mfcpoplogo.gif (5331 bytes)For those who do not understand the significance of the Biltmore Era, an MFC.com History Lesson: The phrase "Biltmore Era" is used to refer to the time period from the late 80s to the mid 90s when New York sounds first made their mark in the international clash arena in a meaningful way. 

During this era, New York sounds sent for top sounds from yard and abroad, and systematically clashed them in an attempt to overthrow Jamaica's then monopoly on sound clashes.  These New York heavyweights also made it a point to war amongst themselves, making this period the most competitive era (clash-wise) in New York (and the US) sound clash history to date. 

Biltmore clashes were known for their high tension (and high profile) one on one battles (thus the term, "Biltmore-style" coined by MFC.com), fanatic patrons, heavy sound systems (acoustic-wise), high fan turnout (i.e. long lines), and in some cases, violent undertones.  In addition to sound clashes, this era was also known for some of the wickedest stage shows and juggling dances ever kept.

The Biltmore Era was signified by such New York sounds as Downbeat, King Addies, Ballys, LP Intl, Earthruler, Stereosonic, Soul Supreme, Afrique, Libra Love, Spectrum, Thunderbolt, Firgo Digital, Mini Mart, King Kustom, Techniques, and more.  Yard sounds that have blessed the halls of Biltmore include just about every one: Jaro, Bodyguard, Bass Odyssey, Black Kat, Stone Love, Metromedia, Jamrock, 4x4 Exodus, Exodus Nuclear, Saxon (UK), and SoulJah One (Bermuda) just to name a few.

Even though the era is called "Biltmore" (after the most notorious  venue of that era - the Biltmore Ballroom on Church Avenue near Flatbush Ave in Brooklyn), there were also other signature hotspots such as Starlight Ballroom and FlamingoMFC.com has the distinction of carrying the most complete online collection of Biltmore Era recordings.  Our 1991-1996 Catalogue will be returning soon so all you Biltmore fans, stay tuned...  

One Love

Prince TuFFiE