamanjaro vs Emperor (WASH) <Gearing up for the upcoming WORDL CLASH, Jaro looks for another victim to add to the resume!>  (Killamanjaro Side) 9-28-00

+Killamanjaro vs Pieces (JA) <Killamanjaro and Pieces is booked for an outdoor bashment in Mobay, Pieces' hometown and all is good as Pieces starts out the juggling on a cool mellow vibes!! However when Killamanjaro comes in with Freddy and Crew, the armshouse starts and juggling turns to war as Freddy makes some wicked speech!  Freddy & Hype need to make a mark of their own  on Killamanjaro, and Pieces is quick to see if they can mashup the mighty Jaro in this stage of rebuilding!!> (Also Available on Video) (Both Sounds-1 Tape) 7-6-00

+Killamanjaro vs Jah Creation vs Soundwave (JA) <> (Parts 1& 2) 6-2-00

+Killamanjaro vs Katarac (JA) <> (Parts 1& 2) 6-3-00

Killamanjaro l/s Mellophonic (JA) <Trooper is in a juggling mood in Spanish Town and so is Freddy when they play alongside Mellophonic!  Jaro drops some wicked juggling styles, mixing lover's rock with the latest jump up 45's and of course some wicked Jaro dubs..  Meanwhile Trooper proclaims throughout the dance that neither Fire Links or Matterhorn is bad like him, and he also sends threats out to Jah Creation in regards to their upcoming clash!!> (Killamanjro Side) 4-8-00

Killamanjaro vs Jah Creation (JA) <Killamanjaro finally meets up with the bad sound from Mobay who was rumored to have killed Stone Love!! Trooper wasnt there so Freddy had to hold down the fort!  The Jah Creation crew sought to take advantage of this but to kill Jaro would prove not to be so easy, even in the absence of Trooper!!!>  (Both Sides-2 Tapes) 4-29-00

Killamanjaro vs Katarac (JA) <In a dance dubbed "Death Before Dishonor" Killamanjaro meets Katarac in the Royal Center on Old Harbour Road in Spanish Town.. Fire Links and Tony Matterhorn were also booked but decided to hold off as Freddy & Keith alone rematch Katarac w/ Jugsy & Tyrical!  This was a prooving ground because on one hand many thought that without Trooper, Jaro with Freddy had no chance.. On the other hand Jugsy had to prove to the people what he was hired by Katarac to do!! One sound win, one sound lose, and one point was proven!!!> (Both Sides) 3-8-00

*Killamanjaro vs Black Kat vs Strike Force (JA) <3 warlords go at it and Panther has no mercy!> (Both Sides-2 Tapes) 3-4-00

*Killamanjaro l/s Poison Dart (JA) <Killamanjaro plays alongside Florida's Bad Bwoys Poison Dart in a wicked dance in St. Thomas!> (Both Sounds-1 Tape) 2-14-00

*Killamanjaro l/s Black Kat (JA) <The two Warlords of the Decade  prove to the massive that they can juggle as well!! Catch Trooper and Panther in a mode rarely seen, as they are determined to expand their horizons for the Y2K, delving into the juggling arena!!> (Both Sounds-1 Tape) 1-9-00

Killamanjaro l/s Innocent (JA) <Jaro starts the year with no time to waste!  Some say that last year was not Jaro's year because of World Clash, but Trooper is determined to show them that Jaro hasn't fallen!  In this juggling dance in St. Thomas, Ricker Trooper rinses some new styles and also gives the mic to new recruit Jugsy Killa (formerly of Travellers - who eventually leaves to join Katarac) to hold a vibes.  Innocent from Miami plays fore a little while but the feature presentation is Trooper in juggling mode and Jugsy Killa in action on Jaro right before he switches again to Katarac!!!> (Parts 1 & 2) 1-1-00

King Addies l/s Stone Love (JA) <New York's King Addies is booked to play a dance in yard alongside the Immortal Stone Love.  Its the first time in six years that the two have played alone in one venue, and the venue for this dance is Port Maria,  St. Mary!   Now everybody nows what happens when two big bull ends up inna one big lawn!  When the juggle starts to get heated, Winter Fresh and Billy Slaughter starts to go at it!!!!> (Both Sides - 2 Tapes)  8-9-00

*King Addies vs Jah Creation  (JA) < NY's finest meets up with the new terrorists from mobay and all hell break lose!!> (Pts 1 & 2) 5-27-00

*King Addies vs Bodyguard (ANTIGUA) <In a dance dubbed "Another Level Part 2", for the first time in Antigua two international sounds battle it out as King Addies flies to Antigua to war it out with Bodyguard after an embarassing defeat in Club Amazura in early May!!  The two warheads meet up at the Multi-Purpose Lawn and all reports are that a wicked war ensued after which only one emerged as the clear victor!> (Parts 1& 2) 5-20-00

King Addies vs Bass Odyssey (WASH DC) <The bad bwoys from St. Anns finally rematched the bad bwoys from Brooklyn to settle a score that has been going on for over 5 years now!! King Addies armed with Baby Face and Winter Fresh must prove to the massive that they can beat Bass Odyssey with Squingy and DJ Mark, a team that has demolished them the past few times around!!! Odyssey beat up on King Addies in Biltmore.. Addies kill Odyssey in Portmore... Odyssey murder Addies in England... Now the score settles here!!!  was there to witness the excitement as history was made again when the two Mortal enemies clashed at Tarzan's dance and one walked away with the trophy!!!!!!!> (Also Available on Video) (Parts 1 & 2) 2-19-00

*KING ORIGINAL @ LIVE ARTISTS (GERMANY) < presents an exclusive!!  In our mission to bring to you the most international selection of reggae music, we go to the far reaches of Hamburg, Germany.   I-Motion Promotion presents King Original, the East London champion sound alongside Roots Commandment (the dancehall rulers) of Hamburg, Germany, I-Livity Sound (the heartical warrior), and Kingstep Hi Fi (the roots ambassadors)!! Its all about international reggae flava as each sound puts down a solid performance.  Also live on stage is Errol Bellot and Nerveus Joseph!!> (Parts 1 & 2) 11-17-00

KINGSTON vs MO-BAY (JA) <Its the annual confrontation between the two capitals of Jamaica, but this time there's a new twist, namely 2 sounds representing each parish!!!! In Kingston's corner its the immortal Stone Love alongside the year to year machine Metromedia with Skyjuice!  In Mobay's corner its Mobay's veteran sound  Pieces alongside newcomer Pure Players!  A juggling competition, nuff vibes!!> (Parts 1 & 2) 7-22-00

*LAUNCHING OF SOUND TROOPER - DC (WASH) <Sound Trooper takes his Launching Celebration to North America and mashes up the place in Washington DC.  The bashment included the likes of New York's Steelie Bashment, DJ Khalid (the Arabian Attack that mashed up Bounty Killa's Birthday Bash and Fully Loaded), and washington's own Emperor!! Wicked Dance!!!> (All Sounds-1 Tape) 9-16-00

LAUNCHING OF SOUND TROOPER (JA) <Rumor has become fact as Ricky Trooper is officially on his own! This is the offical release bashment in Central Village of his new sound system Sound Trooper.  He introduces the new recruits hired to play the sound (including Keith), - both locally and internationally, introduces the equipment, introdues the office and booking agents, and addresses comments and criticisms.  Of course x-amount of tunes gets rinced out!! Guests included Baby wayne, Bobby Lickshot, Buggy, Platinum, Sheppard, etc. Historic dance> (Parts 1 & 2) 6-2-00

+LEXXUS B-DAY BASH (JA) <Mr. Lexx himself celebrates his birthstrong with the likes of Stone Love, Renaissance, Adonai, and Amplex.  Guest appearances included Kiprich, Monster Shack, Merciless, Madd Anju, and more!!> (Parts 1& 2) 5-15-00

*LIBRA LOVE SUMMER MIX 2000 (BKLYN) <First distributed on the Internet by  - This tape features New York City's premier juggling sound, the mighty Libra Love with Stereo Fish and Baby Q in juggling mode!  Here their wicked mega-mix (No Talking) of all the hot tunes out, plus slow jams, and of course some dubs are thrown in.  For all reggae fans who like a variety in their music!> 7-00

*LINK UP 2000 (GERMANY)  <First distributed on the Internet by  What happens when Germany's pride and joy meets up with Italy's #1 sound??  Nuff bashment and splashment!!! One Love Hi Pawa outta Italy is invited to Petit Prince, Cologne, Germany to play against World Clash 2000 Contendees Pow Pow Movement. Its nuff niceness as the two European Sound Systems meet for a friendly display of tunes!!!!!> (Parts 1 & 2) 9-1-00

*LONDON LINK-UP (JA)  <Its that time of year when the big bwoys from England throw their big bash, and this year its bigger than ever with the likes of Fire Links, Rebel T, Alaska, and England's own Music Street! Featured on the tape are Fire links and Music Street> (All Sounds-1Tape) 8-23-00

*Love Is Coming At You (JA)  <In a dance originally dubbed "Love Is Coming At You" at Colbeck Poolside Bauister - Old Harbour, St Catherine, the Immortal Stone Love is the called in to back up behind the likes of the prophet himself, Capleton!! Nuff vibes as Capleton takes the audience through his long list of hits, plus some exclusive new tunes!!!> 11-26-00

Luv Injection vs Judgement (UK) <Its war in Birmingham as Luv Injection  invites Global Cup Sound Splash Campions Judgement to play in a juggling dance but it turns sour!  Apparently Luv Injection, being the hometown heres, tries to make an impression for the new year bystarting the armshouse, but Japan's sholin warriors are quick to stop them in their tracks!!!> (Both Sounds-1 Tape) 5-1-00

MARIA MARIA (JA) <One of the wickedest dances of the year!!!! Last time when Renaissance and Bass Odyssey buck up in Browns Town they mash up the place.. Now the juggling champion linked up with the clash champion  in Issac Lawn, Mason River, Clarendon for a bashment spalshment and dun di place!!!!  Squingy and Jazzy T side by side buss up the place, releasing exclusive new tunes on 45 as well as dub plate!! When they buss Junior Kelly's new tune "If Love so nice, why it does it hurt so bad" on Bob Marley's "Stir It Up" rhythm, dance flatten!! To add to the excitement, Lexxus  and Kiprich performs Live!!! Nuff vibes!!!>  (Parts 1-3) 4-2-00

MARIO C'S HiP HoP Re-Mix Vol 14 (JA) <First distributed on the Internet by  We present to you a Renaissance-type remix and refix Hip Hop/Reggae Mix from Mario C, upcoming turntablist in Jamaica.    With new Hip Hop and R&B tunes plus heart thomping Reggae remixes on hot Hip Hop rhythms, this tape is a must have for the ride!!  9-00

*MASSIVE B IN BERLIN (GERMANY) <First distributed on the Internet by,  - Massive B with Bobby Konders and Jabba make their rounds once again at Club Maria in Germany alongside Germany's own Soundquake! > (Both Sounds-1 Tape) 6-10-00

*MASSIVE VIBES (GERMANY) <First distributed on the Internet by,  - Its all about Massive Vibes when premier disc jockey outta England David Rodigan meets up with Soundquake from Germany for a wicked juggling session!!!!> (Both Sounds-1 Tape) 6-2-00

+Matterhorn Movements w/ Bounty Killa Live (JA)  <When you talk about Mentally Ill Tony Matterhorn, you talk about Bounty Killa!  So when Bounty Killa is invited to host this stage show, of course the one and only Matterhorn was the obvious choice to back him up!!! As you can expect, nuff vibes!!!> 11-24-00

*Matterhorn vs Fire Links (BERMUDA) <Two two warlords have it out before the New York war  with nuff surprises!!  Matterhorn diss Links for playing "foundation tunes" saying he's not Jaro, but in the end Matterhorn had to draw for some foundation tunes of his own to cope with the heat!!!  In the end one man walk with the trophy and the other must gear up for New York on July 15th!!>  (Parts 1 & 2) 6-10-00

MENTAL EUROPE TOUR 2000 (EUROPE) <Matterhorn is the talk of the town in New York, Florida, and Jamaica.. So it is no surprise that the reggae fans in Europe are asking for him!!! The Mentally Ill is booked for a Europe Tour, beginning at the Chimes Complex in London, moving to the Charmers Nite Club in Birmingham, and ending with a bang alongside Pow Pow in Cologne, Germany!!  Its Matterhorn's first appearance on a Europe Tour since he left King Addies and reports are exactly what you would expect: he dismantled the venue on all 3 counts with a mixture of girl tunes, culture, and bad man  dubs!!!> (Parts 1-3) April 8th-14th 2000

*MIAMI SPLASH (FLA) <The Mental is back from his European Tour and books a date with Renaissance in Miami and reports are that the two juggling meccas mashup the place!!!> 5-1-00

Mighty Crown vs Stonewall (ANTIGUA) <Antigua's number one clash head Stonewall books a dance wid Mighty Crown to see if they can hang with the new warheads that are mashing up the world right now!!  Simultaneously the Mighty Japanese are out to prove that its not nostalgia that allows them to kill sounds and mash up juggling dances, its tunes!  Juggling was the intention, WaR was the outcome!!! According to Crown, Stone "Fall" a idiot sound!  According to Stone Wall, Mighty "Clown" can't play fi di Antiguan massive!  One sound was laid to rest!!!> (Quality Fair on Part 1) (Parts 1 & 2) 3-31-00

*MILLENIUM CLASH (JA) <Its all out war as Killamanjaro, Fire Links, and Katarac battles it out!!  Killamanjaro is on a rampage as Freddy and Hype searches for new blood to practice on before WORLD CLASH 2000.  However they may have bit of more than they can chew when the new blood is the Fireman himself, Fire links alongside Katarac!  The three have it out in an old fashion bloodbath!> (Parts 1 & 2) (Also Available on Video) 8-6-00

*MILLENIUM SPLASH 2000 (BKLYN) <Its a pre-Christmas Bash in Brooklyn as Bad Bull and Ringo Star presents a Millenium Splash New York style in Club Large in Brookyn!! Juggling is provided by New York's leading juggling sounds, including Libra Love, Afrique, Stone Love, and Colours!> (All Sounds-1 Tape) 12-23-00

MORE LIFE (JA) <Amplex , Adonai, Fire Links, and Terror Blacks meet up at Patsy's Bar and restaurant in Rae Town, Portmore and its an all out juggling affair!!! Live on stage is Bounty Killa, Baby Cham, Star Angel (aka Harry Toddler), Nitchie Kutchie, Alley Cat, Frisco Kid, Baby Wayne, Power Man, Captain Barkey, General B, and more...  Plus remember the ruckus that went on between Boom Dynamite, Elephant Man and Nitchie Kutchie?  Well the drama continues to unfold here again as they lick out against Elephant Man!!!> (Also on Video) (Parts 1 & 2) 4-2-00

*MORE WARFARE 2000 (JA) <The Bad Bwoys from St. Ann battles it out with Katarac!!! Its been a long time since Katarac has been trying to buss and what better way to get there than clash and kill the world clash contenders, Bass Odyssey!! But this clash won't be so easy, afterall its the warheads in the business they are dealing wid!!!!!>  (Both Sides-2 Tapes) 10-1-00

*NEW YORK OVERLOADED (BKLYN) <Whats happens when the war juggler (Fire Links) meets up the the 5th Element (Adonai) and juggles alongside Spanish Town's bad boys (Amplex)?  It's Father Bentley's dance in Club Large featuring Fire Links, Adonai, and Amplex in one venue under the same roof!!! This dance almost got cancelled but its a good thing is wasnt cause nuff tunes fly!!!!> (All Sounds-1Tape) 3-25-00

NICO B-DAY BASH (JA) <The war shotta on Stone Love keeps a mega birthday bash in White River, St. Ann featuring the likes of Bass Odyssey and Natural Vibes from New York City alongside the immortal sound itself Stone Love.  Needless to say when Bass Odyssey and Stone Love buck up (after seven years of not playing together) the vibes rail up!!!!  Add Natural Vibes from Brooklyn with a little different flava to the dance and you get a Must Have!!!!>  (Parts 1 & 2) 11-4-00

*Nitro w/ Ninja Man Live (JA)  <The CD sound calls for the presence of the Don Gorgon Ninja Man at this bashment and of course fresh from jail he delivers for his long waiting fans!!!!!> 10-1-00

NITRO SOUND MIX (JA) <First distributed on the Internet by  - Hear an exclusive mega mix [no talking]  from the 100% CD sound mashing up Jamaica right now.  This tune plays CDs and only CDs, but you would never know listening to them!! The mix features wicked dubplates no one thought they had, plus 45's.> 5-00

NO MORE LONG ARGUMENT (BKLYN) <There comes a time when there's no more room for any long argument and that time came in at cassette guru Don Lou's dance in Club Warehouse in Brooklyn when Matterhorn had it out with Fire Links in Matterhorn's hometown!! was live in the house to witness the armshouse!!! Last time at JUGGLING TO KILL Links had his way and surprised Matterhorn in front of his fans. Matterhorn rallied back in Bermuda and won the a rematch down there!  Now its time to finally settle the score and see who's the #1 solo selector in the world - the one that started it all or the one that caused him to start it in the first place!! War filled with surprises! A Must Have!!!!> (Also Available onVideo) (Parts 1 & 2) 7-15-00

NUFFEST LINK UP 2000 (JA) <One of the wickedest and longest reigning crews in the business, the Nuffest Crew, resurfaces with a wicked dance!! Billed to mash up the place is Tony Mentall Ill Matterhorn, Fire Links, and King Addies.. Needless to say the place mashup!!!!> (All Sounds-1 Tape) 4-24-00

OBSESSION MIX VOL 1 (JA) <First distributed on the Internet by! If you know about uptown sounds and about remixes and refixes yard style then you need to hear about a Renaissance-type juggling sound named Obsession that is ripping up the place.  They are well known in their circles for innovative and creative remixes of both popular reggae and popular HipHop/R&B tunes.  Hear them in action on this Straight Mix (No talking) tape as they feature some of their most creative styles for the Y2K !!!> 2-00

OLYMPICS OPENING CELEBRATION (AUSTRALIA) <First distributed on the Internet by!! In our quest to promote the international appeal of reggae, we bring you this wicked event from down under!  This year the Olympics are being held in Australia, and there's a huge bash for the opening games at the Chinese Laundry in Darling - the venue for quite a few Olympic events!!  Musical vibes is provided by Australia's own Nasty Tek featuring Prince Andrew, LLoydy X$, and MC Mickey Glamour (a bonifide trading partner of Prince Tuffie)!  The vibes is nice as Tek mashes up the dance with old and new tunes on both 45 and dubs!> 9-15-00

*ONE LOVE HI PAWA B-DAY BASH (ITALY) < presents an exclusive!!  In our mission to bring to you the most international selection of reggae music, we go to the far reaches of Italy!!  In a dance entitles "More Love, More Vibes, More Fire, One Love Hi Pawa -  one of Italy's premiere reggae sound systema - celebrates their birthday bash (7th anniversary) in C.S.O.A. Forte Presentino via F. Delpino, 100 celle, Rome!!   For this occasion they draw for some additional amunition from another top sound system from Italy, Bass Fi Mass outta Pergola Tribe, Milano.  Its all about international regggae as these two hardcore sounds begin a juggling feista of the latest dancehall and cultyure music as well as dub plates!! A Must Have!!!> (Parts 1 & 2) 12-16-00

*OUTRAGE 2000 (JA) <The Taylor Hall Past Students presents Stone Love, Renaissance, Obsession, and Guardian under one roof mashup the place with juggling vibes.  Then live artists come in and finish it off!!!!> (Stone Love Side, Renaissance Side-2 Tapes) 9-15-00

OVERLOADED 2000 (JA) <The annual event returns to Fort Clarence with the likes of Fire Links, Matterhorn, DJ Khalid, Renaissance, Mario C, Left Side and esco, Copeprshot, Alaska, and Nemesis!! Beenie Man selects on Renaissance and mashes up the place wid tnes!! Live on stage are the hottest artists of the year including Beenie Man, Kiprich, Sean Paul, Danny English, Bling Dawg, Gringo (mash up the place).  Fire Links and Matterhorn then clash in a rematch of RAS 2000 (one of many Christmas Clash Rampages)!!! Hosted by Barry G!!>  12-23-00

*Poison Dart in Montreal (CANADA) <Bad Bwoy Kirky C and the entourage from Florida's # 1 killing Machine, Poison Dart, is invited to Montreal for the first time to juggle!! Its total bashment in Tiffany Banque as the Poison Dart Crew display that they can juggle as well as clash!!!> (Also Available on Video) 2-5-00

*Pow Pow vs Sound Quake (GERMANY) <<Pow Pow Movement made it to WORLD CLASH 2000 to everyone's surprise.  Find out how these European bad bwoys got there!!! Listen this "in house" clash held between two of Germany's top sounds - Pow Pow and Soundquake - at Landespavillon, Stuggart, Germany!  Pow Pow has a box as deep as any sound, and Soundquake is hardcore!!!> (Parts 1 & 2) 8-25-00

PRE-LABOR DAY BASH (JA) <The Immortal Stone Love teams up with G.T. Taylor who has now renamed his sound G.T. Movements after enlisting the company of some new selectors to run the show for him!! Then live on stage is Capleton, Determine, Buju  Banton, Monster Shack, etc...> (Parts 1& 2) 5-21-00

RAS 2000 @ ITALY (ITALY) <First distributed on the Internet by, this tape features One Love Hi Pawa sound system at RAS 2000 live at Forte Prenestino in Rome, Italy!! Hear these Italian selectors juggle hardcore tunes plus cultural and foundation tunes for the massive while brandishing dubs from Jamaican and Italian artists!! The MC is talking in Italian Language but you will recognize the tunes!!! From the first website to make you aware of the true international appeal of reggae, we continue to bring you exclusive mixes and dances from around the world that you won't find anywhere else!!> 6-3-00

RAS BEER VIBES 2000 (JA) <This year to year bashment has become some what of a proving ground for juggling sound systems.  This year the jam was held at the Caymanas Polo Club in St. Catherine and the bill consisted of Renaissance, Killamanjaro, Fire Links, Matterhorn, Alaska, and Poison Dart's Black Chiney Crew (Bobby Chin & Supa Dups).   Preliminary reports say Renaissance mashed it up  as ususal with their different flava of Hip Hop juggling, Jaro added some sound clash style tunes, and Matterhorn started out hype!! But the talk of RAS this year was the Fireman Fire Links, who according to live accounts of the event, mash up the place so wicked (sepecially when he came back in after Matterhorn) gunshots were firing throughout his entire set, sending fans running for cover!!! Hosted by Jerry D!> (Also Available on Video) (Parts 1 & 2) 12-15-00

RAS MORE VIBES 2000 (JA) <The annual bashment just keeps getting better and better as the hot shots in the business get together again for a wicked juggling session!! This year the bash was hosted by the warlord himself Bounty Killa and the sounds in attendance included Renaissance (of course), Matterhorn (still on a wicked clash hype), Fire Links (gearing up for his clash with Matterhorn), Stone Love (the world immortal) Nitro (the CD sound), DJ Fashion (outta Miami),  and DJ Clue (Hip Hop DJ Outta NYC)!! Word on the street is the juggling became a competition and Fire Links out-juggled everyone, including Matterhorn!! A Must Have!> (Part 1 & 2) 7-7-00

*REAL WAR 2000 (NJ) <Bass Odyssey and Black Kat buck up in New Jersey and the armshouse is on.  Bass Odyssey sends Skinny with DJ Mark, armed to kill, but Panther is no stranger to Odyssey and nuh back from nothing.  Early rounds went to Odyssey's new tunes, but in the dub Fi Dub it get sticky pon dem as Panther unleashes the arsenal!! One sound get the trophy!!>  (Both Sides - 2 Tapes) 9-16-00

*REBEL SALUTE 2000 (JA) <One of the premier annual reggae cultural shows moves to St Elizabeth this year as Tony Rebel calls on entertainers like Capleton, Jah Mason, & Luciano!  Despite the patron traffic that had the roads backed up, the entertainers made it to the venue on foot and needless to say put on a memorable performance!!> 1-16-00

*REGGAE KINGS IN ACTION (JA) <Its a summer stage show of enormous proportions, featuring  all of the mega superstars of culture and dancehall, including the likes of Beenie Man, Bounty Killa, Baby Cham, Capleton,  Luciano, Junior Reid, Bunny Wailer, and much more!! >! (Parts 1-3) 5-14-00

*REGGAE SOUNDCASE #6 (GERMANY) <First distributed on the Internet by, New York's own Massive B with Bobby Konders & Jabba make a trek to Germany and plays alongside Germany's  Soundquake! Its a bashment affair at Club Latenight in Detmold, Germany and both sounds represent to the fullest!!> (Both Sounds - 1 Tape) 2-4-00

RELOADED 2001 (JA) <The annual event this year features Fire Links, Tony Matterhorn, Adonai, DJ Khalid, Renaissance, Alaska, Lipstick (Barrington Levy's sound), and more!  Hosted by Barry G and Jabba from Hot 97 FM in New York, this year was total madness as Matterhorn avenged his loss to Fire Links at RAS 2000! Links went down fighting, but the Mental was at his best!  Live on stage: Bounty Killa, Buju Banton, Spragga Benz, General B, Vibes Kartel, Wayne Marshall, Nitty Kutchie, Assasin, and more!!> (Parts 1 & 2) 12-30-00

RELOADED 2000 (JA) <Dred, Scorpion, and Prior are in top form on Adonai as they dun the place wid some 2003 style including a Bounty, Capleton, and Jimmy cliff combination!  They also let loose the hot new "Dead Wrong" rhythm (from Biggie Small's new hit!) and unleash Lexxus on it!  Of course Delano and the Renaissance crew mash up the place with Hip Hop!  The stage show segment was just as wicked with Lexxus,and Ward 21, followed by Beenie Man rushing the stage with Captain Barkey, Elephant Man, and Madd Anju!  Hip Hop mega star Eve and Swiss Beatz then mash up the place USA style, followed by Baby Cham, Bounty, and Cham's protege' child deejay Shotta!  Lady Saw is as raw as ever, bringing up Spragga for their combo and later on calling Eve to sandwich Lexxus on stage!! Wicked dance!!!! > (Also Available on Video) (Also Available on CD) (Parts 1 & 2) 1-2-00

*RENAISSANCE 11TH ANNIVERSARY (JA) <The Remix Masters celebrate their 11th Anniversary at the Mountain Valley Hotel and of course its bashment and splashment time!! Big respect to Delano, Dr Dre, Jazzy T, Oxtail, Rice N Peas, DJ Karim, for reviving the juggling scene with a fresh new style of juggling blending other forms of music to produce some of the wickedest remixes in history! A must have!> 7-1-00

RENAISSANCE MIX Vol 10 (JA) <First distributed on the Internet by, listen as the remix masters presents their reggae release for the summer: a hardcore straight mega-mix [without the talking] of all the hot Summer 2000 tunes done Renaissance style.  As usual all the wicked tunes (including Baby Cham's new hit tune) are here on all the latest rhythms plus some remix styles to jazzy it up!! For the car, jeep, or pad, this is the one to have!!! A must have!> 7-00

RENAISSANCE MIX 2000 (JA) <First distributed on the Internet by, listen as the remix masters presents their first release of the Y2K: a hardcore straight mega-mix [without the talking] of Spring 2000 tunes done Renaissance style.  As usual all the wicked tunes are here on all the latest rhythms! For the car, jeep, or pad, this is the one to have!!! A must have!> 3-00

+RING OFF MI CELLI (JA) <Its Mr. Cook himself's birthstrong and the entire juggling fraternity is there to celebrate including Stone Love, Renaissance, Adonai, Amplex, and Rebel T.   Of course nuff entertainers passed through to bless the stage in honor of the rising star, including Elephant Man, Monster Shack, Kiprich, Singing Melody, Singer Jay, Madd Anju, Nitty Kutchie, Merciless, and the list goes on!! >(Parts 1 & 2) 5-13-00

*RODIGAN'S REGGAE (UK)  <First distributed on the Internet by, this dance came straight from One Love Hi Pawa in Italy.  The English Rudebwoy David Rodigan invites one of Italy's best, One Love Hi Pawa, to his regular weekly spot, Subterania, in Rome, Italy! Also features Seanuii and Whiz Kid! Listen how One love outta Italy keeps up wih the massive catalogue of Rodigan!!> (Parts 1 & 2) 8-23-00

*ROOTS COMMANDMENT "Hotter Fire Dancehall" MIX 2000" (GERMANY) < presents an exclusive!!  In our mission to bring to you the most international selection of reggae music, we go to the far reaches of Hamburg, Germany and bring back to a dancehall mix from one of Germany's top sound systems, Roots Commandment!  This tape features a hardcore straight mega-mix [without the talking] of wicked dancehall tunes from artists like Beenie Man, Bounty Killer, Capleton, Spragga benz, Wayne Wonder, and more plus some cultural tunes from Morgan Heritage, Tony Tuff, Junior Kelly, Luciano, and more!!General Degree, Red Rat, and more!!> 12-00

*ROOTS ROCK 2000 CULTURE STAGE SHOW (JA) <This  in Negril features the best Jamaica has to offer in Dancehall and Cultural entertainment.  Live artists include Glen Washington, Capleton, David House Crew, Cecile, Lady Saw, Jahmali, and more! Tape is mostly Capleton. Artists are backked by the S.A.M.A.  Band!!!> 8-26-00

*ROOTS COMMANDMENT "Year 2000 Culture Style" MIX 2000" (GERMANY) < presents an exclusive!!  In our mission to bring to you the most international selection of reggae music, we go to the far reaches of Hamburg, Germany and bring back to you a wicked culture mix from one of Germany's top sound systems, Roots Commandment!  This tape features a hardcore straight mega-mix [without the talking] of over 50 sizzling culture tunes from artists like Morgan Heritage, Anthony B, Junior Kelly, Capleton, Luciano, Beres Hammond, Buju Banton, Glen Washington, and the list goes on... Wicked!!!> 12-00

*ROTOTOM SUNSPLASH (ITALY)  <First distributed on the Internet by  One Love Hi Pawa outta Rome, Italy meets Stone Love Movements from outta Kingston Jamaica for a juggling display of international reggae appeal!!  Of course Stone love is no stranger to Europe, but many may be surprised at the caliber of One Love Hi Pawa as they roll with the big boys!!!!!> (Parts 1 & 2) 7-3-00

RUMBLE IN THE BRONX (BRONX) <Bass Odyssey, Fire Links, and Katarac are to meet up at Club Mantra in da Bronx for a death duel and every sound has something to prove!! Fire Links must prove to New York that his win over Matterhorn earlier in the year wasn't just luck!  Squingy and DJ Mark must prove that they still are the warlords after their defeat to King Addies!! Jugsy  Killa as the new recruit on Katarac alongside Hitman and Quincy must prove that they can manage the heavyweight sound in the biz!  As it turns out, one sound was a no show, one sound played divide and conquered, and one MC was put to rest! was there to witness the drama unfold!!> (Also Available on Video) (Parts 1 & 2) 4-8-00

*SADDLE TO THE EAST 2000 (JA) <Its Christmas time and that means its time for Bounty Killa's annual "Poor People STING" entitled SADDLE TO THE EAST at the Rockfort Cement Company!  This year the motto is "Bring Back The Love" and live on stage is Bounty Killa, Elephant Man, Ninja Man, Spragga Benz, Ghost, LUST, Cobra, Scare Dem Crew, Kip Rich, Buccaneer, Anthony B, Wayne Marshall, Gabriel, Vibez Cartel, Singer J, Egg Nog, and more!!> (Also Available on Video) 12-25-00

*SCORPION SUMMER MIX 2000 (BKLYN) <First distributed on the Internet by,  check out Scorpion of Earthruler as he embarks on his solo career with this brand new mix!!  This is a straight mega-mix [without the talking] of some of Scorpion's wickedest dubs!  He cuts foundation style so expect some wicked hardcore old rhythms as well as the latest from Ghost, Junior Kelly, and more!> 7-00

SETTLEMENT OF ARGUMENTS (QUEENS) <Father Eaton of King Addies sanctions the rematch to Bass Odyssey in Amazura in Queens, New York City (King Addies back yard)!! To make the match more interesting Bodyguard is invited for a three way duel.  In the last match King Addies kill Bass Odyssey and Bodyguard killed King Addies!! Therefore this match was truly to be a Settlement of Arguments!!  But in this match the tables were turned and the outcome was a controversy that made New York sound clash history!!!>  (Also Available on Video) (Parts 1 & 2) 5-5-00

SHOWDOWN DOWNTOWN 2000 (FLA) <Stone Love, Renaissance, Tony Matterhorn, and Afrique go at it in Mahi Temple, Miami, Florida in their  version of Fully Loaded called: ShowDown, Downtown.. Its almost like a clash except the sounds rinse out juggling tunes.. The heat was on as each sound played half hourrounds and then 15 minutesrounds, each trying to outdo the next!  Stone Love seemed to be trying to make the peace but Renaissance and Afrique were on a mission!!! Nuff words throw but in the end its the tunes that talked!!!> (1 Tape) 1-20-00

+SKY JUICE B-DAY BASH (JA) <Its the Big Belly Man's birthstrong and everybody come out to celebrate as one of the veterans in the business makes it through yet another year both on earth and in the music business.  Vibes provided by Metromedia (of course), Afrique, Adonai, and Stone Love!  Bashment style juggling!> (Also Available on Video) 5-6-00

SLUE DEM (NJ) <After a harsh defeat against Matterhorn, Fire Links returns to the USA to battle it out with Black Kat and New Jersey's own upcoming warhead Little Rock at the Terrace Ballroom in Newark, New Jersey!! Reports are Little Rock played very well, being the newbie in the biz.  Panther had his way in the Dub Fi Dub as expected, but many say Fire Links stole the show big time!! You decide!> (Parts 1 & 2) 7-29-00

*SLU-DEM 2000 (JA) <Another cultural stage-show, this time at Wynter's Park and Farm featuring Capleton, Sizzla, Admiral Tibet, Jah Mason, Jah Thunder, etc!> 6-11-00

SOUL SUPREME MIX 2000 (BKLYN) <A exclusive!!! This tape is a straight mix [no-talking]  of Soul Supreme's heavyweight tunes!  Soul Supreme is back on the rise again and no one can deny that they have the tunes to go all the way!!  Most recently clashing Eternity in Virginia, this sound is determined not to let the year 2000 pass them by.  The mixed tape gives you an idea of what they have in store, starting out with some hardcore foundation dubs and working up into the Y2K tunes thats mashing uo the place!!!!!> 2-00

*Soul Supreme vs Eternity (VA) <A exclusive!!! Soul Supreme is still on their comeback trail ,and takes it all the way to Virgina to have it out with Virginia's top notch Eternity!  But the Eternity Crew is formerly of Brooklyn and is not new to the clash thing, having clashed King Adfdies in 1999!  What ensues is an all out old fashion Biltmore style war!! >(Both Sounds-1 Tape) 1-22-00

*Sound Trooper l/s Travellers (JA) <Contrary to popular belief, Sound Trooper is getting juggling dates.  Hear Trooper alongside Travellers!> (Both Sounds-1 Tape) 12-30-00

*Sound Trooper l/s Katarac (JA) <Trooper and Katarac meet for a match of juggling skills.  Can Trooper juggle?  This question is answered here!> (Both Sounds-1 Tape) 12-24-00

Sound Trooper vs Stereo Force (JA) <When Sound Trooper is invited to play a juggling dance in Stereo Force's backyard, the vibes is nice until the taunting begins!! First the Electro Force crew (also in the place) starts to pass comments.  Then the Stereo Force crew decides to through words!   Of course Trooper is a warrior that doesnt back down from war so he dares Stereo Force to bring their dub box!  Stereo Force have been in the business for a while now (proven by their dub from now deceased Alton Black) so they take him up on the offer and run for their dub box!! What ensues is a Dub-Fi-Dub of big tunes into the wee hours!!> (Both Sounds-1 Tape) 12-9-00

*Sound Trooper vs Turbo Force (JA) <Ricky Trooper is on a rampage as he is determined to make it to WORLD CLASH 2001!  Now in most cases to get there you need only do one thing: Kill sounds left and right!!! When Trooper goes up against Prince Tuffie's bredrens from Turbo Force, all hell breaks loose!!!>  (Both Sides - 2 Tapes) 11-18-00

Sound Trooper (JA) <Ricky Trooper continues to buss the new sound, Sound Trooper.  In this bash he proves that he's not just a killing machine, but can juggler as well!> 11-17-00

Sound Trooper vs Jah Creation (JA) <Ricky trooper is well on his way to make a new mark in the business with his brand new Sound Trooper sound system.  In this clash in Ocho Rios, he had a lot to say about the upcoming clash in Miami with Matterhorn, Fire Links, and Bass Odyssey!  It seems Trooper has all the old favorites that Jaro has cut with his name in it, not to mention a bag of new tunes!  But Jah Creation does not back down and got their share of forwards.  In the end a sound dies! > (Both Sides-2 Tapes) 7-19-00

*Sound Trooper l/s Travellers l/s Y2K (JA) <Well the rumors were all true as Ricky Trooper embarks on a solo career and plays this dance as himself!!! Sound Trooper (as he calls the sound) played alongside Travellers and Y2K in St. Elizabeth and in case you were wondering, he played with no Killamanjaro dubs!  Everything played called the name "Sound Trooper" or "Ricky Trooper" in it!!!> (Both Sounds-1 Tape) 2-00

SPECTRUM 2000 (JA) <With the Ruff Kutt Band backing artists such as Chicken, Gringo, Madd Anju, Tanto Metro & Devonte and more, it was pure niceness!! Tanto brings on special Guest T.O.K and mash up the place.. The Baby Cham tears the place down with his new protege Shotta, also bringing up Franke Sly, Frisco Kid, and Wayne Wonder.  When Bounty Killa hit center stage the place was in a frenzy, especially when he brought on Brian & Tony Gold, Nitchie Kutchie, Elephant Man, and Gabriel.  Of course it was worries when The Doctor Beenie Man hit the stage and talked about getting rated No.7th in the top deejay list!  From there he exacted revenge and tore the place apart with lyrics!!!> (Also Available on Video) (Quality Fair on Part 1) (Part 1 & 2) 1-28-00

ST. MARY MI COME FROM (JA) <Its link up time in St. Mary when the 13 Crew in Association with the New York & Jamaica Link-Up Crew send for the warhead on Stone Love - Nico Bam Bam, alongside upcoming shotta Jet Lee to provide the musical vibes at Port Maria!! Well that they did as they mash up the place with new tunes, and of course some Stone Love anthems!! Culture and jum Up music at its best!  A wicked Stone Love for the ride!!!!!!> 10-7-00

*STEELIE BASHMENT FALL MIX 2000 (BKLYN)  <First distributed on the Internet by  - ex Afrique selector now gone solo Steelie Bashment has now released another shotta mix tape for the  fall, a straight mega-mix [no talking] of all the wicked bashment tunes for Fall 2000 mixed New York shotta style!> 10-00

+STEELIE BASHMENT SUMMER MIX 2000 (BKLYN)  <First distributed on the Internet by  - ex Afrique selector now gone solo Steelie Bashment has now released his shotta mix tape for the summer, a straight mega-mix [no talking] of all the wicked bashment tunes for Summer 2000 mixed New York shotta style!> 8-00

STING 2000 (JA) <As always, all of the top acts of 2000 were there to represent for their fans.  However if anyone knows the history of STING, they will know that the feature presentation each year is always a mega clash between 2 or more deejays!! This year was no exception, as Merciless goes mad and lyrically clashes the likes of Beenie Man, Bounty Killa, and Mr. Sting Himself, Ninja Man!  Also performing are Elephant Man, Hawkeye, DMX, Cecile, Bling Dawg, Gringo, Kitty Paw, and more!!!> (Also Available on Video) 12-26-00

+STONE LOVE 28th ANNIVERSARY (JA) <The Immortal Stone Love celebrates yet another anniversary and as always its a bashment affair complete with live artists.  To help celebrate with Stone Love were Libra Love, Mickey Faith, and more!   Live on stage: Beenie Man, Buju Banton, Elephant Man, Nitty Kutchie, Bling Dawg, George Nooks, 14K, Singing Melody, Byron Lee and The Dragnaires, and more!!> (Parts 1 & 2)  12-16-00

*STONE LOVE SLOW JAMS VOL 4 (7) (JA) <First distributed on the Internet by!! Last year we came out with Stone Love Slow Jams Vol 1 and it was one of the hottest selling tapes for the better half of the year!  In the Spring of this year we came with Volume 3!!  Now in this great tradition we are once again proud to spring you the Fall 2000 edition: dubbed Soul Serenade #7, featuring a live mix of all the latest R&B slow jams, punctuated by Nico Bam Bam himself"!  A must have!!!> 9-00

*Stone Love w/ Cocoa Tea Live (JA) <The veteran singer Cocoa Tea keeps a big dance and Stone Love is invited to be the musical guest of honor.  Cocoa Tea also performs live!!!!!!>  8-18-00

*STONE LOVE MIX (JA) <First distributed on the Internet by - Stone Love releases another wicked mix for the Y2K.  For all those that appreciate the innovative trendsetting sounds of Stone Love in a Straight Mix [No Talking] fashion, this is it!  Hear all the new tunes and exclusive Stone Love Dubs - Hardcore Juggling!!!> 8-00

*STONE LOVE STUDIO ONE MIX (JA)  <Stone Love straight mega-mix [No Talking] of vintage Studio One tunes done in a way we have come to expect from the immortal!  Stone love visits the 70s and early 80s and brings a cool blend of old time favorites!  Warning: For serious reggae music fans only!!> 8-00

+Stone Love l/s Rebel T (JA) <Stone Love and Rebel T team up for a dance but Capleton comes on live and steals the show!!  The Fireman is on the prowl and he's certain to let everyone know he's not easing up on the fire for the Y2K!! From old classics to current hits to brand new pre-releases, the Prophet covers it all lyrically at this stage show!!!> 5-19-00

STONE LOVE MIX VOL 8 (JA) <First distributed on the Internet by - Stone Love releases another wicked mix for the Y2K.  For all those that appreciate the innovative trendsetting sounds of Stone Love in a Straight Mix [No Talking] fashion, this is it!  Hear all the new tunes and exclusive Stone Love Dubs - Hardcore Juggling!!!> 5-00

+Stone Love l/s Judgement l/s City Rock l/s One Blood (JA) <The immortal Stone Love meets up with the second Japanese sensation, Judgement, along with Chicago's One Blood and one of Jamaica's most  persistemt juggling sounds, City Rock for a bashemnt affair.. Nuff sounds.. Nuff different styles of juggling... Nuff Vibes!!!!!!>  All Sounds-1 Tape) 4-29-00

+Stone Love l/s Bass Odyssey (JA) <Another historic moment in sound system history as Stone Love lifts their ban and starts playing with the bad Bwoys from St. Anns.  How could Stone Love resist?  Bass Odyssey is on top of the world right now!  Big dance in Cinema Two!!!> (Both Sounds-1 Tape) 4-28-00

Stone Love l/s Stonewall (ANTIGUA) <First distributed on the Internet by!! For the first time ever Stone Love visits the island of Antigua and plays alongside Antigua's number one sound Stonewall!!  The vibes is nice as Stone Love rinse out some wicked tunes in a juggling fashion, drawing for a whole heap of Capleton.. But Antigua is no stranger to Capleton and the likes cause Stonewall have nuff dubs galore, as  proven by the fact that they played side by side with Stone Love, and with each passing round played wickeder and wickeder!!> (Parts 1 & 2) 3-4-00

STONE LOVE MIX VOL 7 (JA) <First distributed on the Internet by - Stone Love's wickedest release yet for the Y2K.  For all those that appreciate the innovative trendsetting sounds of Stone Love in a Straight Mix [No Talking] fashion, this is it!  Hear all the new tunes and exclusive Stone Love Dubs - Hardcore Juggling!!!> 2-00

STONE LOVE SLOW JAMS VOL 3 (JA) <Another exclusive for 2000!! Last year we came out with Stone Love Slow Jams Vol 1 and it was one of the hottest selling tapes for the better half of the year!  Now in this great tradition we are once again proud to spring you the Spring 2000 edition: Volume 3, featuring a live mix of R&B slow jams from TLC, KC & Jo Jo, 98 Degrees, Shania Twain, Back Street Boys, Brian McKnight, and more!  Also featured is the hot new single from Bob Marley & Lauryn Hill, "Turn Your Lights Down Low"!  A must have!!!> 2-00

Stone Love vs Jah Creation (JA) <The Immortal Stone Love goes to Montego Bay to play with Jah Creation, a heavyweight sound that has just begun to show its face about a year now!  Slaughter and Nico came into the dance confident to turn a sound over but when Ninja and Bad Rasta from Jah Creation put it on dem, they had to rewind and re-think their game plan!  Nico and Slaughter soon found their backs against the wall after making some anti-Rasta speeches, and if you didnt hear what happened next, well you need to get the tapes!!!> (Both Sides-2 Tapes) 1-29-00

*Stone Love l/s G.T. Taylor (JA) <In a dance dubbed "Ugly Gal" kept at Kay's Lawn, Tollgate, Clarendon,  two hardcore veterans do a juggling dance and its pure niceness!  Its not often they meet up so you know its big tune time!!> (Stone Love Side) 3-18-00

*Stur Gav in Hanover (JA) <The foundation sound continues its tour into the year 2000 with a wicked dance in Hanover.  As usual the night is all about veterans as the likes of U-Roy, Daddy Shark, General Trees, Sugar Minott, Quench Aid, and Danny Dread mash up the place King Stur Gav style!!!> (Pts 1 & 2) 2-26-00

*SUMFEST (JA) <Its not Sunsplash but it just may have well have been!!!!  The annual stage show returns with a wicked line up of artists including Bounty Killa, Beenie Man, Sizzla Kolunji, Lexxus, Jr Reid, Nitchie Kutchie, and more!!!> (Also Available on Video) 8-00

+SUMMER JAM 2000 (JA) <Its a mega bash and stage show featuring Matterhorn, Adonai, Jamrock, and Amplex and all's good until the Mentally ill and Amplex start the war!! Things got so heated Bounty Killa had to come in and part it! Then live on stage: Bounty  Killer, Baby Cham, Senior Killer, Scare Dem, Chicken, Most Wanted, plus much more!!> (Parts 1 & 2) 7-29-00

*SUPERSONIC "Conscious Ragga 2000 III" (GERMANY) < presents an exclusive!!  Supersonic, the juggling bad bwoys from Berlin, Germany are back with another wicked CULTURE mix!  Handed to us by Panza hoimslef, this tape features a hardcore straight mega-mix [without the talking] by selector Panza of  Fall culture 2000 tunes as well as some wicked dubs, and proves that reggae music is more than just Jamaica, New York, and England.. its everywhere!!> 12-00

*SUPERSONIC "Dancehall 2000 III" (GERMANY) < presents an exclusive!!  In our mission to bring to you the most international selection of reggae music, we go to the far reaches of Berlin, Germany and bring back to you a wicked dancehall mix from one of Germany's top sound systems, Supersonic!  This tape features a hardcore straight mega-mix [without the talking] by selector Panza of  Fall 2000 dancehall tunes as well as some wicked dubs! An exclusive handed to us by Panza himself!> 12-00

*SUPERSONIC "Conscious Ragga 2000 II" (GERMANY) < presents an exclusive!!  In our mission to bring to you the most international selection of reggae music, we go to the far reaches of Berlin, Germany and bring back to you a wicked CULTURE mix from one of Germany's top sound systems, Supersonic!  This tape features a hardcore straight mega-mix [without the talking] by selector Panza of  Summer 2000 tunes as well as some wicked dubs, and proves that reggae music is more than just Jamaica, New York, and England.. its everywhere!!!!!  A Must Have!> 7-00

*SUPERSONIC "Dancehall 2000 II" (GERMANY) < presents an exclusive!!  In our mission to bring to you the most international selection of reggae music, we go to the far reaches of Berlin, Germany and bring back to you a wicked dancehall mix from one of Germany's top sound systems, Supersonic!  This tape features a hardcore straight mega-mix [without the talking] by selector Panza of  Summer 2000 tunes as well as some wicked dubs, and proves that reggae music is more than just Jamaica, New York, and England.. its everywhere!!!!!  A Must Have!> 7-00

*TEST MI IF YU CAN (JA)  <Sound Trooper and Travellers meet up for a wicked dance and  featuring the likes of Bounty Killer, Baby Cham, Lexxus, Elephant Man, Sizzla, Nitchie Kutchie, Tony Curtis, Merciless, and more!!!  Nuff vibes as Bounty comes in with Tony Curtis to mash up the place with his new hit tune!!> (Also Available on Video) 8-18-00

*THE REUNION (BKLYN) <King Addies and Stone Love met up in yard  two weeks prior for the first time in years.  Now they take the reunion to the true battleground - Brooklyn, New York.   In King Addies' corner is Winter Fresh and Neil Diamond!  In Stone Love's corner is the mighty Nico Bam Bam!!  Its war up inna Club Warehouse as the vibes make you remember Tilden Ballroom and the infamous Biltmore! Straight up clash to the bitter end!!!>  (Parts 1 & 2) 9-23-00

THONG 2000 (JA) <Jago Entertainment Group (JAG) and Yard Beat Crew brings to Riverside Drive Inn, Crescent District, Spanish Town the following: Fire Links, Bass Oydssey, Adonai, Stone Love, and Matterhorn!!  Simply put, new tunes and wicked tunes galore mixed with excitement as these juggling heads go at it!!  Fire Links dun di place!!!!>  (Bass Odyssey, Adonia, Fire Links - Parts 1 & 2) 10-28-00

+THREE MUST DEAD (JA) <Its a four way war between Killamanjaro, Mellophonic, Cinemax, and Soundwave!!  What more can be said???  (Part 1-3) 4-23-00

*TINKABELL 1104 (JA) <First distributed on the Internet by - Tinkabell (the Renaissance -like juggling sound outta Japan formerly know as "Tinkerbell") just sent us their latest release - another wicked Mixed Tape featuring a Straight Mix [No Talking] of the hottest dancehall reggae, dubplates, thumping Hip Hop, and smooth R&B out for Summer 2000!!!  Over 80 banging joints, mixed Japan style!!> 8-00

*TRIPLE LOADED (JA) <Matterhorn, Adonai, and Jah Creation meets up for a triple way juggle/clash!! Here you have a bonifide juggling sound (Adonai), a bonifide clash sound (Jah Creation), and a cross between the two that clashes and juggles (Matterhorn).  Word on the street is Matterhorn stole the show!  You decide!> (Parts 1-3) 5-18-00

TREMOURS THE REBIRTH 2000 (JA) <What do you get when you put all of the hardcore Uptown juggling sounds and hottest deejays in one melting pot?? You get TREMOURS 2000!!! Picture the Uptown Remix Masters Renaissance bussing the latest Hip Hop and such including some wicked remixes!!! Imagine Master Lee and DJ Rush  adding to the Hip Hop Remix Flava!! Imagine Travellers wid some wicked Capleton selections!!  Then add Bounty Killa, Baby Cham, Wayne Woinder, Sean Paul, Zumjay, Wayne Marshall, Ward 21, and more!!!> (All Sounds-1 Tape) 4-20-00

UNLOADED 2000 (JA) <The final day of the year is red hot as Fire Links, Matterhorn, and Adonai meet up at the annual Unloaded Stage Show at Pier One, Mobay!!  Matterhorn dun the place but when he called for Links to continue their Christmas Clash Rampage, Links already exited the venue! Live on stage: Beenie Man versus Elephant Man in a musical war of lyrics for lyrics!  Plus Danny English, Kitty Paw, Singer J, and more!!!!> (Also Available on Video) (Parts 1 & 2) 12-31-00

VALENTINES MILLENIUM BASH (BKLYN) <Another exclusive!!  Cassette Face alongside Silver Sword Entertainment and the Brady Bunch brings to Albany Manor in Brooklyn: King Addies with Winter Fresh & Neil Diamond (now Platinum), Steelie Bashment, Silver Sword, Stereo Sonic, and Natural Vibes for the biggest Millenium Valentines Bashment!!!  The vibes is right as all the sounds mash up the place with juggling Biltmore style!!  Even Lee Majors and the Soul Supreme Crew couldn't resist passing through and dropping some tunes! Nuff Vibes!!> (Pts 1 & 2) 2-11-00

VISIONS II 2000 (JA) <Auto Vision and Associates present Visions II at 8 Hillview Road, Kingston 10! This juggling affair features the likes if Renaissance, The Arabian Attack DJ Khalid, Fire Links, Tony Matterhorn, and the return of Montego Bay's veteran sound - Kangol.  What more can be said? With Swamp Thing on Stone Love - ViBeS!!!!>  (Also Available on Video) (Stone Love and Kangol - 1 Tape) 12-28-00

WAR 2000 (QUEENS)  <Its a war to put all the loose arguments to rest in Amazura and see who's the bad man in New York! Tony Matterhorn rematches Fire Links after killing him in Brooklyn at NO MORE LONG ARGUMENT!  Bass Odyssey rematches Matterhorn after losing to him in Antigua.  And Panther was just there to cause everybody some trouble.  was there live to take in the action as one sound got dubbed the winner by mistake, one sound bawl till they get the trophy for biggest forward, one sound  got tricked out of missing the Dub-F-Dub, and one sound was cheated out of a victory by the screwed up structure of the Dub-Fi-Dub. A Must Have! BONUS: Part 3 feature exclusive comments about how the clash ended from some of New York's most promninent sounds as well as from the selectors involved!!> (Also Available on Video) (Parts 1-3) 8-11-00

*WARRR - SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST  (BKLYN) <Its Father Bently's dance and Fire Links goes up against the mighty mouth of Panther and Black Kat in Club Large, Bklyn, New York!! Nuff say Links dun the dance from early out up to the 15 minutes.  Others say Links was no match for Panther's foundation tunes in the Dub-Fi-Dub!  You decide who you think won this one!!!> (Also Available on Video) (Parts 1 & 2) 6-2-00

WAR OF THE WARRIORS (JA) <Amplex and Katarac meet up at the Ewarton Community Centre in Portmore, St Catherine for a juggling dance but when featured sounds Fire Links and Mentally ILL Tony Matterhorn pass through, they decide to make it a rematch of RAS and Reloaded 2000!  Matterhorn and Links were late so Amplex and Katarac decided to have it out in an all out war!! When Matterhorn and Links arrived the war dun start but they decided to continue their Christmas Clash Rampage with a Dub Fi Dub clash! War!!> (Also Available on Video) (Parts 1 & 2) 12-30-00

*WARLORDS UNCENSORED (QUEENS) <First distributed on the Internet by,  we got the war!!!  Its war up inna Q-Club in Queens, New York City as the war tanker Panther and Black Kat goes up against 1999 World Clash Champions, Mighty Crown!!! Crown has a heavy dub box with seemingly unlimited funds to cut new tunes, but Panther is a veteran of NYC and runs from nobody!  Panther tries to tackle Crown's new tunes by playing nuff new tunes of his own, but in the end was this change of pace enough to conquer the Japanese??? > (Parts 1 & 2) 11-4-00

*WE NUH WATCH GAL (JA) <The Taylor Hall Past Students Association brings to UWI once again their hype bashment, this time called "We Nuh Watch Gal".  At this bashment the uptown remix kings Renaissance and Mr. Hype Fire Links buck up once again and its pere style and pattan!!!> 11-10-00

*WELL LOADED 2000 (JA) <Ricky Trooper is on the move with his own sound, Sound Trooper and things are looking good.  At this dance they team up with [Renaissance, Black Kat, and City Rock for a bad bwoy type bashment affair!> (Sound Trooper Side, City Rock Side - 2 Tapes) 6-24-00

WHERE WILL THE TROPHY GO (CONNECTICUT) <Two sounds most likely to be in World Clash this year are the returning champions Mighty Crown and the UK Sound Killer David Rodigan..  However these guys can't want until then and thus have started the armshouse from early!!! Listen to Rodigan & Mighty Crown have their 1st of a series of duels!! Crown disses Rodigan's wife over Lexxus' "Yu Betta Canm Cook" and Rodigan comes in with a vengence, playing among other things a dub done completely in Japanese!!!" The dub fi dub was a death match!!!> (Also Available on Video) (Pts 1 & 2) 3-18-00

*WHO DEM (JA) <Bass Odyssey and Megamuss team up at Starlight Lawn, Cave Valley, St. Ann and its worries!!! Odyssey juggles for a capacity crowd in a way only they can, mashing up di place.  Hear the war machine at work in a juggling dance.. Nuff tunes and nuff styles!! (Bass Odyssey Side) 3-18-00

*WILLIE HAGART BUS RIDE (JA)  <Its an Annual thing as Willie Hagart of the Black Roses Crew presents his Annual Busride, this year to Fisherman's Beach, Ocho Rios!!  As always its an exquisite juggling affair, and invited this year are Stone Love, Metromedia, Rebel T, and Sound Wave!  Plus Beenie Man performs live (among others)!!> (Also Available on Video) (Parts 1 & 2) 8-13-00

*WORLD'S FOUR TOP SOUNDS (JA)  <In a dance by Madhouse Productions dubbed "The World's Four Top Sounds", veteran selector and MC Squingy celebrates just over a decade of vibing on Bass Odyssey.  Invited to this special occasion are the likes of Stone Love, Renaissance, and Posion Dart!  A must Have!> (3 Sides-3 Tapes) 8-24-00

WORLD CLASH 2000 (QUEENS) < was at the slaughter house (Amazura in Queens) to see the drama unfold!!! Six sounds come for the trophy but only one can leave with it!! Mighty Crown (returning champs); Bass Odyssey (missing in action last year); Matterhorn (returns after dropping out in dub-fi-dub last year); Killamanjaro (comes back to avenge their loss last year); Pow Pow (first time representing Germany and Europe!); and Little Rock (the flip-up kings from Jersey)!! One sound eliminate from early!! One big sound drop out again wid another little sound! Then 3 warheads go at it in 9 tunes of Dub-Fi-Dub!!! Needless to say a piece of gruesome drama went down!!!> (Also Available on Video) (Also Available on CD) (Parts 1-4) 10-6-00

*WORLD CLASH @ ANTIGUA 2000 (ANTIGUA) <The new clash capital of the Caribbean (Antigua) brings Tony Matterhorn and Bass Odyssey to clash Antigua's own Cancer and Stonewall, plus Stereo Choice from Guyana to the Multi-Purpose Lawn.  The local sounds gets eliminated, Bass Odyssey comes late, bottles get thrown at one point, and someone wisks away with the trophy in this controversal clash!!!!>(Parts 1-3) 6-17-00

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