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King Addies vs Black Kat

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African Star w/ Sizzla, Capelton,  & Louie Culture (JA) <At Reggae Beach, Ocho Rios, Capelton and Sizzla use their talent to lick out against all who they feel disrespects the Rastafarian faith, including Beenie Man!!!  Add the Gangalee Louie Culture, Shadow Man, Jah Mason, Little David, Lucan, Yaggo Row, and Jahmali and the recipe is pure niceness!!!!> 7-3-98

Afrique wid Beenie Man Selecting (BKLYN) <Beenie Man is "honorary selecta" for the night and chooses what records to play plus introduces and wheels up tunes.  But the best part is when a girl try fi dis Beenie and him cuss her off, then plays the Ina Kamozi tune "Do You Respect Me... I'm Stepping It Hotter Dis Year" and buss the crowd!  A must have for any Beenie Man fan!> 1-25-98

AMERICA vs JAMAICA 98 (NY) <The New York City leg of the the Annual Unity Dance between NEW YORK  & JAMAICAN Sound Systems.  With a wicked early warmup by Legendary Selector Rory of Stone Love, the vibes is definitely here.  Metromedia, Massive B (Bobby Konders & Jabba), and Afrique also join in the fun!!> (Part 1  [Stone Love & Afrique] & Part 2 [Metromedia & Massive B and Stone Love]) 1-3-98

Amplex vs Adonai (JA) <Its bashment time in Spanish Town as Lenny and Glamma G on Amplex - The Element of Surprise, passes through from St. Catherine to play alongside the hot new juggling sound Adonai - The Sound of the Future.  Adonai plays over four of Amplex's tunes and what started out as juggling turns into Adonai's long awaited first clash and Amplex as the elder teaches Adonai a lesson!!> (Both Sounds-2 Tapes) 11-6-98

Atlantic I (vs Metromedia) (JA) <Upcoming sound killer Atlantic I landed a date with Metromedia for a juggling dance in Atlantic's home turf, St. Mary, and started brandishing war dubs from early out!  Metro took it personal and started to play war dubs as well, however when Atlantic I came back in, they rinse some wicked dubs that caught the veteran sound off guard!!!> (Atlantic Side) 8-29-98

Bass Odyssey vs Black Kat vs Alaska (JA) <Newcomer Alaska joins Bass Odyssey and Black Kat for a juggling dance, but everyone knows Panther from Kat never juggles!! Alaska quickly backs out and Black Kat starts the war and Bass Odyssey, who answers back with a string of new tunes since they have the ability to play every 45 on dub.  But new tunes alone wont do it against Panther's fast talking tactics!!  So clash turns into WaR!!> (Parts 1 & 2) 12-30-98

Bass Odyssey l/s Lord Gellys l/s Asha World (UK) <London gets a treat when The Skinny and the Bass Odyssey juggles alongside 2 of UK's top sounds in London!  The vibes is new tunes, and when Jugsy Killa from Travellers join in, its total niceness as Madhouse Crew meets Asylum Crew!!> (All Sounds - 1 Tape) 12-17-98

Bass Odyssey vs King Addies (UK) <King Addies invites Bass Odyssey (fresh off a wicked clash with Bodyguard) to Brixton with the intention of kicking them over.  Its Baby Face and Winter Fresh against the bad bwoys from St. Anns (Squingy & DJ Mark).  As it turns out, King Addies got more than they bargained for as Bass Odyssey rinse out new tune after new tune, continuously bussing the crowd!!!  Then came the Dub fi Dub, an area where King Addies definitely has the ammunition for (moreso than Bass Odyssey), but even this part of the clash was filled with surprises!  Squingy dun Winter Fresh career with a simple speech and its armshouse from then on till the end!!!> (Also available on Video!) (Parts 1 & 2) 12-13-98

Bass Odyssey vs Bodyguard (NJ) <Two warheads with no behavior buck up in Paterson, New Jersey with one intention and that is to kill.. Bass Odyssey mashup di place during the juggling rounds and Bodyguard came back wicked in the Dub fi Dub and started drowning Bass Odyssey in vintage tunes!!  Some way it was a split.. some say it was Odyssey's dance all the way.. some say Bodyguard!!> (Also available on Video!) (Parts 1, 2, & 3) 10-31-98

Bass Odyssey l/s Earthruler (BKLYN) <A night of juggling turns into a Buju for Buju clash!  The two war sounds gone bad but the real drama came from the clash that came about between the two female sounds present: Prestige and Lady Love.  While playing a segment, Lady Love flip up on Prestige, who consequently came in to kick them over!!!> (All Sounds - 1 Tape) 9-12-98

Bass Odyssey w/ Beenie Man Live (JA) <Wicked dance in Ocho Rios alongside Renaissance Disco and is pure vibes, especially when Beenie Man takes the stage and goes into his new tunes, including the new controversial gospel tune.  But the wickedest part is when he does the controversial 3rd verse to the song "Some a Dem Nuh Like Me" (not on the commercial release of the song) which is directed to some of his Rastafarian critics.> 8-29-98

Bass Odyssey vs Black Kat (BKLYN) <Omni Niteclub witnessed the return of Odyssey to NY w/ Squingy & DJ Mark. Big mouth Panther met his match as Squingy used his quick thinking and raw mouth to diss up Panther and send Black Kat running!  Tune fi Tune had to settle the clash and that it did!> (Quality Fair) (Both Sounds-1 Tape) 8-1-98

Bass Odyssey (vs Megamuss) (JA) <The bad bwoys from St. Anns meet up Megamuss for a rematch and of course destroyed them and Soul Star too in the process!!  The dance started w/ the usual Bass juggling of the latest tunes but then it made a turn for the worst when Squingy, Skinny and the crew started the armshouse!> (Bass Side) 7-26-98

Bass Odyssey alongside Poison Dart (JA) <What happens when one of Florida's top sound killers meets up wid one of yard's wickedest clash sounds for a big bashment in St Anns?  ToTal Niceness!!!  Skinny & Kirky C juggle side by side bad man style with and the rest of the Bass Odyssey & Poison Dart crew!!> (Both Sounds - 1 Tape) 6-29-98

Bass Odyssey vs Atlantic I (JA) <Newcomer Atlantic I thought it was time to flex their muscles so they called for Bass Odyssey with the Madhouse Crew (Squingy and Skinny) and DJ Mark...  Needless to say it was all out war and it was experience up against new vibes.  The two sounds battled it out with almost 100% brand new dubplates flying from both sides.> (Both Sounds-2 Tapes)  5-16-98

Bass Odyssey (vs Megamuss) (JA) <S & S (Squingy and Skinny) and DJ Mark went down to Clairmount, St. Anns to beat up on Megamuss of Clarendon!  They put such a beating on Megamuss that one of Mega's crew got angry and drew a knife.  Also there was Tinna One (former Bass Odyssey selector now on Lonestar - Black Majesty's sister set that's kicking up rumpus in Jamaica right now {Big up John, Indian, and Garreth}> (Bass Odyssey Side) 5-2-98

Bass Odyssey vs Pieces (JA) <Bass Odyssey and Pieces buck up in St Anns and as usual its guns out!! The dance starts out wid some nice juggling and both sides play some good early warm up tunes.. but Skinny and Squingy (S & S) gives Pieces a beating with new tunes upon new tunes.. bussing Sizzla and Bounty dubs like they own a  dub factory.> (Both Sounds - 2 Tapes) 4-1-98

Bass Odyssey vs Turbo Phonic (Chicago) <Bass Odyssey with Squingy and DJ Mark comes to Chicago to juggle alongside Turbo Phonic with Freddy and new selector Wonnie.  After some foundation tunes by Chicago's foundation sound King Tubbys, the two sounds start to juggle but this soon turns sour and is WAR!!!  Bass Odyssey is convinced that Turbo Phonic is nothing without Winter Fresh but Wonnie is determined to prove him wrong.  45 minutes of Dub fi Dub decides it!!!> (Both Sounds - 1 Tape) 2-98

Bass Odyssey vs Crystal (Miami) <Bass Odyssey from Jamaica wid Squingy and Mark clash Crystal from Miami wid female selector Keisha and the crew in Reggae Kickers Night Club in Miami.  Crystal Sound buss nuff Capelton dub but even that couldnt stand up to Bass Odyssey's Buju and Sizzla dubs.  Selectress (female selector) Keisha still buss the dance though!> (Both Sounds - 1 Tape) 1-3-98

Black Kat vs Soul Supreme (BKLYN) <The Kat flew to New York to quiet Supreme.  Of course Soul Supreme with its deep pocket was ready to answer with an array of new Bounty Killa dubs.  The Kat had new tunes too, but more importantly, the Kat has Panther's mouth!!!.  Wicked Dud fi Dub!!>  (Also available on Video!) (Parts 1 & 2) 4-18-98

Bodyguard vs Stonewall (Antigua) <Bodyguard underestimated Stonewall and when the Wall started brandishing a train of brand new Bounty and Sizzla dubs, the place was in heat.  However when the Stonewall Crew is suspected of sabotaging Bodyguard's equipment, the clash gets personal and the real war begins! Then one sound dies!!> (Parts 1 & 2) 11-1-98

Bodyguard vs Black Kat (JA) <Two wicked man sounds end up in Treasure Beach, St Elizabeth in a clash to the finish.  Panther is determined to show everyone that Bodyguard is all talk because they haven't really clashed any tough sounds.  Its war and a victor emerges!> (Both Sounds - 2 Tapes) 4-19-98

BodyGuard (vs Stone Love) (JA) <Links and Johnny of Bodyguard plays a nice 1st leg of  jump up tunes but at the end of the segment he plays a wicked clash dubplate inviting Stone Love to "pick up the war "corn" he just thrown down!  Of course Billy Slaughter and Nico picks it up and is all out war from there, but who would have thought Bodyguard have it in dem to do what they did to Stone Love that night!> (Bodyguard Side) 3-15-98

Bodyguard vs Travellers (BKLYN) <Travellers and Bodyguard buck up inna Caribbean Dome in Brooklyn! Travellers fresh from a couple months vacation since selector Jugsy Killa met in an accident in 1997 decide fi try a ting wid Bodyguard and hype-up bwoy Links, the selector who has been killing sounds (including Afrique and King Addies) all last year!> (Both Sounds- Part s 1 & 2) 1-30-98

Buju 's Studio Opening Dance with Killamanjaro (JA) <Killamanjaro did the juggling and played nuff exclusive dubs with no talking for about an hour.. then Buju Banton and artists such as Brigadier Jerry, Josey Wales, Charlie Chaplin, Burro Banton, Junior Cat, Ranking Trevor, Junior Reid, Daddy Lizard, Papa Biggy,  Roundhead, Tony Rebel, Louie Culture, Anthony Malvo, Twitch, Singing Melody, Jack Uhuru, Jah Youth, Johnny Ringo, John Wayne, Wicker Man, Captain Barkey, Ghost, and many more performed!!> (Parts 1& 2) 6/98

CAPELTON & ANTHONY B IN CONCERT (BKLYN) <It starts out with Anthony B performing some of his most controversial lyrics to a capacity filled crowd!  Then the prophet Capelton comes in and Mashes up the place for a good hour and a half.  He does old tunes, new tunes, as well as tunes not yet released.  He even chants to the sound of Nyabingi Drums as the crowd claps on!> 3-15-98

CONCORD SOUND REGGAE MIX Vol 3 (BRONX) <Music FrEaK Central presents a straight mix of all the latest tunes for 1998 thus far, courtesy of Concord Sound.  This tape includes the latest tunes from Buju Banton, Beenie Man, Bounty Killa, Spragga Benz, Scare Dem, Dutty Cup Crew, Monster Shack, 2000 Crew, and much more!> 2-98

Champions in Action 1998 (JA) <The yearly stage show for natives (not tourists) was bigger and better this year and features the artists in their wickedest forms!! Part features Mr. Vegas, Monster Shack, Anthony B, Cobra, Devonte, Tonto Metro, and Scare Dem!  On Part 2 - Scare Dem, Merciless, Ninja Man, Beenie Man, and Bounty Killa mashed up the dance!> (Parts 1 & 2) 8/98

CULTURE BLIZZARD 98 MIX (NYC) <Music FrEaK Central presents Culture Blizzard 98 Mix, featuring all of the latest culture tunes mashing up the dancehall right now.  This  tape was mixed exclusively for C-F-C by Jam One and is designed strictly for the clean hearted, with new songs from Sizzla, Luciano, Anthony B, Capelton, Beenie Man, Buju, Shabba, Morgan Heritage, and much more!> 11-98

CULTURAMA 1998 (NYC) <Reggae fans worldwide descended on Downing Stadium, Randall's Island (New York) for Reggae Culturama, New York's biggest one day reggae show!!  Performances from Anthony B, Red Rat, Spragga Benz, General Degree, Merciless, Sanchez, Half Pint, etc!  Plus the clash on stage between Beenie Man and Capelton!!> 7-19-98

THE CUTTING EDGE w/ Mutabaruka 8/98 (JA) <This excerpt from Mutabaruka's "The Cutting Edge" radio show features a phone call by the prophet himself, Capelton, who gets into a heated debate with Muta concerning the whole Beenie Man controversy.  Capelton has a lot to say and so does Muta.  The tape also features an interview with Anthony B live in the studio, and is punctuated by various classic Jamaican Festival Song winners!!> 8/98 

THE CUTTING EDGE w/ Mutabaruka 96 (JA) <This excerpt of Mutabaruka's controversial radio show features various Native African, African Reggae, and Blue Beat Music punctuated by Mutabaruka's insightful comments on the history and development of pre-ska Reggae!> 1996

DANCEHALL INNA PARIS 98 (France) <This is a link up of four of the wickedest international Sound Systems in the World: Ras Pascal Disco from Martinique-French West Indies; Free Bass Disco from Geneva-Switzerland; Exodus Nuclear from Kingston-Jamaica; and Blues Party from Paris-France!!> (All Sounds - 1 Tape) 3-3-98

DELANO'S REVENGE PART IV 98 (JA) <Renaissance's biggest annual bashment brings for its fourth year Stone Love, Tony Matterhorn, and of course Renaissance (Delano, Dr. Dre, Jazzy T, Oxtail, Dj Karim, & Mix Master Marvin) under one roof.  Scare Dem, General B, Dutty Cup, and Beenie Man take the stage! War between Scare Dem and Dutty Cup bruck out!> (Parts 1 & 2) 11-7-98

Downbeat l/s Sir Tommys l/s Sons Junior (BKLYN) <A veteran Rub-a-Dub affair as the three foundation New York sounds juggle some vintage Studio One tunes and exclusive dubs.  Then Veterans of the stage Glen Washington and Mickey Jarrett perform live!> (All Sounds - 1 Tape) 3-22-98

Earthruler vs Judgement vs First Class (BKLYN) <Here's what really happened: Fifteen year veteran  Earthruler goes up against BKLYN's First Class (only out a year and a half), and the underdog, Judgement (a heavyweight sound flown in from Japan, run by Japanese selectors). Earthruler flopped, First Class came second, but Judgement, the true winner, was cheated out of the trophy!!> (Parts 1 & 2) 11-14-98

EVERTON BELNDER B-DAY CONCERT (JA) <An all out tribute to veteran roots and culture vocalist Everton Blender in the form of a concert, put on by legendary singer Admiral Tibet ("Time is so Serious").  In addition to Admiral Tibet, Culture, and Beenie Man, and others, Everton Blender himself comes on stage and gives a stunning performance> Spring [2-98]

EXHALE '98 (JA) <A wicked multi-sound bashment w/ Stone Love, Metromedia, Tony Matterhorn, and Afrique all in one place at one time juggling!  Stone Love does the usual, Matterhorn duns the place (again), but the really impressive stuff came from Metromedia (wid some wicked oldies), and Afrique's selector Steelie who out-did himself wid some drop dead juggling!!!!> (All Sounds - 1 Tape) 8-1-98

FOUNDATION WORLD CLASH - UK (UK) <David Rodigan from UK, Downbeat the Ruler from BKLYN-NY, Coxsone from England, and Gemini from Jamaica battle dub for dub with big tunes from the 60's, 70's, and 80's!  Tony Screw represents Downbeat while Coxsone draws for the very first selector to play that sound (now retired).> (Quality Fair) (Parts 1 & 2)  4-11-98

FULLY LOADED 98- USA (BKLYN) <The USA version of this musical competition! Tony Matterhorn Movements played in NYC for the first time and did very well (with the help of Johnny Killer), but people say the biggest forward of the night came from Massive B w/ Bobby Konders and Jabba ,who rinsed out some Bounty dubs on the Sleng Ting Rhythm that had the place inna heat!!  Libra Love and the All Star Squad also represented but King Addies was missing in action!!> (All Sounds - 1 Tape) 10-11-98

FULLY LOADED 98 - JA (JA) <This year its Stone Love, Afrique, Tony Matterhorn Movements,  Renaissance, and Massive B! As always it turned into a mimi-clash - but this year to everyone's surprise, Tony Matterhorn won the clash hands down!!  Live artists include Bounty Killa, Scare Dem, Spragga Benz, Lady Saw, Baby Cham, Tony Curtis, and Mr. Easy.> (Part 1<Stone Love & Live Artists> Part 2 <Matterhorn & Massive B & Afrique>) 7-28-98  

THE FULL MONTY (UK) <David Rodigan (BBC fame, 105 Kiss FM); Barry G ("The Boogie Man" from JBC-15 yrs, RJR-3yrs, Power 106-3 yrs, Hot 102 in Jamaica presently); Chris Goldfinger (RJR, formed Asha World Movements Sound in 91, now runs the largest reggae program in Europe); and Daddy Ernie (big time radio personality in England, "The Super Jam Man") in a Dub fi Dub showdown!> (Also Available on Video) (All Sounds - Part 1 & 2) 2-13-98

GET WET BASH 2 w/ Beenie & Bounty (JA) <The Video 5 Girls are at it again with the 'Get Wet 2 Bash'.  Renaissance juggles for the massive, then Travellers come in with the entertainers.  Beenie Man and Warlord Bounty Killa come on stage and make peace.  Bounty then explains what happened at STING w/ Merciless (see STING 97 below).  The two deejays then go lyrics for lyrics on the 'Showtime Rhythm'!! Also on stage is Baby Cham & the Dutty Cup Crew!> (Also available on Video!) 1-4-98

GOD BLESS BUS RIDE 1998 (JA) <Yankee and the God Bless Crew, Cawka Lee, and the gang  keep a wicked Bus Ride at Priory Beach, St. Anns.  On hand to supply the vibes is Renaissance Disco and Stone Love.  Also in attendance is Chelsea, a wicked reggae sound system from Japan.  Scare Dem Crew and friends come in to top off the entertainment!> (Also available on Video!) (3 Sounds - 1 Tape) 1-11-98

Jah Love Live Artists Reunion (JA) <A tribute to the Late Jack Ruby held in Jack Ruby Lawn, Ocho Rios! Among the artists to grace the stage and perform on strictly rub-a-dub rhythms are U Brown, Buju Banton, Brigadier Jerry, Charlie Chaplin, Josey Wales, Little John, Puddy Roots, and Dread Back.> 4-3-98

JAMAICA vs AMERICA 98 (JA) <The Jamaica leg of the Annual Unity Dance between NEW YORK and JAMAICAN Sounds sets stage in Jamaica.  Afrique, Stone Love, Swatch, Afrique, and King Addies juggle for the massive, however, Stone Love and King Addies get into some mix-up and a mini clash occurs.  This dance features the return of Tony Matterhorn (temporarily) to King Addies!> (Also available on Video!) (All Sounds - 1 Tape) 1-2-98

JUMP OUT 98 w/ Sizzla Live (JA) <Pepsi dance in Skateland at Half Way Tree and Stone Love alongside Metromedia juggles some wicked cultural vibes for the massive.  The main attraction, Sizzla Kulonji takes stage with the David House Crew (including Inchman, Johnny Baptiste, and more) go all out for an inspirational performance!  Jah Cure and Jr. Reid joins in with some lyrics.  Then Buju Banton comes in with strictly cultural vibes to mash up di place!!> (Also available on Video!) 5-17-98

Killamanjaro l/s Downbeat (CT) <Hartford, CT is alive when old meets older as foundation sound Downbeat w/ Tony Screw juggles alongside the legendary Killamanjaro with Ricky Trooper.  Its a respect thing as Downbeat plays some exclusive vintage dubs and leaves the new tunes up to Trooper who brandishes dubs on all the latest rhythms out!!> (Both Sounds - 1 Tape) 12-18-98

Killamanjaro l/s Luv Injection (UK) <Trooper and the warlord sound from Jamaica travels to th UK to juggle alongside Colonel Billy and UK's own #1 sound killer, Luv Injection.  The vibes is nice as Jaro throw down some wicked foundation and new tunes as only they can.  Luv Injection brandished some wicked new dubs and exclusive remixes.  Nice dance wid Nuff vibes!!!> (Both Sounds - 1 Tape) 11-14-98

Killamanjaro vs Atlantic I  (JA) <Newcomer Atlantic I continues its clashing tour to make its name as a sound killer in Jamaica and goes up against Jaro in St. Mary!!  Trooper sends Freddy & the Crew  to handle them but Atlantic I is know for their massive amount of new dubs so it becomes the old against the new! (Both Sounds - 2 Tapes) 11-14-98  

Killamanjaro vs Black Kat (JA) <Jaro and the Kat are at it again in Trelawny in a rematch to the NY clash.  This time Panther has enough tunes to carry the clash!  Trooper was in clash mode as usual but when Panther started winning the dance early out, Trooper started some bad man antics the crowd didn"t appreciate and Jaro went downhill from there!  Many say the King Kong dub Panther played killed Jaro and gave Kat their first victory!! You listen and decide!!> (Both Sounds-2 Tapes) 11-1-98

Killamanjaro Remembers Garnet Silk (JA) <Killamanjaro salutes the Late, Great Garnet Silk with an exclusive selection of Garnet Silk dubplates that he made for Killamanjaro while he was alive.  Handpicked by Ricky Trooper, all the dubs are played from start to end with interruptions!  The tape features dubs with Garnet Silk alongside such artists as Richie Stevens, Capelton, Scatta, and much more!  The tape then cuts to a  rare concert featuring Garnet Silk Live!> (Also Available on CD) 11-98

Killamanjaro (vs Caveman) (JA) <Its a killing affair for Jaro in St Elizabeth as Ini Man and Caveman, the Rastaman sound,  take a crack at climbing the mountain.  Of course Trooper and the jaro crew had a lot to say about that.  Anthony B alongside the Star Trail Label family then performs live!!!> (Jaro Side) 10-16-98

Killamanjaro vs Black Kat (BKLYN) <Dubbed Rumors of War Part II, it was aptly named because a just war did gwane!! Panther draw nuff card on Trooper and maintain that its b/c Black Kat don't have a lot of tunes why its not the number one sound.  Panther also played some wicked early rounds.  However Trooper came back and said he can kill Panther without the foundations tunes (Nitty Gritty, Tenor Saw etc), and begins to do just that.  But all who know Black Kat know that they don't die easy!!> (Parts 1 & 2) 10-9-98

Killamanjaro vs Pieces (JA) <Dubbed "Kingston vs Mobay", this dance matches up two of the best to finish off what they started at Sumfest 98!  Jaro, led by Keith and Freddy bad up Pieces, then Ninja Man comes in live on Jaro, counteracting everybody's lyrics from Beenie to Bounty!  Pieces flops the clash but juggles a good dance as usual and Ninja Man and Zebra then come in on Pieces.> (Both Sounds-2 Tapes) 9-12-98

Killamanjaro (vs Exodus Nuclear) (JA) <Ricky Trooper allows Keith and the other selectors on Jaro to beat up on Exodus in this clash at Windward Road in Rockfort.  Then once the clash is through, live artists pass through, including Ninja Man, Sugar Minott, Michael Buckley, Quench Aid, Daddy Shark, Junior Demus, and Daddy Lizard who barely escapes a rematch of the clash w/ Ninja during Sting 1988!> (Jaro Side) 9-1-98

Killamanjaro vs Delta Force Rematch (JA) <Jaro and Delta meet up again in Deeside, Trelawny and its all about revenge for Delta Force, who was recovering from the beating they got in New York. Delta had the new tunes but again Jaro used foundation tunes to lock dem off!!!> (Both Sounds - 2 Tapes)  7-31-98

Killamanjaro vs Delta Force (BKLYN) <It was no surprise on Saturday, July 18th when Trooper tun over Delta Force in New York City.  What *was* a surprise was the new tunes that Delta Force was dropping in the middle of the clash!  Delta Force still received a beating from just about start to finish with Jaro's foundation dubs!> (Both Sounds-1 Tape) 7-18-98

Killamanjaro vs [Bodyguard] (BKLYN) <The whole world showed up at Amazuru in QUEENS to witness the clash but Bodyguard didn't show up!!!!!! Trooper came along with Freddy (who was in NY for the first time) and waited and waited but Bodyguard was a no show.. Jaro played a wicked dance still and stated among other things that if NY people let Bodyguard come back and play in New York and do not buss a shot in Bodyguard selectors' faces then he loose off of dem (NY Fans)..> (Killamanjaro Side - 2 Tapes) 6-19-98

Killamanjaro vs Bodyguard (JA) <While the whole world was waiting for the clash in New York, Jaro and Bodyguard clashed in Trelawny.  Trooper was at the clash but he stood back and let Freddy and the crew handle Bodyguard by themselves.  Links was also absent from Bodyguard, so with Johnny and Blacka at Bodyguard's control!!> (Both Sounds - 2 Tapes) 5-25-98  

Killamanjaro 35th Anniversary (BKLYN) <In Trinity Hall, Brooklyn, New York, Killamanjaro w/ Ricky Trooper celebrates 35 years of killing sounds, ramming dances, and pleasing millions of people with reggae music. LP Intl and Storm Force were also on hand.  Trooper plays Jaro's classics from the 70's straight back to the newest Beenie and Bounty dubs and invites Stone Love to clash by dissing them!!> (Parts 1 & 2) 5-2-98

Killamanjaro vs Amplex (JA) <Trooper send Freddy to St. Elizabeth to deal with Lenny and Glamma G of Amplex (both formerly from Bass Odyssey) and is all out war.  Its Amplex's first time in the parish and when "dirty mouth" Lenny curse Freddy saying there's no Jaro dubs calling his name, Freddy proves why Trooper has the confidence to let him play Jaro by himself!!> (Both Sounds - 2 Tapes) 5-2-98

Killamanjaro vs Black Kat (JA) <Black Kat and Jaro have been at it for years and Panther never seems to give up.  Kat doesn't have the tunes but they have a wicked mic chatter wid nuff vibes and a nasty mouth when it comes to drawing cards!  Jaro has everything - the tunes, the mic chatter, and the vibes!!!>  (Both Sounds - 2 Tapes) 4-25-98

Killamanjaro vs Caveman (JA) <This is one of the most heated clashes of the year thus far.  When Trooper (a "baldhead" who hails Selassi I) goes up against the selectors of Caveman (Itermin, Military, etc) and the issue of religion comes into play! Caveman buss a mirage of exclusive Sizzla dub!!  Determine also performs live on Caveman!!> (Both Sounds - 2 Tapes) (quality fair on Caveman Side) 4-12-98

Killamanjaro vs Black Kat (JA) <The Mountain and the Kat are at it again.  This time its at a juggling dance in St. Mary.  Freddy is on Jaro and Panther is on Black Kat.  It started out as a friendly juggling, but when they decided to do a little tune for tune, a clash erupted.  Pure Vibes!!!> (Both Sounds - 1 Tape) 4-9-98

Killamanjaro vs Turbo Phonic (JA) The long awaited rematch between Jaro and Turbo Phonic! Throw in heavy weight sound African Star in the picture and you get an all out clash.  Trooper recruits some help from an upcoming sound he is coaching - Mega Muss - and the dance really becomes interesting.  And of course there's Cupid, who came out of nowhere.  Suh you have five sounds inna one lawn, and one sound murder the whole of them, but which one??> (Both Sounds - 2 Tapes) 3-1-98

Killamanjaro Valentines Day Juggling (JA) <Trooper and the crew juggles for a Valentines Day Affair, dishing out the latest Hip Hop, Jump Up tunes, Culture, and R&B/Soul.  This tape is a nice change from the clashing vibes Jaro is infamous for, and it shows that Ricky Trooper and Freddy are versatile selectors and can hold a crowd in a juggling dance as well as a clash.> 2-14-98

Killamanjaro vs Pieces (JA) <Killamanjaro is back again for 1998 and is not wasting anytime to murder all sounds within reach.  The first victim for 1998 is Pieces with their one bag of Bounty Killa but not even that could save them from Troopers brand new dubs on the Showtime rhythm, not to mention his usual array of brand new tunes from Jaro's deejay, Beenie Man!> (Both Sounds - 2 Tapes) 2-7-98

King Addies vs Luv Injection (NYC) <Luv Injection buck up King Addies at the Warehouse in Brooklyn.  Luv Injection Crew wants to make an impression their first time in the Big Apple.  Baby Face introduces Neil Diamond, the new recruit on King Addies.  Luv Injection's vibes bruck when the sound kept giving technical difficulties, but King Addies took the opportunity to come in and mash up the place with some wicked selections and brand new FuGees on dub!!!!> (Both Sounds-1 Tape)  10-24-98  

King Addies l/s Tony Matterhorn w/ Capelton Live (FLA) <Its Baby Face's Birthday Bash and he is celebrating both in Brooklyn, NYC and in Miami, Florida.  The Miami Bash in Rockers Island features King Addies alongside Tony Matterhorn Movements with Tony Mentally iLL himself at the controls for the very first time since he left King Addies a year ago.  Special Guest Capelton then graces the stage.  In NYC, Afrique joins in to help Baby Face celebrate!! A Renaissance Culture Mix finishes the tape!> (All Sounds 1 Tape) 10-98

King Addies vs Travellers (WASH DC) <King Addies had a lot to settle with Travellers after the clash in England so dem buck in at the Dragon Center in Washington to have it out!  Local sound Zone One does the early juggling.  King Addies drop some wicked hip-hop dubs and big foundation dubs including some Tenor Saw, Nitty Gritty, and the likes!  Travellers w/ Jugsy Killa and Master Lee put up a good fight but were convinced the crowd was bias!!> (Also available on Video!) (Part 1 (low mic on Travellers) & Part 2) 9-5-98

King Addies Alongside Stone Love (JA) <An interesting dance because it features two polar opposites: The war Sound King Addies and the Immortal Juggling Machine Stone Love.  They both team up for a showcase of new tunes & dubs! A King Addies fan must have!!!> (Both Sounds-2 Tapes) 8-5-98

King Addies l/s Alaska w/ Bounty Killa Live (JA) <Newcomer Alaska lands a date with the war sound King Addies w/ Baby Face and Winter Fresh.   Its a big bashment at Three Mile as both sounds mash up the place  in the juggling segment, but the heat starts when the Warlord Bounty Killa comes on stage and does some tracks off his forthcoming album 'The Next Millennium".  Watch Alaska in 1999!!> (Also available on Video!) (Both sounds - 1 Tape) 8/98

King Addies vs Bodyguard (BKLYN) <Bodyguard did no-show with King Addies in Florida, but they couldn't run from Baby Face when he surprised them at Trinity Hall in Brooklyn.  Face walked in on them w/ a box of dubs and started rinsing killer dubs, all on brand new rhythms such as the Medina etc...   Bodyguard was forced to answer back, and with Tony Matterhorn also in the dance, tension kept rising and rising!> (Both Sounds - 1 Tape) 7-17-98  

King Addies Returns Home (BKLYN) <Baby Face returns home to BKLYN after a tour all over the US and England, and Baby Face is ready to clean house.  After updating the fans in Trinity Hall in Brooklyn, NY on the status of King Addies right now, where they have been, and who they have killed (4 sounds according to him, Baby Face then decides to diss just about every sound in NYC, inviting them to come test King Addies!!> 7-5-98

King Addies vs Black Kat (QUEENS) <The long awaited rematch between Baby Face and the Panther came to pass in Q-Club (the new clash center of NY) in QUEENS, New York. Baby Face had a lot to prove to his hometown, and Panther, well he was just there to KILL!!  Many say its 50-50. Some say that Face used "bad man" tactics to bully Panther into cutting short the clash!!> (Parts 1 & 2) (quality fair but a must have!!!) (Also available on Video!) 5-23-98  

King Addies vs Poison Dart (GEORGIA) <King Addies and Poison Dart buck up inna Atlanta and Baby Face and Winter Fresh come with one thing on the agenda.. WAR!!  Kirky C and the rest of the Poison Dart crew have no problem defending themselves cause dem have nuff dubs but when it came down to it, its the best MC, not dubs, that wins the clash!> (Both Sounds - 1 Tape) 5-2-98

King Addies vs Travellers (UK) <King Addies' new selector Winter Fresh (formerly from Turbo Phonic Sound) get a work out in a real clash, along time his new mentor, veteran Baby Face.  But Travellers seems to be back on track again.  Many are split as to who won, but all agree that Jugsy Killa from Travellers definitely flop Winter Fresh career!!> (Also Available on Video) (Both Sounds - 1 Tape) 4-12-98

King Addies vs Emperor (Washington) <King Addies has relocated to Jamaica with Winter Fresh holding the fort down there, and Baby Face is left to defend King Addies in the US.  Unfortunately Emperor from Washington didn't know this, and when the juggling dance turned sour, Baby Face had to remind some bwoys say a Gangster Town (Brooklyn) and Gangster Sound him a defend!!> (Quality Fair - sound fluctuates) (Both Sounds - 1 Tape) 2-22-98 

King Addies  (w/ Winter Fresh) alongside Travellers (JA) <King Addies recruited Winter Fresh (The wicked selector that buss Turbo Phonic Sound in 1997 and was killing sounds left and right).  This tape has Winter Fresh MC'ing on King Addies while Baby Face mixes the tunes.. then visa-versa. Travellers also comes in and juggles for a round with some rap and foundation tunes.>  (Also available on Video!) (Both Sounds - 1 Tape) 1-12-98

King Jammys w/ Beenie Man vs Risto Benji Rematch (JA) <At this dance (with Stone Love too), Beenie Man lashes out against all the deejays that "no like him." Beenie also clashes face to face and trashes his long time rival Risto Benji and accuses Stone Love of playing only one of his tunes, to which Stone Love answered back. Add Ninja Man, Angel Dulas of Scare Dem, Flipper Mafia, Wicker Man, Daya Ranks, and Captain Barkey to the mix and a jus vibes!!!> 7-6-98

King Jammys vs Downbeat (QUEENS) <King Jammys from Jamaica went up against New York's own, Downbeat the Ruler  in Q-Club, QUEENS.  For weeks both sounds were talking a lot of labrish but when it came down to it, King Jammys young selector got an early out whipping from Downbeat's seasoned selector, Tony Screw!>  (Both Sounds - 1 Tape) 2-28-98

MILO (LIBRA LOVE) B-DAY BASH (JA) <Milo celebrates with the likes of Tony Matterhorn, Metromedia, Afrique, Stone Love and of course the mighty Libra Love!  This tape has nuff vibes as Libra Love goes into some '70s & '80s popular disco and R&B hits as only they can!  With Tony Matterhorn on the mic and Stereo Fish at the turntables, the vibes is strictly bashment all night long.> (All sounds - 1 Tape) 7-4-98  

Matterhorn l/s David Rodigan l/s Downbeat l/s Millennium (UPSTATE NY) <Its a union of the old and the new in Newburg, NY as veterans Downbeat w/ Tony Screw and David Rodigan juggle alongside Tony Matterhorn and Millennium (with Boxer formerly of Travellers)!  Starcade also joins in.  Its Matterhorn's hometown but Boxer decides to flip up on him anyway.  Both got a run for their money from the exclusive foundation selections of the two seasoned veterans!!  A nice mix of the old and new!!  (All Sounds - 1 Tape) 12-19-98

Metromedia Foundation Dance (JA) <Another foundation Rub a Dub dance as Skyjuice mix down some veteran deejays of yesteryear as well as some current chart toppers. the guest list included Tonto Metro, Brigadier Jerry, Charlie Chaplin, Josey Wales, Alley Cat, Devonte, and Chronicle.  This dance features the deejays riding some foundation rhythms as well as some hot new ones!!> 8-1-98

Metromedia vs Bodyguard (BKLYN) <When Bodyguard came in with the armshouse , Skyjuice was forced to defend his sound! Links and Johnny also give Metro-media a slice of the dubs they have in store for Killamanjaro, but Metro came back hard!!!> (Both Sounds - 1 Tape) 3-21-98

MIAMI LINK UP 98 (FLA) <Its Old Harbour (in Miami) version of the STING 98 stage show features an impressive line-up backed by the Blaze band, including Worm Dem (Captain Barkey, Wicker man, & Angel Dulas), Zebra (who stole the show once again), Professor Nuts (hear him perform his highly acclaimed lyrics/comedy routine about a drunkard name "Jimmy"), Baby Wayne and Ninja Man (in the clash that was also missing at STING 98), Beenie Man, Monster Shack, Scare Dem Crew, Alley Kat, Tonto Metro, Devonte, Little Kirk, and much more!!  A must have b/c it has some lyrics that were not performed at STING 98!!> (Also available on video!) (Parts 1 & 2) 11-29-98

Nasty Tek (AUSTRALIA) <The suburb of Redfern in Sydney is alive when Australia's own reggae ambassador, Nasty Tek, featuring the talents of selectors B.C. and Mamma Dread Fresh alongside MCs Mickey Glamour and Mr. Danger.  The tape is a nice mix of hardcore reggae juggling as well as some mellow Saxon label vibes... Gotten straight from Glamour himself of Nasty Tek!!> (Both Sounds - 1 Tape) 5-2-98  

Poison Dart vs Lees Unlimited (FLA) <Kirky C and Poison Dart from Tampa were invited to play alongside Lees Unlimited but Kirky C made it clear that they are not a juggling sound. What started out as a juggling dance in Reggae Kickers quickly turned into a clash and when things really started to boil down, the two sounds jumped into Dub Fi Dub to see who is truly Florida's wickedest!!> (Both Sounds - 1 Tape) 2-15-98

Pow Pow Movements vs Soundquake (Germany) <Two hardcore sounds battle it out in Germany and you can hear the people screaming in the background.  You would think its Jamaica the way these selectors were handling each other, throwing down Anthony B and Luciano dubs like it was nothing!!!!> (Parts 1 & 2) 1-30-98 

RAS BEER VIBES 98 (JA) <Its a wicked bashment at the Caymanas Polo Club when Stone Love and Renaissance juggle alongside the hot new sensations Coppershot and Adonai! Renaissance dun the place as usual with their classic juggling and remix styles but the surprise of the night came from Coppershot and Adonai who brandished some wicked exclusive Hip-Hop Reggae remixes of their own!!!  Stone Love juggled some new tunes and a wicked foundation dubs segment, and as if that wasn't enough, Bounty Killer, Baby Cham, Spragga Benz, Wayne Wonder, and Tony Curtis performed Live!!> (Parts 1 & 2) 12-18-98

REASON RUINS 98 (JA) <Picture one wicked dance featuring the Juggling Kings: Stone Love, Tony Matterhorn, Richie D - Great Music, Renaissance, & Afrique! All sounds are on the tape. Matterhorn mash it up officially for the rude bwoys (with bounty dubs galore) and Renaissance mashed it up for the ladies as usual.>  (All Sounds - 1 Tape) 8-5-98

RENAISSANCE "Can't Believe mi Eyes" MIX 98 (JA) <Music FrEaK Central presents an exclusive as the juggling machine from uptown does it again with a straight mega-mix <without the talking> of 1998 tunes done Renaissance style.  If you want a straight juggling tape of all the hits for Summer 98, then this is it.> 8/98

Renaissance Summer Sizzler (JA) <The masters of "jump up" juggling and Hip-Hop/R&B vibes are at it again with the Summer Sizzler for all Renaissance fans and those who want a wicked juggling tape for the car or jeep.  This tape features new tunes upon new tunes on the latest rhythms out, including new music from Beenie Man, ARP, Cannabis, etc!!> 6-12-98

Renaissance Alongside Lady Terror (JA) <Renaissance comes with all the latest Hip Hop/R&B plus Reggae Remixes, then Doctor Dre MC's while Lady Terror (from Rockers Island and the radio station in Miami) drops some of her wicked dub plates on the turntables of the latest reggae tunes out.  Mi neva know dis female selecta could mix so good!> 4-5-98

Renaissance March Madness at UWI (JA) <Dr. Dre, Delano, and the crew slams down the hottest new cultural reggae, then move into the latest jump up tunes, turning Irving Hall at UWI (University of the West Indies) upside down!  Then after an interlude of Hip-Hop/R&B, the crew starts dropping some heavy brand new REMIXES!!!> (quality good - slight distortion at start) 3-13-98

Renaissance Culture Mix (JA) <Music FrEaK Central presents a mix of all the latest culture tunes in the dancehall today, mixed by no other than Renaissance Disco with the infamous Jazzy T.  This mix has no talking and is just full of cultural uplifting vibes.  Among the many artists that grace this mix are Buju Banton, Luciano, Sizzla, Ras Shiloh, Anthony B, and the list goes on!> 2/98

Rodigan vs Poison Dart (FLA) <On Thanksgiving Day, David Rodigan made an appearance at the Metro Skating Rink in Orlando, Florida to go up against Florida's #1 sound killer - Poison Dart.  When Poison Dart rinsed a spliced dub intro featuring Rodigan's own voice admitting that he "goes both ways," Rodigan gets furious and goes into "Kill Sound Mode".  But Poison Dart didn't take this lesson sitting down, and rallied back for what turned out to be a wicked clash!!> (Also available on Video!) (Parts 1 & 2) 11-26-98

Rodigan vs Luv Injection (UK) <Corporal Billy, Tyrone, and the Luv Injection Crew goes up against David Rodigan for title of England's #1 Sound for 1997!! This was a clash to the finish, with 3 for 3, Dub fi Dub, and a whole heap of card drawing - sometimes getting personal!> (Also available on Video!)  (Quality Fair) (Both Sounds-1 Tape) 4-98

SATTAMASSAGANA 98 (JA) <The biggest cultural stage show of 1998 brings live to the stage some of the biggest cultural acts in Jamaica .  Hosted by inspirational radio personality Ellese Kelly, top acts include The Messenger Luciano, Jah Cure, Tony Rebel, Sizzla, and the Prophet Capelton Sizzla, Louie Culture, Determine, Mutabaruka, Pablo Augustus, Mickey General, saxophonist Dean Frazer, and much more.  Backed by the mighty Firehouse Crew, this is an all culture salute to positiveness and the upliftment of ghetto youths!> (Also available on Video!) (Parts 1 & 2) 1-98

Soul Supreme vs Black Kat (JA) <After the eating Black Kat gave them in mid-1998, Soul Supreme decides to go to Jamaica to lock off Black Kat for good!  The dance was kept at St. Anns Bay and Soul Supreme entered the clash with a fury that caught Black Kat by surprise.  But everyone knows the Kat don't die so easily, although they may have came out of the clash one life less!!!> WaR!!!> (Soul Supreme Side) 11-98

Stereophonic - The Return of (UK) (Sound System history is made again as the mihty Stereophonic resurfaces in England for a foundation dance.  And who best to draw for to grace the dance but none other than the original Stur Gav crew featuring Brigadier Jerry, Josey wales, and Charlie Chaplin.  Its pure vibes as the crew nice up England!!> 11-9-98

STING 1998 (JA) <The greatest one day reggae show in the world is back at the Jamworld Entertainment Center in Portmore, Jamaica and features the top acts of 1998, including Beenie Man, Zebra (the best performance), Mr. Vegas, Frisco Kid, Anthony B, Professor Nuts (performance cut short though!!), Monster Shack (nice!!), Scare Dem, Louie Culture, Papa San (excellent spiritual performance), Cocoa Tea, Wicker Man, Captain Barkey, Cobra, Brigadier Jerry, Charlie Chaplin, Josey Wales, and more!!!> (Parts 1 & 2) 12-26-98

Stone Love 26th Anniversary (JA) <Another milestone in sound system history is celebrated again as Stone Love reaches 26 years old.  Renaissance, Afrique, and Black Prince juggles and this year's celebration is filled with many good moments (Wee Pow and G.T. deejaying) as well as some controversial ones (Wee Pow comments on the death of some patrons that was blamed on Stone Love)!  The lineup this year included ARP, Innocent Crew, George Nooks, Alley Kat, Chuck Fender, baby Wayne, Zebra, Screechie Joe, Power Man, Deli Ranks, 14K, and politically charged Anthony B!!> (Also available on Video!) (Parts 1 & 2) 12-5-98

Stone Love l/s Star Force (JA) <Its soccer star Pepe's Birthday and the two sounds keep a wicked dance with some nice juggling, then live artists such as Beenie, Monster Shack, and Scare Dem enter the line-up.  But when Elephant Man from Scare Dem makes a lewd comment, Beenie takes stage and murders him!!  Roundhead then has to come in and make the peace!> (Both Sounds - 1 Tape) 11-27-98

BILLY SLAUGHTER B-DAY BASH (JA) <This year Metromedia and Renaissance join in the fun.  Live entertainers include Beenie Man, Scare Dem (Harry Toddler and Nitchie Kutchie), Alley Kat, Wicker Man, Hawkeye, Scare Dem 2, and more.  Elephant Man bum rushes the stage, then creates a stage of his own, and turns the place upside down!  Beenie and Elephant man get into a fight over the mic (again) as Buccaneer and crew goes wild on stage!  Pure vibes and armshouse!!> (Also available on Video!) (Parts 1 & 2) 11-21-98

Stone Love l/s King Addies (BKLYN) <Its a dance reminiscent of the Biltmore days as King Addies takes you back to the early 90's with classic Bounty dubs and brings you right back up to their latest Luciano and Sizzla specials, while as Stone Love mash up di place w/ latest tunes!!> (Both Sounds - 1 Tape) 9-25-98

Stone Love @ UWI (JA) <Its a Stage Show at the UWI Student Union w/ deejays such as Bounty Killa, Scare Dem, Cobra, Frisco Kid (with a wicked performance), Spragga Benz (who mash it up royally!!!), Baby Cham, Jah Cure, Determine, Future Troubles, Tony Curtis, Captain Barkey (unbelievable), and more... passing the mic from hand to hand as they batter the "Bruck Out" Rhythm with all new tunes!  They then turn to the "Faith" Rhythm and do all old tunes, mic going hand to hand again!> 9-25-98

Stone Love l/s Renaissance (JA) <Its Patrick Roberts' Birthday and Stone Love w/ Slaughter alongside Renaissance with Delano and Dr. Dre a run the show (also Metromedia).  As usual Renaissance mash up the place with the bashment juggling for the girls.  The Shocking Vibes Crew then passes through briefly for a live show, with Beenie Man himself, Singing Melody, Lukie D, and more!> (Both Sounds - 1 Tape) 9-19-98

LADY SAW B-DAY BASH (JA) <Port Maria in St. Mary comes alive with the reigning Queen of Dancehall herself Lady Saw.  Invited guest s include Bounty Killa, Spragga Benz, Frisco Kid, Scare Dem, Mad Cobra, Monster Shack, Future Troubles, and Captain Barkey, who all batter the "Bruck Out" Rhythm with their new tunes. They then turn to their old tunes as they pass the microphone down the line, each doing one verse of their song!!!  Then Beenie Man comes in to mash up the place!> 9-13-98

Stone Love l/s David Rodigan (Montreal) <Wee Pow's long awaited return to Canada becomes a full fledge celebration when Stone Love teams up with David Rodigan from England for a dance of pure niceness. With Billy Slaughter heading the Stone Love team, it was new tunes galore.  Rodigan the comes with his trademark intros and huge variety of foundation and new tunes.  Soul II Soul and Virgo (2 local sounds) handle the early warmup, then the two heavyweights get into gear!)> (Parts 1 & 2) 9-5-98

Stone Love w/ Bounty Killa Live (JA) <Stone Love juggles then Bounty Killa takes center stage.  After pointing out that he's not going to let certain pitfalls reach him as it has reached his colleague Beenie Man (because of a punctuation mark), Bounty goes into a lyrical rampage!! Add to the fury, Frisco Kid, Baby Cham, and Big Youth!> 9-1-98

Stone Love vs Bodyguard (JA) <Its a rematch in Manchester as Bodyguard comes back to refute the beating that Stone Love supposedly gave them last time in Alligator Pond.  Links made a talk about Stone Love living off their name, but when Stone Love came in, Niko led the army into war.  Things got much worst for Bodyguard when Slaughter himself took over and turned the war into annihilation!> (Both Sounds - 2 Tapes) 7-31-98

Stone Love vs Super Sledge (JA) <Stone Love juggled for the girls and buss nuff new tunes, including Beenie Man's new gospel tune that had the place on fire.  Then all of a sudden Super Sledge starts to rail up and start the armshouse wid some clash dubs, dissing Billy Slaughter and the crew.  Stone Love had to do some damage control, but in the end the Movement prevailed!!> (Stone Love Side) 7-12-98

Stone Love vs Bodyguard vs Metromedia (JA) <Stone Love and Metromedia come to Clarendon for the first time.  Stone Love w/ Slaughter, Nico Bam Bam, Bill Cosby, and Swamp Thing have been itching to lock off Bodyguard but Links and Johnny have another outcome in mind, which is to lock off Stone Love and shame Nico and Slaughter.  Skyjuice defends his sound, but Stone Love and Bodyguard hammer it out to the finish!!> (Also available on Video!) (All Sounds - 3 Tapes) 5-1-98

ROUNDHEAD B-DAY BASH (JA) <Fort Clarence Beach had everyone: Bounty Killa and Scare Dem (Nitchie Kutchie, Elephant Man, Harry Toddler etc), Monster Shack (with Ghost etc), Dutty Cup (wid Baby Cham etc), Red Rat, Wicker Man, Baby Wayne, the Reggae Boyz (who also mad the crowd with some DJ lyrics), and the list goes on.  MERCILESS went lyrics for lyrics wid Bounty Killa!!> (Also available on Video!)  2-22-98

Stone Love w/ Tony Matterhorn (JA) <Matterhorn and Billy Slaughter team up to buss the dance wid all new tunes - including the "Faith Rhythm", plus a wicked rap segment keeps the vibes going.  Then Jabba from Hot 97 FM comes in for piece of the action!>  1-9-98

Stur Gav in Brixton (UK) <Stur Gav brings its Foundation Rub-a-Dub Tour to Brixton, London as Brigadier Jerry, Josey Wales, and Charlie Chaplin, Linval Thompson, Johnny Osbourne, Al Campbell, U-Roy, and a host of other veteran singers and deejays perform.  Top top it off, the early-out juggling was done by none other than the Mighty King Tubbys Sound System.> (Parts 1, 2, & 3) 11-7-98

Stur Gav in Miami (FLA) <The foundation sound continues its comeback and this time the venue is Mahli Temple in Miami.  The usual crew of Brigadier Jerry, Josey Wales, and Charlie Chaplin are in the place.  Special Guests include Glen Washington and Tinga Stewart and the vibes is strictly roots and rub-a-dub as the veterans throw down a wicked performance!> 10-24-99

Stur Gav w/ David Rodigan (JA) <Guest selectors David Rodigan and Ricky Trooper from Killamanjaro are at the controls with Inspector Willy and drop some wicked selections as Brigadier Jerry, Josey Wales, Charlie Chaplin, Special Guest Ken Boothe, Anthony B, Grindsman, John Wayne, Little Twitch, Papa Biggie, perform!!>  10-20-98

Stur Gav Foundation Dance in Mobay (JA) <Stur Gav continues its Jamaican tour, this time stopping in Mobay w/ foundation deejays such as Josey Wales and Charlie Chaplin.  The vibes is a spiritual one, no slackness, and nuff lyrics are chanted in honor of His Majesty.  The vibes then come to a climax when the mighty Sanchez joins in to sing his praises to the Father.>  10-17-98

Stur Gav's BEST OF THE WEST (JA) <In the far west seclude of LLandilo, Savanna-La-Mar, Westmoreland, the Messenger Luciano makes a rare guest appearance on Stur Gav.  Special Guest selector G.T. Taylor alongside veteran Inspector Willie throws down selection as the Messenger brings the dance to spiritual heights.  The Stur Gav crew is there also, including Josey Wales, Charlie Chaplin, Little Twitch, and Papa Biggie!>  (Also Available on Video) 10-10-98

Stur Gav Foundation Dance (JA) <Kept at St. Anns Bay w/ entertainers suh as Beenie Man, Brigadier Jerry, Charlie Chaplin, Josey Wales, U-Roy, Shabba Ranks, Johnny P, Admiral Tibet, General Trees, Johnny Ringo, John Wayne, Professor Nuts, Edi Fitzroy, President Brown, Mumma Nancy, Lone Ranger, Spanner Banner, Linval Thompson, Yami Bolo, Little Twitch, Daya Ranks, Junior Briggie, Luscious, Power Saw, and more!!> (Parts 1, 2 ,3, & 4) 7-4-98 

Stur Gav Reunion w/ Live Artists (JA) <The Deejay Fraternity of yesteryear is bringing back the Rub-a-Dub days.  This historic reunion dance in Clarendon features deejays like Charlie Chaplin, Brigadier Jerry, Josey Wales, U-Brown, U-Roy, Twitch, Ranking Joe, Shabba Ranks, Don Campbell & George Nooks (vocalists) and the list goes on and on..>  (Parts 1 & 2) 4-11-98

SUMFEST 98 (JA) <The Dancehall night of SUMFEST 98, featuring Killamanjaro (who juggled a wicked dance as Trooper criticized Stone Love for backing out of  their scheduled appearance), Pieces (who juggled one of their best dances ever!), and the Mighty Travellers (who dropped some serious tunes in a bashment juggling segment!> (All Sounds - 2 Tapes) 8-4-98

WORLD CLASH - USA (QUEENS) <Club Amazura in QUEENS is alive as Killamanjaro w/ Trooper for JA, Downbeat w/ Tony Screw for USA, and Sir Coxsone w/ Festos for UK  clash w/ dubs from the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s!  Downbeat eliminated Coxsone with a Marcia Griffiths dub rendition of her hit song: "Feel Like Jumping" - the biggest dub of the night! Coxsone, however, refused to bow, and when Trooper finally let out the heavy artillery (Tenor Saw, Nitty Gritty, Super Cat) the clash was over.  One sound was left w/ the trophy, one sound came a proud second, and one sound was booed so bad their career in NYC is lost!!> (Also Available on Video!) (Also Available on CD) (Parts 1 & 2) 10-30-98

WORLD CUP CLASH 1998 in Canada (Canada) <Killamanjaro lead Jamaica, while Soul Supreme was chosen to represent the United States and  Super Fresh represented Canada.  Super Fresh was knocked out early and the true clash came down between Jaro and Supreme.> (Parts 1 & 2) 4-4-98

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