The Best of Lady Saw

THE BEST OF LADY SAW: The Queen of Danceall Slackness - Lady Saw - has graced many a stage with her hardcore sexual lyrics and undeniable sex appeal.  This CD is a compilation of some of her best work, and is a true treasure   for any dancehall fanatic who can manage her explicit raw born style!! 


1. It's Raining
2. Find A Good Man
3. Sycamore Tree
4. If Him Lef
5. Strange Feelings
6. Good Wuk
7. Eh-em
8. Give Me A Reason
9. Healing (w/ Beenie Man)
10. No Long Talking

11. Hot Man A Road
12.Hice It Up
13. Serious Allegation
14. Stab Out The Meat
15. Darnest Things
16. Mamma G
17. Life Without Dick
18. Woman Wi Name
19. Gal No Worry