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Mighty Crown makes their clash Debut In New York at perhaps the best World Clash to date!!

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Adonai - Lady Saw Dance (JA) <Its Lady Saw's dance in Papene and Adona provides the the vibes as the Queen of Dancehall Slackness mash up the place wid her own dose of lewd lyrics!  Special Guests include Capleton (who comes in and buns fire pun everything), Bounty Killa (mash up the place wid "Look"), Spragga Benz (whose new tune  "Star" is so wicked it can't be described), Singing Melody, Lexxus, Harry Toddler (preaching his new Christian Faith), Gabrielle,  and more!!>  10-1-99

Adonai (vs Alaska) (JA) <Adonai and Alaska are slated for an alongside dance at Alligator Pond in St. Elizabeth and the entire Adonai crew with Scorpion, Dred, Pryor, & Dezzy is on hand to create vibes!  But then Alaska comes out of nowhere and starts flipping up on Adonai.  Now everyone knows that Adonai is the hottest new juggling sound in Jamaica right now, but Alaska forgot that Adonai also has an arsenal of dubs fit for clash. The result - Adonai kicks over Alaska!!> (Adonai Side) 7-19-99

Adonai (JA) <Its a big dance and Adonai is called to create and build vibes and they did exactly just that.  This tape tells you why Adonai is quickly becoming one of the top juggling sounds in Jamaica.   Talk about new dubs, they have it - including some exclusives from Ward 21.  Even four months down the line some of these tunes wont be released yet!!> 4-17-99

Adonai l/s Earthruler (BKLYN) <After Adonai was forced to go one side as Matterhorn and Trooper battled it out, many felt they didn't get their fair chance to juggle for the NYC crowd.  This dance alongside Earthruler the very next day is what many people consider to be the "Real Debut" of Adonai in NYC.  Earthruler juggles a nice dance with new dubs and old favorites but the star of the night was Adonai as they showed NYC what they can do with some exclusive dubs and remixes!!> (Parts 1 & 2) 4-10-99

ADONAI SLOW JAMS FLAVOR VOL 1 (JA) <Its a exclusive as we feature the 5th Element Sound of the Future, Adonai, as you have never heard them before - juggling all slow jams for the massive.  Punctuated by an occasional intro from the crew, this tape is a mix of all the newest R&B/Soul tunes along with some oldies flavor.  A side of Adonai that many don't expect from the leaders of the 99'Bounty Killa dubs!> 4-99

Adonai - The 5th Element Sound of the Future (JA) <If you haven't yet heard about the new sound mashing up Jamaica right now then you better check them out!  Three sounds have the most Bounty Killa dubs as of this date: Bass Odyssey (of course), Matterhorn, and Adonai - the 5th Element of Sound!  In this juggling dance alongside Cornerstone, the new sound brandishes some wicked new tunz to show why they are the hottest thing out of Jamaica right now!> 2-27-99

Afrique l/s Libra Love l/s Supa Doo w/ T.O.K. Live (NYC) Club Large in Brooklyn is alive as the sensation singing group T.O.K. ("Nuff Man A Pose Like a Shotta!")  makes their Brooklyn debut!  Alley Cat also passes through for a cameo appearance!  The tape also features the three rulers of rub a dub juggling in NYC as they join forces in a friendly display of dubs.  Renzi and Terror C (from the Black Majesty Camp) plays Supa Doo as Super Slick represents Afrique and Baby Q and Stereo Fish defend Libra Love!! Danger from Natural Vibes also passes through for a one talk!!> (All Sounds-One Tape) 7-19-99

Afrique l/s Libra Love (BKLYN) <NYC's premiere juggling machines team up for a "Round Robin" in Albany Manor and its a bashy affair!  The entire Afrique Crew is at the controls (a rare occasion) as Jagga B, Crazy Richie, Super witch, Steelie, and the rest work the juggling machine to the T, mashing up di place with the exclusive Nas dub.  Of course Libra Love with Baby Q, Stereo Fish and the crew draw some wicked oldies to dun the place!  Mature juggling from 2 of NY's best!> (All Sounds - 1 Tape) 6-1-99

Amplex l/s Katarac (JA) <Two warheads from Spanish Town -  Amplex and Katarac meet up in linstead to face off against each other and against Bodyguard who was also scheduled to appear.  But when Bodyguard does their infamous "no show" routine, Amplex and Katarac decide to battle it out the bashment way!  What ensues is a  night of hardcore juggling for the rude bwoys and girls!!> (Both Sides - 2 Tapes) 4-3-99

BASS ODYSSEY PRE-GRAND MARKET BASHMENT (JA) <Its the night before the annual street jam at Browns Town, St Ann  and Bass Odyssey plays a wicked bashment in Riverton, St. Catherine!  The hype man Squingy himself mixes as Skinny works the mic, brandishing some 2000 style tunes to mash up the place!  Then the Fireman Capleton passes through live and deejays for the massive free of charge!!!! A must have!!!> (Parts 1 & 2) 12-24-99

Bass Odyssey (vs Mighty Crown) (BKLYN) <Everyone was lined up again to see this wicked match but unfortunately for fans Mighty Crown was a no show!  Nevertheless  Squingy and DJ Mark made it a point not to disappoint the fans and juggled a wicked segment, unleashing some wicked new tunes!!  But the drama of the night really came when Odyssey let loose a ton load of foundation tunes that have not ben played in years, tunes that everyone thought they had lost when the sound split up years ago.  The tape also features Steelie Bashent who was scheduled for the early warm.  Although Odyssey only plays for a little while on the tape, the tape is well worth it!!!!> (QualityFair) (Bass Odyssey/Steelie Bashment Side-1 Tape) 12-4-99

Bass Odyssey (vs Bodyguard vs Supa Mix) (JA) <Bass Odyssey is scheduled to juggle alongside Bodyguard and Supa Mix in Black River, St Elizabeth, and Worm does a wicked job with the early out.  However when  the people demand for a clash to take place and it is revealed that Bodyguard only sent Big Mac and Junior Vibes, Bass Odyssey doesn't response, and Squingy, DJ mark, and Skinny start to put a beating all over Bodyguard!!> (Bass Odyssey Side) 10-18-99

Bass Odyssey l/s Chalice (FLA) <Bass Odyssey is back in Orlando for a juggling fest with one of Florida's champion juggling sounds - Chalice!  Chalice starts out with culture jugglng , then  when the one rack comes in and dun the place wid an early tune, the needle breaks from a forward, and Bass Odyssey is forced to juggle "Stur Gav" style with one turntable!  They still mash up the place, and when the 2nd turntable needle is replaced, Chalice and Bass Odyssey go one for one in a non-stop megamix  of dubs on "Da Joint" rhythm, mashing up di place!!  Nuff vibes - even squingy asked for the cassette!!> (Both Sounds-1 Tape)  8-27-99

Bass Odyssey (l/s Pieces) (JA) <Club Amnesia in Ocho Rios gets a visit from the Bad Bwoys from St. Anns!!  Squingy, Skinny, and DJ Mark mash up Ocho Rios alongside Pieces from Mobay!!  As usual they play it all - the latest dubs and new hit tunes, a wicked Hip Hop/R7B segment, and a massive segment of old tunes!  What's unique about this tape is that they also go into some Hip Hop oldies, showing off their diversity with nuff vibes!!> (Quality Fair) (Bass Odyssey Side) 8-6-99

Bass Odyssey vs Black Kat (FLA) <Bass Odyssey and Black Kat meet up in Orlando for a wicked clash and Panther feels he can kick them over since he caused some problems for Jaro earlier in the month!  However Squingy and DJ Mark had different a plan in mind, and when they forced Black Kat to play new tunes and Panther and Yunzie coulnd't answer, Bass Odyssey flatten the place wid new dubs!!  Panther in turn called for vintage tunes an Bass Odyssey was forced to deliver that, and they did!!!!> (Both Sounds-1 Tape) 7-30-99

Bass Odyssey vs Katarac (JA) <Its a war on neutral grounds in Portland as Bass Odyssey is called to juggle with Katarac.  Its not clear who started the war but both sounds are willing to finish it!  Bass Odyssey with Squingy, Skinny, & DJ Mark unleash on Katarac with Hitman, Quincy Jones, and Crew but this new sound comes back with the likes of everything from Bob Andy to Capleton to Marcia Griffiths!  Then when Katarac draws an intro on dub by Lenny (former Bass Odyssey selector now on Amplex) dissing Bass Odyssey, some say Odyssey never revived! A Must Have!!!> (Both Sides) 5-28-99

Bass Odyssey vs First Class vs Lionheart (BKLYN) <After their clash with David Rodigan, Squingy and DJ Mark fly to Bermuda and then back to Trinity Hall in Brooklyn for this dance turn clash! Squingy officially introduces DJ Mark to the NYC fans at Cassette Face's request, then invites Tinna One (the selector who first buss Bass Odyssey and now plays Lonestar) to say a few words.  But when Lionheart and First Class start to break hell is pure confusion!  Dubs start to fly from all directions! It then cuts to a Bass Odyssey Mix!> (Parts 1 & 2) 4-4-99

Bass Odyssey vs Rodigan (BKLYN) <Mr. Warhead meets Mr. English in The Warehouse for on of the biggest clashes of the year thus far and yours truly was there to witness it! Rodigan is known for his vintage tunes but buss the dance early out with new Bounty's to dun the place for the biggest forward of the night!  Bass Odyssey runs the new tunz biz worldwide but uses old tunes to mashup the second and third rounds!  The Dub fi Dub was a death duel as Rodigan scrambled to find new tunes to meet Odyssey's force while Squingy & DJ Mark draw for some of their best vintage!  A must have!!!> (Parts 1 & 2) 4-2-99

Bass Odyssey l/s Travellers (JA) <"Hard Knocks Life" is the name of this bash as the new tune kings Bass Odyssey with Squingy and the Madhouse Crew invites Uptown sound Travellers with  Jugsy Killa and the Asylum Crew into their backyard at Sector Lawn, Alexandria!  Its a new tune affair as both sounds juggle for the massive in the own unique way! Travellers is on a comeback mission for 99 and this dance is proof!> (Both Sides -2 Tapes) 3-15-99

Bass Odyssey in Stewart Town (JA) <This [will be] the best Bass Odyssey juggling dance of the year and I'm not saying that because I was there and videotaped it personally!!  This is a exclusive only available here as Prince Tuffie's cousin Nicky brings Bass Odyssey to Stewart Town, Trelawny for the first time in a big street dance at Mass Henry gate!  Squingy, Dwayne, and Pablo juggle everything from ska, to disco, to slow jams, to the latest reggae tunes  and old favorites in a dance that can only be described as pure ecstasy!!  Hear Odyssey as you have never heard them before!!> (Also Available on CD) 3-14-99

*Bass Odyssey l/s Super Gold (ATLANTA) <Skinny in USA for 1st time l/s DJ Mark!!> 3-13-99

Bass Odyssey vs Black Kat (WASH DC) (Two warlords buck up in The Basement in Washington for a death match!  On one hand Panther has the least tunes in the biz but is one of the toughest warlords out there!  On the other is Bass Odyssey who has been on a none-stop killing spree since 97!!  Bass Odyssey trample Kat wid new tunz but Panther  is no stranger to Washington and uses his MC'ing skills and a bag of familiar Black Kat rub-a-dub plates to hold is own, bringing the clash decision to a Dub-Fi-Dub duel to the finish!> (Parts 1 & 2) (Also available on Video!) 2-20-99

PANTHER B-DAY BASH (JA) <Its the warlord Pink Panther's birth strong celebration at Christiana Square in Mandeville, St. Elizabeth and Black Kat sends for the warlords: Killamanjaro, Exodus Nuclear, Katarac, Amplex, One Blood, and Fire Linx! Of course everyone knows Panther doesn't juggle, and all the sounds soon start clashing!  The sounds all go tune fi tune for 2 tunes each and then went into an elimination round! Trooper flip up pon Exodus, Katarac flip up on everybody (saying he's gonna play a Bounty for each each of the sounds and write them off one by one!), everybody a call fi Squingy, and Fire Linx dun the place with is Capleton medley!!  One table gets broken down, fight bruck out over whose turn it is, someone steals the needle, and all hell breaks loose!!! A Must Have!> (All Sounds-1 Tape) 11-12-99

*Black Kat vs Pieces (JA) <Black Kat and Pieces war it out !!> (Both Sounds-1 Tape) 10-2-99

*Black Kat vs Exodus Nuclear (JA) <Exodus Nuclear continues its comeback but they picked the wrong sound to get wassy wid!!!> (Both Sides-2 Tapes) 8-10-99

+Black Kat vs Amplex (WASH DC) <Panther have it out wid Amplex in DC!!> (Parts 1 & 2)  5-11-99

*Bodyguard vs Little Rock (NJ) <Johnny is on a rampage as Links pursues a solo career but can he do it alone against New Jersey's hardcore clash sound - Little Rock?  Can Johnny clash without Links?  That is the big question that this clash answered!!!> (Both Sounds-1 Tape) 12-24-99

BOUNTY ATTACK STAGE SHOW (JA) <Hell breaks lose in Spanish Town as the Warlord Bounty Killa & Richie Stevens comes through for a stage show!  Backed by the Ruff Kutt Band, Richie Stevens comes on stage first with his sidekick, new young deejay sensation Copper Cat.  Bounty then joins him in a battle for forwards as they switch roles, Bounty singing and Stevens deejaying. Bounty then takes center stage and duns the place.  The tape ends with a mix of Bounty tunes!> 5-22-99

BOUNTY KILLA B-DAY BASH (JA) <Bounty Killa at 27 years strong celebrates with none other than Tony Matterhorn  alongside Adonai and another new juggling sensation, Obsession.  But the hype part starts when the live artists take stage.  The whole crew comes out to celebrate including Burro Banton, TOK, John Wayne, Pinchers, WARD 21, Richie Stevens, Lady Saw, Lexxus, Alley Kat, Major Christie, Chuck Fender, rap group Coco Brovaz, Monster Shack, and Scare Dem!  Then Bounty and stage partner Merciless combine their talents to wreck the place!> (Also available on Video) (Parts 1 & 2) 6-12-99

BRITISH LINK UP 99 (JA) <Its the annual bashment in La Roose brought to you by Father Fowl and the British Crew and its bigger than ever.  On hand to represent Jamaica are Stone Love and Metromedia!  UK is represented by the hot new sensation Music Street fresh from England.  Its also Mr. Easy's birthday suh a nuff vibes! The juggling is wicked, and when Matterhorn passes through for a surprise guest appearance, the place turns upside down!!> (Parts 1 & 2) (Also available on Video!) 4-3-99

CACTUS "Bruck Out Mix" '99 (JA) < presents a wicked straight mix (no talking) of all the latest dancehall tunes out, from artists such as Beenie Man, Bounty Killa, Scare Dem, Monster Shack, Alias Crew, Shocking Vibes, Baby Cham, Zebra, Frisco Kid, Lady Saw, and all your other favorites.  Perfect for the car or home stereo!> 1-99

CAPLETON & RAS SHILOH IN CONCERT (BKLYN) <Capleton & Ras Shiloh make an appearance at Club Large in Brooklyn, NY.  Backed by a live band after King addies plays, Shiloh takes the stage first with hits such as "Are You Satisfied" and "Slavery"!  Of course when the prophet comes on the place is ablaze, as he  burns corruption and vanity!  He goes into new  tunes, old favorites, and some pre-release lyrics, giving the crowd more than they could have ever expected!  Paul Elliot also makes a guest appearance> 6-27-99

CARIBANNA '99 (CANADA) <Matterhorn comes to Canada for Caribanna with the intention of flattening the place!  In addition to bringing the Mentally ILL, the promoters also draw for one of the wickedest clash sounds on the map, Katarac!   The two join forces to mash up Caribanna and show up North how we do it New York and JA style!!> (Quality Fair) (Both Sounds-1 Tape) 7-31-99

CAVEMAN - HOUSE OF DAVID REUNION (JA) <Caveman hosts a stage show at the Race Track in Rocky Point, Clarendon, and the entire House of David House Crew makes it a reunion event!  In the mix is the Prophet Capleton, Sizzla Kolunji, Jah Mason, Yaggarue, Giddeon, Atomic, and much more!! Hear Iniman mix down the Sleng Teng Rhythm as Capleton, Sizzla, and Jah Mason ride it non-stop one after the other!!  Its nuff vibes as new tunes and old tunes elight the audience.  But more importantly, when the music stops, Capleton and Sizzla take time out to preach and teach the youths as if they were in school!! A Must Have for culture fans!!>  8-99

Caveman w/ Luciano Live (JA) <Its a cultural vibes in St. Mary as Jamaica's premier Rastaman sound Caveman invites none other than the Messenger to voice out for the massive.  After delivering some strictly hardcore Rasta juggling with exclusive dubs from Sizzla and the rest, Ina Man and the Crew calls on Luciano  to bless the place!!  Filled with acappella chants, brand new lyrics, and hard core favorites, this is a Luciano album delivered live!! Strictly conscious vibes!!> (Quality Fair but a must have!!) 5-1-99

CLASH OF THE CHAMPIONS (FLA) <Its an all out war in Orlando Florida as 3 tough sounds battle for the trophy.  LP Intl with Puma and Beez Eye represents New York, Killamanjaro with  Hype & Freddy represents Jamaica, and Florida's own sound killa  Poison Dart represents their home town!  Its all out war as LP gets dissed for dropping off the NY reggae scene, Jaro gets dissed for not sending Trooper, and Dart gets dissed for just being themselves!  Then comes the 3-way tune fi tune and when LP gets eliminated, a fight erupts!! Action packed!!> (Also Available on Video) (Quality Fair) (Parts 1 & 2) 6-11-99

*CLASH OF THE ROCKS (JA) <Jamrock meets City Rock meets Little Rock (from New Jersey) meets Adonai (the only non-mineral present) for a juggling feast!  To top it off, Bounty Killa, Baby Cham, Merciless, and Scare Dem mash up di dance!> (Parts 1 & 2) 8-6-99

CLASH OF THE WARLORDS (FLA) <Its the clash everyone is talking about!! Bass Odyssey, as practice for their clash with Mighty Crown, flies to Orlando Florida to war it out with local heavyweight Poison Dart and new sound killer Katarac!  Its three bad sounds in one big lawn and a pere war!!!! Everyone thought that because Odyssey and Poison Dart are cool that Squingy would spare them but no such luck, as he unleashed the "Put on Your Red Dress" Rhythm that Bass Odyssey is bussing back in the dancehall.  As for Katarac, oh me oh my!!!!!!> (Also Available on Video) (All Sounds-1 Tape) 11-25-99

CONTINENTAL COLLISION - Stone Love vs David Rodigan (JA) <In Club Warehouse in Brooklyn New York, Billy Slaughter was called on to defend the "World Immortal" against the fury of UK's undisputed Monarch, David Rodigan!!  It was a showcase of big tunes as the reggae ambassador from the UK rinsed some exclusive foundation tunes under Billy Slaughter!  But no one expected that Slaughter could hold up the Stone Love  fort so well, and when he draws for Stone Love's exclusive tunes (the ones you don't hear everyday), the showcase of music turned into a downright clash!!!> (Parts 1 & 2) 8-31-99

CULTURE EXPLOSION  99 MIX (NYC) < presents the Culture Explosion 99 Mix, featuring all of the latest culture tunes mashing up the dancehall right now.  This  tape is distributed on the Internet exclusively by us and features new tunz from Sizzla, Luciano, Anthony B, Capleton, Buju Banton, Beres Hammond, and much more!  All the latest culture tunes from yard is right here, with a touch of some of our old favorites!> 3-99

DELANO'S REVENGE PART V 99 (JA) <Renaissance's anual event is bigger than ever and they mash up the place with remixes galore!!! Beenie Man clashes Matterhorn with dubs, then performs live and masshup the place, dissing Chicken in the process! Matterhorn answers back, and with the help of Renaissance's DJ Karim and Bodyguard's Fire Linx (collectively the Fire Squad), dun the place with his new remix Anthem featuring Bounty and Capleton!!!  Guest sounds Asylum and One Blood also play! Then Spragga Benz, Baby Cham, Lexus, Nitchie Kutchie, Chicken (dissing back Beenie Man), Ward 21, Delly Ranks, new sensation Fargo, Chico, and Assasin, perform live!!! A Must Have!!> (Parts 1 & 2) 11-6-99

DON'T HATE ME NOW 99 (JA) <Skeng Don and Bungle's dance in May Pen, Clarendon and its a bashment affair with Willie Hagart and the gang!!!! Stone Love and Metromedia provide the vibes and Beenie Man plays master of ceremony as he calls on some top notch entertainers including Tonto, Devonte, and crew!  When Beenie Man introduces Bounty to the stage, he is met with an uproar of gunshot salutes as the two mash it up lyrics for lyrics!  Beenie even does his version of Bounty's "Look".  Then Nitchie Kutchie, Chaplin (who buns a fire pon Capleton), etc join in!!> (Stone Love Side-Live Artists) 10-17-99

DOWNBEAT VETERANS AFFAIR (BRONX) <Wicked dance at Shaw's Villa in Bronx, New York City featuring the juggling of New York's premier foundation sound, Downbeat the Ruler, with selector Tony Screw and crew!  The tape starts off with some hardcore juggling of exclusive 45s and dubs by Downbeat.  It then goes into the live segment with veteran Cornell Campbell singing out live!  Pad Anthony and Phillip Frazer were also in the dance!!> 8-29-99

TONY SCREW B-DAY BASH (BRONX)  <Its a reunion of old veterans as Tony Screw, owner of New York's ruling foundation sound Downbeat celebrates his birthday at El Oceano on Boston Road.  Distinguished entertainers include Brigadier Jerry, Josey Wales, and Louie Ranking.  As if that wasn't enough, foundation singer Glen Washington, Sammy Dread, and Lukie D of LUST joins in!  Louie Ranking and Josey Wales steal the show as they diss  each other and throw word on just about every deejay in the business (including Ninja man, Super Cat, Tiger, Bounty, Beenie, etc) and have the crowd inna heat with their humorous lyrics! Full of Vibes!!!>   2-28-99

EXHALE 99 BASH ON THE BEACH (JA) <Stone Love, Tony Matterhorn, and Renaissance play together for the first time since the war in BEER VIBES 99!  Matterhorn un di place again - (when will the madness end?) - giving Stone Love a dose of the tunes they  missed at Fully Loaded!  Then Renaissance mash up the Hip Hop/R&B segment and does a wicked Disco segment for the massive.  Stone Love holds their own with some new tunz as Nico bam Bam, Jet Lee, and Swamp Thing put on a juggling showcase!! > (3 Sides-3 Tapes) 8-2-99

Exodus Nuclear Prison Stage Show (JA) <Exodus Nuclear continues its return to the dancehall scene with a massive stage show at the prison in Manchester.  Its a benefit show but that didn't stop the all stars from coming out to supPort it!  Bounty Killa and Baby Cham mashup the place with their new lyrics and Bounty addresses the controversy over his mega-hit "Anytime".  Scare Dem 2 (Bromwell & Daily bread) also makes an appearance.  Then not to be out done, the Doctor Himself Beenie man comes on stage and dun the show with his controversial lyrics about mistakes entertainers use in their songs!! A must have!!> 4-19-99

Exodus Nuclear l/s City Rock (JA) <Its a wicked dance in Spanish Town when Exodus Nuclear continues its return to the scene alongside longtime veteran City Rock.  The vibes is nice as Exodus unleashes a heap of new dubs as well as some exclusive remixes!  But the surprise of the night came from City Rock whose selectors were on a mission, juggling with such a vengeance that they almost stole the show!  To top it off Power Man, Lickshot, Leopard, and Power Stone perform live!!> (All Sounds - 1 Tape) 3-21-99

Fire Linx l/s Tony Matterhorn l/s Exodus Nuclear (JA) <Fire Linx from Bodyguard is now following in the steps of Matterhorn by embarking on a solo career, and comes out under the flu to play alongside Exodus Nuclear in Seaview.  After Exodus mash up the place wid Capleton's "Dutty Life" (over 7 forwards), Linx dun the place wid some Bounty dubs, hip hop and his General B "20 Gal Commandments." When Special Guest Mentally ILL comes in, it seems like its a competition thing to see who is hyper, but of course  he flattens the place "Mental" style!!> 10-14-99

FOUNDATION WORLD WAR 2000 (BOSTON) <Irish & Chin Entertainment's brings Coxsone from England and Downbeat from New York to face up against Mighty Crown, one of the top sound systems in Japan!  Mighty Crown's selectors are Japanese but they are not to be under-rated, as they have an arsenal of dubs (both vintage and new) that can match any sound in the biz!  Coxsone flip up from early with their vast array of foundation dubs; Downbeat played some classics but was more easy going; but Mighty Crown was the star of the night, bussing the crowd tune after tune with  their humorous mic antics!  Who got the trophy?> (All Sounds - 1 Tape) 6-18-99

FOUR THE HARD WAY (NY) <Earthruler, L.P., Little Rock, and Natural Vibes juggle together but war breaks out and Little Rock steps up to defend New Jersey!  No one knew the Little Rock had tunes like what they brandished, and everyone was caught by surprise!  But NYC is war town, and everyone steps up to get a piece -  but only one was left standing!! (All Sounds - One Tape) 9-17-99

FOUR THE HARD WAY (JA) <Killamanjaro, Black Kat, One Blood, and Amplex battle to see who's the fittest!  When the Spanish Town dance starts out as a juggling occasion, warhead Panther from Black Kat comes in and disses everybody saying him nuh inna di "friend thing".  From there on everybody get wassi and the war starts!> (All Sounds - 1 Tape) 2-28-99

*FREEDOM REDEMPTION CONCERT (JA) <For all culture fans, Capleton continues to woe his audience with controversial and sometimes contradictory lyrics!!  Hear him live backed by a band in all his controversial splendor as he goes into some brand new pre-release lyrics as well as old favorites.  A cultural masterpiece!!> 8-28-99

FULLY LOADED 99 (JA) <Gringo kills Baby Cham and Bounty kills back Gringo!! Plus Red Rat, Lady Saw, Burro Banton, T.O.K., Major Christie, Baby Wayne, Doug E. Fresh, Chicken, Saber Tooth, Egg Nog, & comedians Sammy & Question! Sounds include Tony Matterhorn (done the place again!), Renaissance (wicked as usual), Adonai, Alaska (best they've ever played), Afrique (wicked!), and Massive B (rock da place wid Hip Hop!!> (Parts 1-4) 7-25-99  

GLOBAL GOLD CUP SOUNDSPLASH '99 (UK) <Its a world war in Temple Club in Tottenham as 5 heavyweights battle it out for the Gold Cup!  Luv Injection with Corporal Billy and Lord Gellys with Fresh Kid & Crazy Rich represent their home, the UK, Bass Odyssey  with Squingy & DJ Mark represent Jamaica, L.P. with Puma and Beez-I Intl represent the US, and Judgement represent Japan! Talk about a musical madness!!  When all but two sounds get eliminated, it boils down to the crowd.  A trophy gets issued, then gets taken back and given to the next side!! A must have!!> (Also Available on Video!) (Part 1 & 2) 9-18-99

GOSPEL TRAIN '99 (JA) <Its a day of all out rejoicing when Jamaica's foremost Gospel Group, The Grace Thrillers, team up with veteran deejay turn christian Papa San for a concert filled with rejoicing and giving thanks to the most high.  Hear Papa San use his God given talent to sing lyrically amazing praises to the Father! A must have for Papa San fans!> 1-9-99

*HIGHGATE BASH 99 (JA) <Its a bash the likes of STING when Metromedia and African Love team up for a wicked juggling dance!!  The juggling is off the hook, but the true excitement starts when the artists touch the stage, including Beenie Man, Spragga Benz, Burro Banton, Merciless, Junior Reid, Lexxus, John Wayne, Determine, Squidly Ranking, Scare Dem, Worm Dem, Monster Shack, and more!!> (Parts 1 & 2) 10-2-99

HOT SPOT 99 (JA) <Matterhorn,  Stone Love, & Pepsi from Renaissance buck up to do a wicked juggling dance, but from early out Stone Love start to send out a bag of talk dissing the other sounds without calling names.  Of course the "Mentally ill" Matterhorn wasnt going for that so after Stone Love bus the place he picks up the mic and starts a speech how him nuh fraid a nuh sound.  From then on Matterhorn and Pepsi dun di place wid some hot new tunes, including some remixes on hot new Nas' "You Can Hate Me Now" Rhythm !!> (All Sounds - 1 Tape) 5-21-99

Katarac vs Poison Dart (Bermuda) <After the clash with Killamanjaro, Katarac returns to Bermuda a week later with a mission in mind to kill Florida's #1 clash sound Poison Dart.  But Kirky C and the crew has something else in mind!  The two are evenly matched and sparks fly as they try to out do each other with innovative dubs and exclusives!  The clash ends with some Katarac juggling!> (Parts 1 & 2) 9-11-99

Katarac (l/s Exodus Nuclear l/s Master Piece) (JA) <The venue is Central Village, St. Catherine and Katarac is invited to play alongside Exodus Nuclear and Master Piece.  Its total niceness as the Katarac Crew unleash some brand new dubs as well as vintage dubs and special remixes! This tape proves Katarac can juggle as well as clash!> (Katarac Side) 7-10-99

KATARAC MIX (JA) <First distributed on the Internet by, we present a hardcore mix from Katarac, the newest sound killa in the biz out of Spanish Town (JA) and Milwaukee (US).  Katarac is disputed to have killed Killamanjaro and Bass Odyssey, among others!!  This mixed tape [no talking] shows off the mixing skills of Quincy Jones and the crew as it features hardcore dubs from Bounty, Beenie, Cham, and all the rest, as well as all the hot new tunes from Summer 1999!!> 5-99

*Killamanjaro l/s Bodyguard l/s No Limit (JA) <Killamanjaro takes a break from the clash scene to join Bodyguard  and No Limit for this dance.  Of course Trroper has a lot to comment on the business!!!  Wicked juggling with a twist of controversy as Trooper takes a shot at playing Jaro in a bashy style to move the crowd, a change from his normal clash antics!!!  But did you really think there was no clash?  Of course Killamanjaro had to flip up on Links and the crew!!!> (Both Sides-2 Tapes) 12-11-99

Killamanjaro vs Road Warrior vs Crystal (CANADA) <Trooper alone steps into Soca City in Montreal with a mission to kill not one, but two of Montreal's best at once!! Trooper came late so the clash already started between Road Star (with Fatta and Caucasian selector Blondy) and Crystal (with K-Dogg)!  Trooper jumps in and starts the 15/15 minute with a bag of dubs mashing up the place, while commenting on his discontent with WORLD CLASH 99!  Then the three battle it out in a three way Dub-Fi-Dub!  Killamanjaro eliminates one, then its the two down to the wire till morning!!!> (Also Available on Video) (Parts 1 & 2) 11-6-99

Killamanjaro vs Black Kat vs One Blood (JA) <War bruck out as Keith from Killamanjaro puts on a wicked dance in Portmore featuring Killamanjaro, Black Kat, and One Blood from Chicago!  Trooper starts the war from early out, and when One Blood bigs up Trooper while juggling an early  segment, Panther comes in to murder to two of them!!  Its all out war from there as One Blood has to step  aside and let the two warlords battle it out!!> (Parts 1 & 2) 8-16-99

Killamanjaro (vs Black Kat) (JA) <Its a war in Black Kat's town as Trooper and Killamanjaro visits Siloah, St. Elizabeth!!  Trooper admits he took a break after killing everybody but since sounds are flipping up he is back on the clash circuit.  Then after dissing Bass Odyssey, Stone Love, and everybody else, he commences to buss up Black Kat with dubs plus 45's on the KiKi Rhythm!!!> (Killamanjaro Side) 8-13-99

*Killamanjaro vs Black Kat  (JA) <Killamanjaro goes to clash Black Kat in St. Mary and the worst mistake Trooper could make there is to diss St. Mary's #1 star - Capleton.. but he did!! Of course Panther seizes the opportunity and a murderation ensues.  It came to the point where Panther had to beg the crowd for Trooper's life, saying he didn't mean it, but Trooper doesn't back down and stands by his word!! A Must Have!!> (Both Sides-2 Tapes) 7-10-99

KILLAMANJARO  36th ANNIVERSARY - UK TOUR #2 (UK) <Killamanjaro's Anniversary tour continues with a stop at Bristol, London.  What was to be a Killamanjaro celebration with Bristol's best Qualitext, Black Kat, and Small Axe turns into one of the wickedest Dub-Fi-Dub tournaments ever recorded !!!  Imagine over one hour worth of foundation Dud-Fi-Dub tunes emitting from 4 sounds!!!  Small Axe got eliminated for daring Jaro to play a Frankie Wilmoth, and Black Kat couldn't keep up with the wicked selections being played!  Surprisingly, in the end it came down to Jaro and Bristol's Qualitext, in a death duel that lasted until after 7am the next morning!!!> (Quality Fair but a must have!) (Pt 1 & 2) 5-15-99

KILLAMANJARO  36th ANNIVERSARY - UK TOUR #1 (UK) <Killamanjaro celebrates its 36th Anniversary in the UK on tour, and meets up with Black Kat, Luv Injection from Birmingham, and the "The New Improved" Mighty Coxsone!! When Coxsone comes on with a bag a long talk and didn't back it up properly, Trooper draws for Panther from Black Kat to "...kill dem, mash it up, and go home!!" From there it was a Jamaica vs UK tag team WAR!!!> (Quality Fair but a must have!!) (All Sounds-1 Tape) 5-7-99

Killamanjaro vs Katarac (JA) <Jaro is invited to play a dance along upcoming hot new sensation Katarac who's originally from Milwaukee, US,  but has ties in Spanish Town.  Crazy Jim Novelties is jam packed and the juggling was smooth, that is until Katarac started unleashing a truck load of dubs calling Jaro name in it!  Trooper didn't appreciate the disrespect on his own turf suh him jump inna di war! But many say Trooper might have under-estimated Katarac just a bit, and it may have lead to Jaro defeat!! You decide!> (Both Sides - 2 Tapes) (Also available on Video!) 4-11-99

*Killamanjaro vs Emperor <Another sound gives Jaro hell.. What's up??> (Both Sides) 4-10-99

Killamanjaro vs Matterhorn vs Adonai (NYC) <This is one of the most talked about clashes of the 90's and has already made history.   Promoters Irish and Chin celebrates their anniversary in Q-Club {Planet Q} by inviting Adonai for the first time to play in NY.  Also invited to juggle are Killamanjaro with Trooper and the ever popular Tony matterhorn.  Trooper and Matterhorn has been throwing out words against each other weeks b/4 the dance and when the juggling started Adonai quickly dropped out to let them battle it out!  All that can be said is that some believe Matterhorn  made history by kicking over Jaro; others believe Jaro held its own to a tie!  This is the must have dance of the year!!!> (Parts 1, 2, & 3) 4-9-99

Killamanjaro vs Black Kat (WASH DC) <The war between Trooper and Panther continues as the two biggest warlords in the business try to settle the score once again at the Basement in Washington. After their dance in Canada got shot up and ended prematurely, and Panther got the best of Trooper in Florida, Trooper is out for revenge!!!  Panther don't back from no one and no matter how many times you think you beat him, he still comes back harder.  Dub-Fi-Dub had to decide this death match!!> (Quality Fair but a must have!!) (Parts 1 & 2) 3-19-98

Killamanjaro vs Black Kat (FLA) <After the dance in Canada got shot up, Trooper and Panther decide to battle it out on safer grounds! The venue chosen is Florida and as usual its pure war. Panther start out rub-a-dub style while Trooper jump right into the war! But for some reason Jaro just couldnt get a hold of Black Kat this time suh it turned out that in this one, Jaro may have taken a beating!!! You decide!> (Parts 1 & 2) 3-1-99

Killamanjaro vs One Blood vs Exodus Nuclear vs Travellers (JA) <Another juggling dance turns sour as Jaro rails up on Exodus, who is making a comeback to the clash scene.  One Blood pleads no contest and travellers just juggle out their time, but Exodus is up for the challenge and unleash a heap on new dubs on the Street Sweeper Rhythm etc giving Jaro a run for their money!!!> (All Sounds - 1 Tape)  2-27-99

King Addies vs Soul Supreme (BKLYN) <King Addies and Soul Supreme meet in Club Large in Brooklyn and and Cassette Face was there for the war affair within the borders of Brooklyn!  Lee Majors clad in army gear reaches for Biltmore tunes and a Ruff Ryders  dub to handle King Addies, but an intro feat. Matterhorn on an answering machine coupled with some heavyweight dubs was  King Addies' counteracting treatment!!!  In the end, Baby Face lets Winter Fresh and apprentice Neil Diamond finish the score!!!> (Parts 1 & 2) (Quality Fair) 12-4-99

King Addies vs Katarac (NYC) <In a dance dubbed "Look Into My Eyes, Its a Clash You See!" King Addies faces Katarac in Q-Club in Queens, New York City, and Winter Fresh takes the opportunity to buss in New York!  With a Wyclef & Beenie Man combination and dubs from artists like Morgan Heritage and Capleton calling up Katarac name in it, King Addies had Katarac on the ropes!! Katarac came strong with dubs such as their Bounty and Beenie Man combination, and Eryka Badoo, but King Addies answered back with the likes of Tenor Saw, Willow Wilson, and all those old Addies heavyweights from the days of Danny Dread! King Addies has returned!!!!! A death match!!!> (Parts 1 & 2) 11-19-99

King Addies vs King Eternity (VA) <Virginia's top shotta sound King Eternity is slated for a juggling dance with King Addies and the vibes is total niceness.  However when Eternity's selectors get too bold and start to throw some loose argument King Addies' way - calling them "Queen Addies", Lion Face (who rarely speaks) had to step up and put the "little boys' in their place.  From there Winter Fresh and Face dun di place wid dubs!  King Eternity is no punk sund though, and shows Lion Face that he's not the only Trini that can play sound!!!!> (Both Sounds-1 Tape)  10-8-99

King Addies vs Super Gold (TEXAS) <Baby Face and Winter Fresh travel to the Indi Ichie Cultural Center in Houston, Texas for a juggling dance alongside Texas' own Super Gold.  But Super Gold had a different plan in mind, which was to murder King Addies.  The dance got heated and King Addies had to beat off some heavyweight tunes!!  Super Gold never backed down so it turn into war!!> (Both Sounds - 1 Tape) 4-10-99

LENNY B-DAY BASH (JA) <Its Bashment time in Dela Vega City, Spanish Town as Lenny Hype from Amplex celebrates his birth-strong.  Three big sounds are invited: Katarac (Spanish Town), Travellers (Uptown), and Black Kat (St. Elizabeth).  Travellers with Jugsy Killa starts the ball rolling wid some wicked bashment style juggling.  Katarac with Quincy Jones and Crew picks up the banner and does a rude bwoy segment to even it out.  But then Black Kat interrupts the bash and calls for all sound who wants to get killed to step forward because he's not into nuh juggling with nobody!> (All Sounds - 1 Tape) 4-10-99

LITTLE ROCK INTL MIX (NJ) <New Jersey is back on the map again  thanks to their hot new sound Little Rock, which has been mashing up dances in Jersey, Brooklyn, and even in Jamaica.  In fact they have acquired acclaim from such sounds as Bass Odyssey and Stone Love.  This Mixed Tape [No Talking] features a juggling style mix of all their latest dubs (of which they have many) churned into one  huge mega-mix of entertainment!  This is the US sound to watch for 1999!> 3-99

*Matterhorn In Bogwalk (JA) <The king of dancehall hype, Mr Mental, plays a wicked dance in Bogwalk and as all would expect, he flattens the place with his exclusive Bountys, remixes, and gal tunes!! But the dance becomes even more hype when a gang of artists rush the stage, including Matterhorn's new parring partner Chicken, Red Rat, Merciless, Captain Barkey, 14K, Mr. Galimore, Angel Doolas, and more!!!  Nuff vibes!!!>12-4-99

Matterhorn  Overloaded in Montreal (CANADA) <The Mentally ILL visits Montreal and of course its a bashment and splashment affair as he duns the place FULLY LOADED Style!! Local star Black Temple with Parish, Mad Cliff, and Skyjuice represents their town, and Professor P controls the Calpyso, then the Mental comes in!!  After talking about WORLD CLASH 99, DELANO'S REVENGE V, and bunning a fire pon Trooper of Killamanjaro, Matterhorn unleashes his new remix Anthem and dun the place beyond repair!! From there its a juggling feast as he plays everything from bashment, to culture, to the fire segment, to disco - in a way only Matterhorn can!> (Also Available on Video) 11-13-99

Matterhorn vs Katarac vs Top Secret (JA) <Matterhorn links up with the Katarac Crew and Top Secret for a juggling dance but it turns sour!  It seems while the Mentallly ILL came to juggle, Katarac and Top Secret had met early before and plan to put a beating on Matterhorn!! Of course Matterhorn, being a veteran clash selector, realizes this from early, and when they attempt to ambush him, they met up with the surprise of their life!!! (3 Sides-3 Tapes) 10-22-99

Matterhorn l/s Poison Dart (l/s Innocent) (FLA) <Poison Dart plays a wicked early out bussing some exclusive Sizzla and Luciano dubs on some foundation rhythms.  Matterhorn comes in saying he didnt come fi war but if a bwoy "Call di mad bredda name!"  He then commences to flatten the place, juggling for the rude bwoys as well as the ladies.  He then explains he's clashing with "the truth," and talks about everything, including the gun incident with Wee Pow!  From there he addresses King Addies' new selector Winter Fresh calling up his name, shares knowledge on how fi get nuff gal, how many children he has, and the whole nine!  An amusing tape!!>  (Quality Fair - Audio clear although occassionally jumps from right to left channels for a short time, but still a must have!) 8-27-99

*MATTERHORN REUNION '99 (JA) <Ace selector Tony Matterhorn  puts on a reunion of the sounds he has played on in the past, including City Rock and King Addies!  King Addies doesn't make it but Matterhron duns the place same way!!> (Both Sides-2 Tapes) 8-11-99

*Matterhorn l/s Bodyguard (JA) <Matterhorn makes a speech about his performance at FULLY LOADED '99 and Linx lets him know that the real war is coming!! > (Both Sides-2 Tapes) 8-6-99

MATTERHORN - THE CROWNING OF  (Bronx) <Matterhorn is the hottest personality in the business right now, and its only fair that he comes back home to NY to celebrate his official Crowning.  On hand to help celebrate the affair is NY's premier juggling sound Afrique, who dun the place when they played Nas' hit tune "You Can Hate Me Now" on dub!!!.  Still its all about Matterhorn all night and of course he busses the place continuously with his new anthem, new remixes, exclusive dubplates, and specials on Nas' "You Can Hate Me Now" rhythm!> 6-11-99

Matterhorn l/s Renaissance l/s Adonai (JA) <No matter if yu like him or not, give di man him ratings!!! Tony "Mentally Ill" Matterhorn again mashes up the place, this time with DJ Karim of Renaissance by his side as Renaissance plays alongside him in this wicked dance.  But wait there's another sound!! Who else but none other than the sound of the future - Adonai, Jamaica's wickedest new juggling sensation!  Its a night of remixes, exclusives, and vibes as three of the best juggling sounds in the business meet in one place fi one dance!!> (All Sounds - 1 Tape) 5-15-99

Matterhorn in Antigua (JA) <Mentally Ill goes to Antigua to play alongside their #1 sound Stonewall but ends up stealing the show from start to finish.  "Forwards can be heard "Biltmore Style" as Matterhorn dun di place with Bounty and Beenie Man dubs on the Badda Badda, Street Sweeper, and of course the "Bruck-Out".  He juggles rude bwoy style fi the Shottas, cultural fi the Rastas, bashy fi di girls, and then duns the place with his anthem on the "Bruck-Out"! They are still repairing the venue from the damage he caused!!> 2-14-99

MERCILESS B-DAY BASH (JA) <Merciless' bash this year at Colonel Cove in St. Thomas was wickeder than ever with a live band and all!  To start off Capleton makes an appearance and opens the show with a hype only he can create.  As if that wasn't enough, Monster Shack wid General B, Ghost, & Roundhead perform some new tunes!!  Then its the new sensation Lexxus & Kiprich, and Scare Dem!  Of course the climax comes when Bounty Killa and Merciless attacks the stage at the same time! > (Both Sounds-1 Tape) 7-30-99

OLIVER (METRO) B-DAY BASH (JA) <Its a bashment affair in Central Village, Spanish Town as Oliver of Metromedia holds his birthday bash!! Matterhorn is on the scene, and with Metro's Scratchie mixing for him, duns the place as usual! Skyjuice, just coming out of the hospital, makes a touching speech about the support he got while in the hospital, and them its back to his old antics as he mashes up the place with Metromedia vibes!!!> (All Sounds-1 Tape) 12-14-99

Mighty Crown l/s Poison Dart l/s Chalice (FLA) <Mighty Crown plays at the Name Brand Nite Club in Florida alongside Florida's big bwoys - Posion Dart and Chalice!!  Chalice starts out with a mellow vibes and Poison Dart juggles hardcore as usual with some selections from their heavy dub box!  However the stars of the nite were the Mighty Crown crew, who mash up the crowd with vintage foundation 45's as well as some hot dubs including some new ones on the "Shanty Town" Rhyhtm that they brought back inna dancehall at World Clash 99!> (All Sounds - 1 Tape) 11-28-99

Mighty Crown vs Little Rock (NJ) <The dance was slated as a juggling dance at Pearls Entertainment Center in Orange, New Jersey,  (but we all knew it wouldnt happen). Little Rock came in and started clashing right off the back, unleashing some tunes at Crown for 45 mins. Crown came in and said that they weren't paid to clash so dem a go just answer back Little Rock for one round and if the promoters want clash then bring the clash food come. Mighty Crown  then commenced to deal with their case!> (Quality Fair) (Both Sounds-1 Tape) 11-26-99

MILLENNIUM GAL NIGHT (NJ) <King Addies, Little Rock, and Supa Doo meet for a juggling fest in Little Rock's backyard at Pearl Entertainment Center in East Orange, New Jersey.  But when Little Rock decides to flip up on King Addies, Baby Face and Winter Fresh answers back.  Somebody get a beating.. .sort of!!> (Quality Fair - Audio chips in and out slightly for a few mins, but still a must have!) (All Sounds - One Tape) 9-18-99

*MORE & MORE FIRE '99 (JA) <Its a gathering of dancehall's most outspoken culture artists in a stage show in St. Elizabeth  dubbed More & More Fire, amnd who best to headline the show than the Fireman himself Capleton!!!  Bass Odyssey  with Skinny provides the vibes, then  1999's Artist of The Year comes in and mash up the place with old, new, and controversial lyrics.  Admiral Tibet - dancehall cultural icon, - also graces the stage!!!!!> 11-28-99

MORTAL CLASH IN BERMUDA TRIANGLE (Bermuda) <The long anticipated rematch between Killamanjaro and Katarac sets stage in Bermuda and the outcome will surprise you again!  Quincy Jones and Hitman are ready for Jaro with a bag of dubs calling Killamanjaro name in it!!  Trooper and Keith fire back with new rhythms and even Bounty's "Look Into My Eyes" on dub, while exclaiming that its King Addies they want to kill!!  The clash boils to a grueling Dub-Fi-Dub wid nuff big tunes!!  After the Dub-Fi-Dub the tapes duns wid a Katarac mix!   A Must Have!!!> (Parts 1 & 2) 9-4-99

NIGHT OF THE HEAVYWEIGHTS (JA) <The Culture/Hardcore concert of the year features a touch of old, a touch of new, a touch of class, and a touch of raas!!!  Catch Beenie Man, Zebra, Tonto & Devonte, Papa San, Ken Boothe, Mighty Diamonds, Leroy Sibbles, The Tamlins, and more, more more LiVe!!!> (Parts 1 & 2) 5-13-99

NEW YORK FAMILY DAY EXTRAVAGANZA (BKLYN) <Its a friendly music showcase as Brooklyn sounds best come out for a free dance all day at Albany Park in Brooklyn.  The line up included Afrique with Steelie Bashment, Soul Supreme with Lee Major, Earthruler, and King Addies with baby Face and Winter Fresh, who of course came there to preach war!> (All Sounds-1 Tape) 7-31-99

OVER LOADED 99 (JA) <Overloaded brings the best in juggling along with the best deejays of 1999 to one venue!! Of course Stone Love with Nico, Jet Lee, and Slaughter holds down the juggling fort with some exclusives, bussing back the "Balistic Affair" Rhythm back inna dance with a hot Capleton!  Steelie Bashment mixes and selects for Matterhorn, who was busy finding a stage to mash up the crowd with his arguments ut not before bigging up "his son" Fire links!!  Hip Hop recording star JA-Rule takes stage as well as The Doctor, Beenie Man, and mashes up the place along with Ward 21, Scare Dem, Innocent Crew, and Lexxus!> (Also Available on Video) (Parts 1 & 2) 12-27-99

RAS BEER VIBES  PLUS 99 (JA) <Its the Christmas edition of BEER VIBES and a pure niceness!!! Matterhorn  (with Stone Love's Nico mixing for him) makes a speech about Trooper's badmindedness and draws for the new "Bitter Blood" rhythm and a new tune on the "Bellias" to dun the place.  Of course Renaissance comes in with the hottest Hip Hop tunes running New York including a remix of Biggie's "Dead Wrong" featuring Bounty Killa!  Renaissance and Matterhorn even go for a friendly Dub-Fi-Dub mix on the "Bellias" rhythm! Stone Love draws for their exclusives on the "Magic Moment" rhythm to flatten BEER VIBES! Deejay Face also plays some tunes!  Add Bounty Killa, Baby Cham, Gabrielle, Jack-A-Diamond, and more to the mix and its an all out total Bashment Splashment!> (Parts 1 & 2) 12-17-99

RAS BEER VIBES 99 (JA) <The Caymanas Polo Club is on fire as RAS Promotions brings back Beer Vibes 99!!  Renaissance with the entire crew mash up di place wid new tunz galore from Buju, Spragga, etc.. plus Hip Hop /R&B styles and a disco segment that had the place in heat!! Then Matterhorn come in and dun some new pre-release tunes!  Matterhorn then makes a speech that for the rest of the year Renaissance and Matterhorn are going to run the world.  The Immortal comes in and to everyone's surprise Niko Bam Bam plays an intro dissing Matterhorn!!!! Stone Love then exclaims that both Matterhorn and Renaissance are going to die together!!  A MUST HAVE!!> (Parts 1 & 2) 7-2-99

REBEL SALUTE 99 (JA) <Its the premier cultural event of the year as Toney Rebel brings all the cultural deejays of Jamaica on one stage for a concert of unity.  In the house to name a few are Buju Banton, Luciano, Anthony B, Capleton (dissing Anthony B for his tune about the musical war in the biz, and much much more.. in fact 3 audio tape worth!! A must have for all Rasta and culture enthusiasts!!> (Parts 1, 2, & 3) 1-99

REGGAE SOUNDCASE #2 '99 (GERMANY) <Germany's top two sounds, Pow Pow Movement and Soundquake, juggle it out in an exhibition of dubs German style at the Late Night Discothek in Pivitsheide!!!  If you thought reggae sound systems were only big in  Jamaica, the US, the UK, and Japan, then open your minds and think again!!  Listen as these top notch sounds drop some  wicked dubs from  the likes of Sizzla, Luciano, Anthony B, Buju, etc that would put any popular reggae sound on the defensive!!!! A must have!!! (Thanks to my Berlin link Uli for the tapes!!!)> (Parts 1& 2)  10-1-99

REGGAE SUPER JAM '99 (JA) <Beenie and Bounty live backed by the Ruff KUtt Band!  Its like a live compilation of Bounty Killa's greatest hits, with guest appearances from Brian & Tony Gold, Richie Stevens, and more.  Then Beenie Man comes in and goes through his array of hits, including some tunes not yet released.  Joining him on stage are label mates Devonte and Tonto Metro!> 1-99

RENAISSANCE "BELLIAS" Mix 99 (JA) <First distributed on the Internet by, listen as the juggling machine from Uptown does it again with a hardcore straight mega-mix [without the talking] of late Fall 1999 tunes done Renaissance style. This long awaited mix features all new tunes on the hot "Bellias" and "The Bug" Rhythms.   In addition there's new music from just about everyone!  A Must Have!> 11-99

RENAISSANCE "THE BUG" Mix 99 (JA) <First distributed on the Internet by, listen as the juggling machine from Uptown does it again with a hardcore straight mega-mix [without the talking] of late Fall 1999 tunes done Renaissance style. This long awaited mix features Bounty Killa's new mega-hit "Look into My Eyes" as well as Wayne Wonder, Spragga, and Baby Cham on the hot new rhythm, "The Bug".   In addition there's new music on the "KiKi" Rhythm as well as  new music from Beenie Man, Capleton, and more!  A must have!> (Also Available on CD) 10-99

RENAISSANCE "KiKi" Mix 99 (JA) <First distributed on the Internet by, listen as the juggling machine from Uptown does it again with a hardcore straight mega-mix [without the talking] of late Summer 1999 tunes done Renaissance style. This tape features the hot new "KiKi" Rhythm as well as others blazing up the place.  It also features some new Capleton tunes and the likes!  If you want a straight juggling tape of all the new rhythms including KiKi, plus pre-released tunz that will mash up late Summer 99, then this is it!> (Also Available on CD) 8-99

Renaissance at UWI 99 (JA) <Whenever Renaissance plays at UWI dem always mash it up, and this time its no different!!  Pepsi is invited to play alongside Obsession in the infamous Taylor Hall and its total madness!!  Renaissance goes all out, starting with some culture vibes before going into some hardcore juggling of the latest Reggae hits!  Of course they then jump into some Hip Hop & R&B flavor including some Bounty and Zebra remixes!  But when they go back way back - playing some old reggae favor - that's when the place pop down!!!> 5-18-99

RENAISSANCE HiP HoP Mix Vol 1 (JA) <First distributed on the Internet by, this tape features a fresh new mega mix [no talking] of the latest Hip Hop tunes out from the Remix Masters of the Renaissance Crew!  Hear the hottest new Hip Hop tunes from everyone including Nas, DMX, JZ , Lauryn Hill, Busta Rhymes, and more!  Plus listen to exclusive remixes from Bounty Baby Cham, and more done the Renaissance way!! A must have for Hip Hop Fans!>  4-99

RENAISSANCE IN MONTREAL (CANADA) <The Remix Masters Delano and Pepsi goes to Montreal to mashup up north Renaissance style!! Delano promises that they will get everything under the sun and they did.  From the latest hardcore Ragga tunes, to Hip Hop and R&B, to hardcore remixes, straight back to the oldies, Pepsi and Delano bruck out inna di place!!!> (Also available on Video!) 3-27-99

RENAISSANCE MARCH MADNESS '99 (JA) <If you are a regular visitor to this site then you know that the 3rd month of the year means "March Madness" - that is, the wickedest live Renaissance dance out!! We sought long and hard to bring you this wicked dance featuring Jazzy T, Dr. Dre, and the whole Renaissance Crew mashing up dis college jam at UWI wid the latest Reggae, plus the hottest R&B and Hip Hop flavors!  Lets not forget the brand new remixes from Karim and Delano, which they brandished in a way only Renaissance can!  A Must Have!>  3-21-99

RENAISSANCE "Street Sweeper" Mix 99 (JA) <First distributed on the Internet by, listen as the juggling machine from Uptown does it again with a hardcore straight mega-mix [without the talking] of 1999 tunes done Renaissance style.  If you want a straight juggling tape of all the new rhythms including Street Sweeper, Badda Badda, and new tunz on the re-released Bruck-Out, plus pre-released tunz that will mash up Summer 99, then this is it!> (Also Available on CD) 3-99

Renaissance l/s Lady Terror in Asylum (JA) <The ReMiX Masters are at it again and Club Asylum is on Fire as Dre Dre, Jazzy T, and the Renaissance crew mash up the place with the latest dancehall and hip hop tunes, plus a few pre-releases.  These guys are putting Hot 97 out of business with new music from Jay Z, DMX, and Busta Rhymes. Of course they also brandish some wicked Beenie, Zebra, Scare Dem, Bounty Killa, Alias Crew, etc!!! But what gets the place inna heat is when female selector Lady Terror (from Rockers Island and the radio station in Miami) joins in on the turntables and Dr Dre works the microphone for a wicked combination of skills and vibes!  Wicked tape for the jeep, car, or home stereo!!!> 1-16-99

THE RETURN OF SKYJUICE (JA) <After ace selector Mr. Skyjuice of Metromedia collapses at a dance and had to be hospitalized, the Metromedia Crew found it fitting to celebrate his return back to the turntables at Central Village outside Spanish Town.  Oliver, Scratchie, Joe Lickshot, and crew mashup the place as hundreds of fans came to see foundation selector Skyjuice take the stage again - and that he does, madding the audience with his X-rated antics! Even the Doctor himself, Beenie Man, came through and selected on Metromedia, then mashup the place lyrics fi lyrics style with veteran dancehall singer Little John!  Joe Lickshot and others were also present!  Nuff vibes as Skjuice returns to the action!> 10-29-99

Rodigan vs Katarac (BOSTON) <In a dance dubbed "Clash of the Warlords", ace foundation selector David Rodigan from England goes to Boston to face (for the first time) the new shotta sound in the business, Katarac, for a showcase of hardcore tunes.  Katarac comes with the best of the new while Rodigan brandishes the best of the old!  However, in the Dub-Fi-Dub the tables are turned, and Rodigan is forced to draw for his new dubs (such as his Wyclef  on the "Bug"), while Katarac is forced to draw for foundation tunes (such as their exclusive Bob Andy and Marcia Griffiths combination)!!  Wicked showcase of big tunes!!!> (Both Sounds-1 Tape) 10-5-99

Rodigan vs GT Taylor (JA) <In one of the biggest clashes of the year, foundation selector and radio disc jockey David Rodigan from the UK is summoned to St. Anns Bay, Jamaica by Suzie Q to clash G.T. Taylor, renown radio disc jockey who is also known to have an arsenal of foundation dubs!  With referee Bagga Brown running the show, the two go 1/2 hour for 1/2 hour, tune fi tune, and ultimately Dub-Fi-Dub!  Two foundation sounds go at it with hardcore tunes, some that haven't been played in over 10 years!! A masterpiece of foundation and new dubs!! A Must Have!> (Both Sides-2 Tapes) 8-14-99

ROYAL RUMBLE 99 (BKLYN) <Steve Austin presents Brooklyn's first  ever Royal Rumble, kept in an actual boxing ring at Club Large in Brooklyn.  The contestants slated for the event included Black Kat and Katarac from Jamaica, and LP Intl and Earthruler from Brooklyn!!  Its a free for all and all hell breaks lose!  LP Intl is a no-show, Earthruler gets kicked out of the ring early, and Black Kat and Katarac battle it down to the Dub-Fi-Dub!  One sound gets cremated!! Wicked clash!!>  (Parts 1 & 2) 10-30-99

SADDLE TO THE EAST 99 (JA) <Bounty's annual poor people Christmas stage show is bigger and better this year in Rockfort!!  Baby Cham rips up the show, bringing up his young protege' Shotta midway into his performance to dun the place!! He then calls on Bounty Killa to do their hit tune "Next Level"!  Spragga is in top form and the prophet caplton buns a wicked fire!! Other entertainers include Ward 21, Monster Shack, Baby Wayne,  Frisco Kid, Merciless, Terry Lynin, Lexxus & Kiprick, and Scare Dem! Nuff vibes!!> (Also Available on Video) 12-25-99

*SCARE DEM 2 PRODUCTIONS (JA) <Stone Love, Fire Links, and Adonai meet up for Scare Dem 2's show!  Live on stage are Bounty Killa, Scare Dem, Daily Bread, Bramwell, Captain Barkey & Wicker Man, Angel Doolas, 14K, Penny Irie, and more!!! Nuff vibes and the sounds play wicked!> (Parts 1-3) 12-10-99

SOUND ATTACK '99 (JA) <Black Spider invites Matterhorn and Bass Odyssey to Pumpkin Lawn in Lucea, Hanover (their backyard) for a juggling fest!  They decided to flip up on Matterhorn who had to dun them with a dose of what was to come at Fully Loaded the following weekend!!  Bass Odyssey juggles a wicked dance as they watch di drama, bussing new tunes all the way!!!> (Bass Odyssey Side/Matterhorn Side - 2 Tapes) 7-28-99

STAMPEDE '99 - Steve Austin B-Day Bash '99 (BKLYN) <It's armshouse in Albany Manor as Flex Entertainment exec Steve Austin celebrates his birth-strong by bringing  Katarac to Brooklyn for the first time! Also on hand are Earthruler, L.P., Soul Supreme, and Texas' #1 sound - Soul II Soul with Red Face of Cassette Face Productions ( 's partner in crime)!  Earthruler starts the war Katarac and answers the call. Then all the other sounds back out, leaving the Soul II Soul crew to defend New York City!!  Sluggy Ranks, Screechie Don, nash (formerly of Born Jamericans also pass through live!> (All Sounds-1 Tape) 7-30-99

STING 99 (JA) <Its the final STING Stage Show of the Millenium and its a total blast as the entertainers mash up the stage in only a way STING can provide!  Hosted by Baldwin and backed by the Blaze Band at the Jamworld Entertainment Center, this year's Sting included the likes of Bounty Killa, Baby Cham, the Demus Family, Mad Anju, Ward 21, and Worm Dem Crew,! The stage is bumrushed by Lexxus & Kiprich, Scare Dem, Sizzla, and Baby Wayne for some old time vibes!!  Beenie Man came on stage and caused controversy as he challenged Capleton to a war on stage and then delved into lyrics dissing him.. Beenie then called on Harry Toddler.. Veterans Flourgon and Daddy lizzard also performed!> (Also Available on Video) Quality Fair) 12-26-99

*Stone Love l/s Katarac (JA) <Immortal juggling sound Stone Love meets up with the new warhead in the business - Katarac!!> (Both Sides-2 Tapes) 12-26-99

Stone Love 27th Anniversary (JA) <Juggling mega-sound Stone Love takes their worldwide celebration back to the foundation, La Roose in Jamaica!!!  Needless to say its total niceness, with Sky Disco and Metromedia with Skyjuice passing through to show their respects!! Live on stage this year were Lexxus (who flipped up on Mr. Vegas),  Kiprich, Harry Toddler, Monster Shack, TOK, Wayne Wonder, 14K, and more!!!> (All Sounds-1 Tape) 12-18-99

STONE LOVE MILLENIUM MIX 99 (JA) <First distributed on the Internet by, we present a Stone Love Mix of the hottest new tunes  out, combined with hard core dubs designed to mark the end of the Millenium!  This is a straight mega-mix [without the talking] designed for the hardcore dancehall fan who appreciates the originality and trendsetting juggling styles of the Immortal Sound!  Features Capleton's "Dutty Life" and "Hands Up", Lexxus' "Gotta Make the Money" and "Ring off Mi Celli", Beenie's "Hundred Dollar Bag" and "Tough like We", Bounty Killa's "Ban mi Tune" and his hot combination with Baby Cham: "Hot Gal" as well as a host of other hot tunes played dubplate style!> (Also Available on CD) 12-99

*Stone Love 27th Anniversary (FLA) <Juggling mega-sound Stone Love celebrates yet another year of pleasing audiences all over the world and brings the worldwide celebration to Florida alongside Adonai, Mickey Faith, Florida's own Richie D, and WORLD CLASH 99 Champs, Mighty Crown!!  The juggling is wicked as can be expected as Slaughter mads the place Stone Love style and the other sounds come in and do damage!  When all of them decide to go into a friendly Dud-Fi-Dub match, the place mash up!!> (Parts 1 & 2) 11-27-99

BILLY SLAUGHTER B-DAY BASH (JA) <Its the #2 man on Stone Love's Birthday and as usual its a bashment affair in Red Hills!  Invited sounds that passed through include Renaissance, Jamroc, Equisite, an One Blood from Chicago. The juggling is wicked and vibes is right, especially when ace radio personality Jerry D calls in Lady Saw to give Billy Slaughter an X-rated birthday greeting.  Slaughter also takes the opportunity to address Stone Love's "enemies", and warns that next year everyone will see a 'different' Slaughter around Stone Love!  Nice Juggling!> (All Sounds-1 Tape) 11-20-99

Stone Love w/ Anthony B Live (JA) <Geefus and the Stone Love crew plays a wicked dance in Windsor Lawn, St. Anns and the Star Trail Family performs live.  After a wicked mellow juggling segment, Anthony B (who hasn't performed on a sound system since December 1998) gives the massive a dose of some new tunes (including the hot new "Bushman") as well as some old favorites! He is then followed by the rest of the Star Trail entourage, including Culture Knox, Golden Axe, Thriller Prince, Josey Mel, Little Devon, who continue to light up the place wid culture lyrics!!!  A must have for all culture fans!> 10-28-99

STONE LOVE SLOW JAMS VOL 1 (JA) <Its a exclusive as we present a mix of Slow Jams done the Stone Love way!  Catch brand and new music from R. Kelly, Brandy, Monica, TLC, Whitney Houston, and much much more.  These R&B and Soul tunes are introduced and played at the right pace, just long enough to get the vibes going and the feelings flowing!  A must have!!> 6-99

Stone Love in Buff Bay (JA) <It a night of pure vibes in Buff Bay, Portland as Stone Love's new generation mashup it up in a way only they can.  Geefus, Nico, Swamp Thing, & Bill Cosby are in control as Stone Love unleash some new tunes as well as exclusive mixes to dazzle the massive!!> 3-21-99

Stone Love w/ Beenie Man Live (JA) (Its a wicked stage show as Beenie Man and the Shocking Vibes Crew  (including Mega Banton, Tanto Metro, & Devonte) dun Spain Town!  The spotlight is o n Beenie as he does his new tune dissing everybody from Capleton to Buju to Baby Cham right back to the warlord Bounty Killa by using their popular tunes and turning it around (for revenge to how hthey twisted around Sim Simma!  He then goes into new tunes from his forthcoming album!> 2-26-99

STONE LOVE WORK WID IT  '99 (JA) <One of the wickedest Stone Love tapes to hit the streets in the last several months.  In a dance entitled "Work Wid It 99' Billy Slaughter, Nico, and the crew decides to start the year out by bussing some exclusive new tunes, including some on the not yet released "Street Sweeper" Rhythm.  Also in the mix - some exclusive remixes that compare to the likes of Renaissance.  This tapes reminds us why they call themselves immortal!!> 1-31-99

STRIKE FORCE ANNIVERSARY (JA) <Strike Force is celebrating its anniversary in Spanish Town and owner Hammer Mouth (of Killamanjaro fame) calls on his old sound Killamanjaro to aid in the celebration.  Trooper takes the opportunity to express his discontent with the decision at WORLD CLASH saying how he feels cheated, disses Matterhorn, and challenges Bass Odyssey to a clash while simultaneously juggling a wicked dance! Of course its Strike Force's day and they also join in the vibes as well, showing the massive that they are still a top notch sound!!  Jaro in juggling mode - A Must Have!!!!>  (Both Sounds-1 Tape) 10-30-99

Strike Force vs Megamuss (JA) <Clarendon is in heat as Strike Force with Acid and Skatta clashes Megamuss in their backyard!  Strike Force started out juggling but when some words start to throw, they quickly ask fi one fi one!!  The sounds go 1/2 hour for 1/2 our each, then go in a cruel battle of Dub Fi Dub seasoned with some vulgar exchange of words!!!> (Both Sounds-1 Tape) 7-15-99

STUR GAV SINGER'S REUNION (JA) <The veteran sound continues their mission to bring back the days of Rub-A-Dub with a special tribute to the veteran singers of dancehall held in Portland.  With selector Illawi at the controls, the line up for the event included such greats as Admiral Tibet, Quench Aid, Mickey Melody, and Sugar Minott!!  In addition, special guest deejay General Trees graces the mic as well!  Of course the original crew with U-Roy, Charlie Chaplin, and Twitch was there also!!  A must have!!!> (Also Available on CD) 7-2-99 

*STUR GAV TRIBUTE TO DENNIS BROWN (JA) <A tribute to the late great Dennis Emmanuel Brown featuring the King Sound along with Three The Hard Way and more...!.> (Parts 1& 2) 7-99

*Stur Gav in Skateland (JA) <Luciano, Mickey General, Shalom, Josie, Linval Thompson> 6-11-99

*STUR GAV IN JAPAN (JAPAN) <The crew goes to Japan and dazzle hundreds of fans!> 6-10-99

*Stur Gav in Bamboo Lawn (JA) <General Trees makes a return to the scene!!> 6-10-99

*Stur Gav (JA) <Brigadier Jerry, Josey Wales, Chaplin, & Twitch nice up Orange Hills> 6-1-99

*STUR GAV MEETS KILLAMANJARO IN CACTUS (JA) <Two foundation sounds meet up in the world famous Cactus Nite Club for a night of Rub-A-Dub!  Its pure niceness while Ricky Trooper controls the mixer as the mic is blessed by the likes of Johnny Ringo, Charlie Chaplin, Ranking Trevor, Lone Ranger, George Nooks, Joe Lickshot, Scare Dem, Monster Shack, Tonto Metro, Delly Ranks, Power Man, Wickerman, Captain Barkey, Tappa Zukie, Lebon Calee, Sugar Blacks, and more.> 6-99

*STUR GAV in BRONX (BRONX) <The Crew graces Bronx, NY and its pure rub-a-dub vibes> 4-23-99

*Such A Sound l/s Killasan (GERMANY) <At Cub WMF in Berlin, Germany 1000 patrons attended a  raggamuffin dancehall style bashment.  On Killasan there were selectors Die and Soldier!  On Such A Sound there was Black Kappa! Expand your horizons and hear dancehall music German style!!! Nice vibes.. !> (120 mins) 12-3-99

*SUMFEST '99 (JA) <The second largest international reggae concert in the world (second only to Sunsplash) was bigger and better this year!!!  This set features two Dancehall Nights (one headed by Beenie Man, the other headed by Bounty Killa); Legends Night; and International Night!  Entertainers include beenie Man, Bounty Killa, Capleton, Spragga Benz, baby Cham, Mr. Vegas, Sean Paul, Zebra, Ward 21, Junior Demus, Hawk Eye, Serial Kid, Brigadier Jerry, Josey Wales, Charlie Chaplin, Chaka Demus & Pliers, and much more!!!> (Also Available on Video) (Parts 1-4) 8-6-99 to 8-8-99

SUPERSONIC "Conscious Ragga 99 II" (GERMANY) < presents an exclusive!!  In our mission to bring to you the most international selection of reggae music, we go to the far reaches of Berlin, Germany and bring back to you a wicked CULTURE mix from one of Germany's top sound systems, Supersonic!  Hand deleivered personally by ULI of the stereosonic crew on his recent trip to the States (big up my youte!!) this tape features a hardcore straight mega-mix [without the talking] by selector Panza of  Winter 1999 tunes as well as some wicked dubs, and proves that reggae music is more than just Jamaica, New York, and England.. its everywhere!!!!!  A Must Have!> 11-99

SUPERSONIC "Dancehall 99 II" (GERMANY) < presents an exclusive!!  In our mission to bring to you the most international selection of reggae music, we go to the far reaches of Berlin, Germany and bring back to you a wicked dancehall mix from one of Germany's top sound systems, Supersonic!  Hand deleivered personally by ULI of the stereosonic crew on his recent trip to the States (big up my youte!!) this tape features a hardcore straight mega-mix [without the talking] by selector Panza of  Winter 1999 tunes as well as some wicked dubs, and proves that reggae music is more than just Jamaica, New York, and England.. its everywhere!!!!!  A Must Have!> 11-99

THANKSGIVING JUGGLING - Matterhorn l/s Mighty Crown l/s Rodigan (WASH DC) <Irish & Chin Promotions brings Tony Matterhorn, Mighty Crown, and David Rodigan to the Felicity Cultural Center in Washington DC for a juggling fest!  Mighty Crown almost stole the show, proving that they can juggle 45's as well as dubs.  Matterhorn provides the new flava and the girl tunz, commenting on World Clash and how Trooper "bad mind" because Crown won fair and square!   Rodigan congratulates Crown, but warns them that next year will be different! He then delves into his foundation arsenal!!  The dance ends with a wicked Lovers Rock mix!  A wicked showcase of  the art of juggling, tri-continental style!!!> (Also Available on Video) (Parts 1 & 2) 11-25-99

*TRAVELLERS vs ECHO STONE (JA) <Travellers returns to clash scene!> (Both Sides-2 Tapes) 5-23-99

TEEN SPLASH 99 (JA) <Teen Splash 99 comes to St. Anns with host Jerry D.  The soundsystem for the day is of course St. Anns' own bad bwoys, Bass Odyssey.  Comedians Sammy & Question mash up the place with their hilarious routine!  Then Madd Anju, Kiprich, and Lexxus performs live on stage to bring the house down!!!  When Special Guest Elephant Man joins Lexxus on stage, the place is in a frenzy!! Of course veteran Professor Nuts comes in and tears up the crowd with his mix of lyrics and humor!! Nuff vibes and extremely funny comedy! > 12-26-99

U-TECH FINAL FETE (JA) <The Remix Masters Renaissance nice up the dance with March Madness vibes as they return to the infamous Taylor Hall at U-TECH.  What's makes this dance special is that the entire Renaissance Crew is there : Delano, Dr. Dre, Jazzy T, and Pepsi, and more...  Its New tunes,  New Tunz, New Tunz!! Plus exclusive remixes and refixes, wicked dubplates, old classics, and the awesome juggling!!  Lets not forget the wicked Hip-Hop/R&B segment that only Renaissance can play!> 6-11-99

UPFRONT, CLOSE, & PERSONAL (BRONX) <Downbeat brings to Chris' Place in the Bronx, no other than Marcia Griffiths!  In what can only be described as a supreme musical experience, Studio One's Queen Songstress dazzles the capacity crowd with hit after hit.  To add to the cake, Josey Wales, Brigadier Jerry, Sammy Dred, Sister Nancy, Sister Carol, and others also pass through to celebrate the event!  Hear Josey diss everyone from Zekes and Dudas to Baby Cham and Frisco Kid, to Bogle and Willie Hagart, to Capleton!  Then hear Briggie ride a combination of Studio One rhythms  one after the other for over half an hour straight!! A must have!!!!> (Part 1 & 2) 9-26-99

UPTOWN OUTRAGE '99 (JA) <Its a juggling battle in UWI's Taylor Hall with some of the top Uptown sounds in the biz including Renaissance, Obsession, DJ Virus, Essence, & Alrick & Boyd!! DJ Virus busses the early hip hop with Jamaica's new rap duo Naki & Match!  Obsession buss up the place with the "Bellias" and John John's remake of the "Times So Hard" Rhythm.  Renaissance comes in with Whitney Houston's "Your Love Is My Love" remix featuring Mr. Vegas and Scare Dem that all but flattened the place! They buss it again with new  tunes, including Bounty's "Look Into My Eyes." Alrick & Boyd comes in with an attitude to start a war with their own refixes an remixes, and Guardian finishes it!! Wicked!!!!!!> (Parts 1 & 2)  9-17-99

WARLORDS ON A RAMPAGE (WASH DC) <What better way to celebrate Christmas Exe than to watch three warheads battle it out!  Well thats exactly what happened in the Felicity Cultural Center in Washington DC when Irish & Chin Promotions brought Black Kat to battle it out with Bass Odyssey and Katarac!  Squingy didn't make it so his protege' Worm and DJ Mark had to carry the torch for Bass Odyssey!  Of course Panther took advantage of this, unleashing some raas Capleton and such!  Who says he has the least tunes in the business?  Of course the new warhead Katarac was unleashin gsome excluisves such as Wyclef on the Bug rhythm, but at the end of the night only one warlord prevailed!!!> (Parts 1 & 2) 12-24-99

WE NEVA DEH A STING (JA) <"BUT DIS A DI BEST TING" in Portmore (or "Sportsmore") is alive as Horse Man Promotions brings you a line up of Bounty Killa (singing the Part 2 to his hit "Anytime"),  Baby Cham, Lady Saw (slack as ever), Scare Dem 2 (Daily Bread & Bromwell), Blacka Ranks, Galaxy P, Major Christie, Echo Minott, Squidly Ranks (nice performance, and Weng Weng.  New talents included Cullo Cullo, Egg Nog, Thriller C, Ice Da Cure, Cutlass, Batchelous, and Tuffie Melody!  They are all backed by a sound system, not a band for that "real bass" sound!!> (Also available on Video!) 2-13-99

WET N' WILD  3 (JA) <Its another December juggling fest when Stone Love teams up alongside Adonai, Syndicate, and Coppershot for a wicked bashment affair!! The entire Adonai crew was there, with Scorpion and Beenie starting it out and Dred and Dessi coming in later from DC!  Of course they buss the "Fifth Element" and the new "Fully Loaded" Rhythm to dun di place!  Stone Love with Swamp Thing answers the ocassion with some wicked juggling of his own, Stone Love style!!> (Parts 1 & 2) 12-12-99

WHO A DI BIG MAN? (JA) <This dance brought three of the hottest selectors in the buisness: Mentally Ill Matterhorn, Links of Bodyguard, and Lenny from Amplex to answer the question in Cactus Nite Club! Matterhorn with Dred of Adonai mixing for him throws word at Trooper (who was in the dance) and takes up for Links but in a manner Links does not approve! Links cautions Matterhorn to watch his back because he's starting his hype from now fi lead!! After Fire Links flatten the place with Capleton, Lenny & Glamma G comes in and dun the place with Bob Marley/Lauryn Hill's "Turn Your Lights Down Low"!! Everyone tries to out-do everyone!!!> (All Sounds-1 Tape) 12-23-99

WORK THEM RIGHT-KEEP THEM COMING 99 (JA) <For the first time ever juggling sensation Adonai is invited to play alongside Bass Odyssey in Odyssey's backyard (Tuffie's backyard too) - The Car Park, Brown's Town, St. Anns.  Skinny, Worm, Duane, and Pablo hold down the fort as they juggle a wicked dance in a way only a clash sound can!!  Then its Adonia with Scorpion, Dred, Dezzy, and Pryor as they mash up Browns Town with their unique style of juggling!! The result - some wicked 45's and dub plate juggling from two masters!> (Both Sides-2 Tapes) 9-18-99

WORLD CLASH DANCE '99 (CANADA) <A Exclusive!! Bass Odyssey and Judgement meet up in Toronto for the rematch of Global Gold Cup 99 (UK) where there was an upset victory in favor of Judgement!   This time Bass Odyssey has a score to settle.  Local heavyweight Super Fresh also jumps in for a what turned out to be a rugged war of dubs straight to the tune fi tune!  With gunshots saluting the dubs,  everybody buss the dance but there can only be one winner!!> (Parts 1 & 2) 11-6-99

WORLD CUP CLASH 1999 (BKLYN) <In Club Warehouse in Brooklyn, Killamanjaro (the defending champ) goes up against Tony Matterhorn (representing the USA), Bass Odyssey (representing Jamaica), and Mighty Crown (representing Japan) in what is destined to become the most important clashes in recent history since the famous Killamanjaro vs King Addies in 1995. Prince Tuffie and was there and in conjunction with our partner in crime - Cassette Face - we  were the first to get the masters!  Video to come!!!> (Also Available on CD) (Parts 1-3)  10-9-99

WORLD WAR 2000 (WASH DC) <Bass Odyssey vs Coxsone vs Mighty Crown (Japan) square off in DC in one of the wickedest triple threat clashes of the year!  Coxsone is the leader and has all the vintage tunes on lock down!  Bass Odyssey with Skinny and DJ Mark are leaders of the new tunes!  But no one expected Japanese sound Mighty Crown to mashup the place with brand new dubs as well as vintage classics!! One sound underestimated and fell, one sound battled for second, and one sound killed them all!!! Which one???> (Parts 1 & 2) 5-29-99

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